Innovate, Adapt & Execute

Decoding the entrepreneurial DNA of Prateek Jain, Director, Hem Securities
Innovate, Adapt & Execute

Innovate, Adapt & Execute

Decoding the entrepreneurial DNA of Prateek Jain, Director, Hem Securities

Innovate, Adapt & Execute: Decoding the entrepreneurial DNA of Prateek Jain, Director, Hem Securities

Freewheeling innovative mavericks, entrepreneurial leaders are the 'rock stars' of the business world. Surfing on the whirl of freedom, they are the creators of new avenues and with their leadership and business discipline, they turn their ideas into successful ventures.

Additionally, the experience achieved by them through education and under the stewardship of entrepreneurs in a more traditional environment polishes their finesse. We are always in the exploration of seeking out these leaders and uncovering some valuable insights to inspire others. And that's why we have with us Prateek Jain, Director, Hem Securities.

Years ago, the young man decided to go into merchant banking as a way to revolutionize the growth trajectory of his family business and today, with a personality characterized by a strong locus of control, an opportunistic outlook and a willingness to take risks, he owns the credit of successfully sailing the voyage of Hem Securities as one of the largest Depository Participants of CDSL in the state of Rajasthan and a Category 1 Merchant Banker.

Hem Securities instituted its journey in 1981 as H.C. Jain & Co., a proprietorship firm based in Jaipur, before coming into the big picture and cornering to the market as 'The HEM Group'. Fortune shined early and the brand become a member of Jaipur Stock Exchange with founder-chairman – Mr. HemChand Jain as one of the Founder-Directors of Jaipur Stock Exchange.

Adding more stars, Hem Securities Ltd. acquired membership of BSE, by as early as January '96. Today, Hem Securities stands as one of the leading Financial Service providers in India, with the legacy and expertise in creating wealth for its stakeholders.

With an admirable experience of 37 years in stockbroking & research services with continual growth in clientele and its development, the brand enjoys PAN India reach with its footprints over more than 250 business locations spread across India and is headquartered in Jaipur with Corporate Office at Mumbai.

Hem Group is a member of all the major Stock and Commodity Exchanges in India namely BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX and is striving to provide a one-stop-shop for all the financial services to its clients.

Under the leadership of Prateek and mentorship of chairman, Mr H.C. Jain, the firm has completed the glorious 10 years of Merchant Banking & Investment Banking. The firm's mettle has been recognized very well. What have been the key ingredients behind this leader's growth, we sat down with Prateek to find out.

When did you find a passion for investing and trading?

I had a passion of investing and trading since childhood and after completing the course when I stepped into the corporate world, I had realized that I should pursue my passion as a profession and started converting academic knowledge into the real- world.

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What were some early challenges of getting the company off the ground?

We had gone through with so many challenges including but not limited to outcoming from prevailing adverse market conditions, selection of unexplored sectors, adopting with the continuously changing technologies into our sector, acquiring finest personnel from the market.

In our sector, we have to be always on the toes to update and upgrade our technologies because at a very fast pace financial services are becoming a technology-driven business.

Brief us over the services provided under the hat of the company.

We are providing numerous financial services under our umbrella:

  • Stock & Commodity Broking Services

  • Research

  • Depository Participant

  • IPO and Mutual Fund Distribution

  • Merchant Banking & Investment Banking

  • Wealth Management

How is it different from other companies?

We are not carrying out business just for minting money, which clearly depicts from our Brand Mantra– "Building your Wealth through Values". For us, protecting the interests of our clients is our top priority and we have been successful in creating our brand image of ethical and transparent business practices across the industry.

We have personnel having extensive knowledge and experience of the Industry leading the Cluster of youth talent which enables the Company to achieve its Mission and Vision in this competitive Market Scenario.

Do you think the recent wave of an elongated period of volatility invites a shift back to active management?

Last year had been very eventful. We have seen the Large Caps outperforming, the Mid-caps and Small Caps and companies getting punished very badly wherever there have been instances of weak corporate governance.

But this trend should reverse now, as the valuations are very attractive of Mid & Small Caps. Moreover, this being Election year we will definitely see increased volatility in the coming few months. An investor with a long-term view need not be much worried about the market swings but ultimately, we are in a bullish market and the great Indian story is yet to unfold.

Where do you see the most opportunity in today's market?

There is potential in Sectors like NBFC, Banking, FMCG, Healthcare, Information Technology, etc. These sectors should perform well in the coming few quarters.

What are the big achievements? Kindly provide us with a brief on the milestones and awards earned by the organization.

The company has been awarded various national accolades, few of which are:

  • Small Business Awards 2019 (National Award for Small and Emerging Businesses), hosted by ZEE Business, The Economic Times & Entrepreneur)

  • Recognised for procuring highest ever subscription in an SME IPO across India, amounting to more than Rs. 5000 Crores.

  • Awarded as the Best Emerging Company of the Year by BUSINESS RANKERS in 2016 and one of the Top Performing Merchant Banker for consecutively three years by BSE in 2016

  • First Merchant Banker with the maximum number of IPO'S on the SME platform in 2015

  • Awarded by SKOCH for leading Merchant Banker in SME in 2015

  • Awarded by NSE for being one of the top performing merchant bankers across India in the year 2017 and year 2018

  • Featured as India's Leading Equity Broking Houses 2007 by- Agency- Dun & Bradstreet

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What does the company have in store for 2019? Any new product/ service line to look forward to.

We are planning for a number of financial products for the Investors which will get launched in 2019 itself. Will share the product details in brief, once it gets launched.

In your opinion, what stands as the future of the domestic stockbroking industry?

There will be intense competition in the broking industry going forward. We should see consolidation happening within players in this segment. Moreover, compliance cost and management of compliances will be a few factors for any brokers to sustain and grow in the coming years.

A piece of advice for young entrepreneurs.

Sustained Good Business Practices always pays off in the long run to build Great Businesses.

A personal anterior

EDUCATION: C.A., C.S., Certified Financial Planner (FPSB, USA), Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA), B.Com

FIRST BIZ: Stock Broking & Merchant Banking

TRAITS NESTLED: Innovate, Adapt & Execute (fast)

INVESTMENT STYLE/ METHOD: Continuously searching for Multibagger growth stories

EXPERTISE: Stock Broking & Research, Investment Banking

IN ONE LINE, WHAT IS STOCK RESEARH?  It is the Art of picking Right Stock at the Right Value at the Right Time.

INSPIRED BY: I always get inspiration from My Father who is my Mentor and our Chairman, Mr. Hem Chand Jain

WEAKNESS: Never share your weakness with the world

A DAY IN YOUR ROUTINE: Creation of a new goal for every new day.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: Limits exist only in the Mind.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Innovate, Adapt &amp; Execute </p></div>
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