The idea of the top Indian immigration and visa service providing company, Kansas Overseas Career coined to the visionary leader Hima Bindu Polamuri in the year 2011 followed by the initiation of its operations in 2013.


The brand has been an integral part of the journey of thousands of professionals who seek careers outside their country along with catering to students and travellers with the comprehensive service portfolio. Since its inception, the industry leader and entrepreneur, Hima has ensured that Kansas steadily grows and comes one step closer to its mission.

Today, the prominent brand perfectly fits in the entrepreneurial ecosystem establishing a right balance, delivering efficient services along adoption of technology to enhance the customer experience and ensure organic growth.

Kansas becomes a one-stop solution for its target audience as it ensures that every aspect of the client's travel is taken care of with its visa selection guidance, application assistance, documentation process services. It has been delivering professionals with Permanent Resident Visas services to travel to countries like Canada, Australia & Hong Kong.

Over the years, the brand has also assisted thousands of students to travel to their favourite destinations- United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Germany with university selection, admission application preparation, visa application, processing, drafting of required letters etc.Kansas Overseas Careers provides professional expert advice on visa and immigration collaborating with the RCIC consultant (Canadian immigration lawyer).

Evolving since its inception, Kansas follows a tradition to assemble at the initial stage of every quarter to discuss various aspects like improving customer experience, adding VAS, introducing various technologies and tools ensuring better services to clients.

Kansas 2.0

The brand has upgraded the visa services to Kansas 2.0 focusing on delivering comprehensive relocation services instead of one-dimensional visa service. The improved visa program focuses on improving client's visa chances, creating exceptional CV writing services increasing response from the employer by 4X, along with step by step post landing assistance, etc. The Kansas Overseas Careers of 2.0 has received exceptional customer reviews.

Adapting to the Revolutionising Technology

Over the years, as the industry has evolved and remodelled with the emergence of digitalization. Internet technology and social media have allowed brands to reach the target audience spread across many geographic areas with easier access creating a large customer base thus expanding the horizon of immigration business.

Kansas has also adapted to the recent trends when it comes to approaching the potential clientele with their services.

Target Audience

Following the policy of "our client's success is our success", the brand has catered to its large clientele. Kansas's target audience for PR Visa is limited as countries like Canada and Australia have several eligibility criteria including age below 40years, Education of 15years, proficient level English, etc.

The brand seeks to reach out professional with 5-10 years' experience in the IT, Engineering stream, healthcare professionals, etc with its service portfolio.

Approaching the Future Clients

"In 2019, there are thousands of ways to promote our business online and offline. However, our primary focus is to generate business by creating references from our present and existing clients. Thereby, we ensure that our services are top class.

Besides reference, we work to promote our business through 'Social Media' mainly Facebook and Instagram and advertisements in the newspaper and hoardings," shared the leading women entrepreneur Hima.

Industry Transformation and Beating Competition

The brand believes that over the years, the industry has witnessed major transformation especially post-recession 2008, not many countries are open to new migrants due to the fear of increasing the unemployment rate.

While currently, only Canada and Australia provide Permanent Residence visa, and countries including Hong Kong, South Africa, Germany provide temporary visas, the demand has showcased a steady increase with more number of students who go abroad for education and people who visit foreign countries for tourism.

Hima shared, "While, the after-effects of recession made many countries like Denmark, Singapore, etc to become conservative with immigration laws, Kansas continued to serve the client following its evergreen strategy to provide the best services to its clients. Following the strategy helped the brand skip one of the steps of 'trust-building' with the new potential clients as they are already approaching the brand via the reference of its satisfied clients.

Being in a competitive market, the brand fights the hurdle of the increasing number of service providers in the industry with its successful business strategy building a satisfied clientele and authentic, committed and easy-going via services.

Business Model

"A successful brand is created not just by the 'Providing any Service' but also by giving the 'Best Customer Experience."- Hima Bindu Polamuri

Following this approach, the business leader has built Kansas business model with what she believes is essential for a brand, ensuring that it includes a great sustainability and scalability model, a good revenue recurring model, asset-light model, with a focus on creating a blue ocean strategy along with a scope for other innovative business models.


The brand caters to a wide array of client portfolio with various career backgrounds who seek to get great opportunities overseas. Kansas Overseas Career, being well versed with the immigration process, assists the clients who approach them with services related to PR Visa, Work Visa, Business Visa, Investor Visa, student visa, and Tourist Visa.

Being an Entrepreneur

Being a seasoned leader and entrepreneur who has paved the path for a successful brand, Hima shares her views on being an entrepreneur today and entering the industry, she said, "Well, anytime is the best time for an entrepreneur to venture into the industry. He or she needs to have the vision and mission coupled with a passion to be the best."

She further added "A true entrepreneur to be successful shall compete with himself in a challenging industry such as the immigration industry."

Milestones and Achievements

Being a leading brand in the overseas career industry delivering thousands of eligible clients with visa and immigration services since inception has been real milestones for the company while the brand was also a proud recipient of the recognition as the "10 Most Promising Consultants-2017" by Silicon India.

Edge over Peers

Kansas has been following an approach where it believes in competing with itself and improving its services and deliver over time giving it an edge over others. The positive reviews by Kansas overseas careers clients are evidence of the brand's success and its status as the "best brand".

The visionary leader, Hima believes that a positive change can be brought in the industry with innovation.

Being an eminent part of the business, she believes that technologies like big data analytics and deep machine learning can revolutionise the industry while the talented people with skills and expertise can implement innovation to enhance the services.

The Future

"With more than 3000 searches on Google and other online platforms for the keyword "Kansas Overseas" every month, we certainly believe that we are a major brand in the overseas sector in 2019.

The lookout for Kansas online has only increased by 200% in this year. With our established goodwill being an empathic brand catering solutions to the client's visa application needs, we intend to become a bigger brand in 2020," shared Hima on the future of Kansas

She further added, "A business isn't only about connecting people but also changing their lives!"

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