DigiOn: Catering to all the digital marketing needs of businesses

DigiOn: Catering to all the digital marketing needs of businesses

DigiOn: Catering to all the digital marketing needs of businesses

Businesses need some support for sustenance. It is said that a drowning man catches the straw. Marketing is also that support ladder which rescues businesses from drowning. Our world has transformed in many forms, due to revolutionary developments in technology especially in modes of communication. Marketing as a concept goes back to the time of pre-literate societies, the unique shape of amphora served some of the objectives of a label to communicate information about the product's source area, producer's know-how and the product quality claims. Since then, marketing evolved with time, in the post-industrial world, markets expanded, so also the marketing. Mass production of paper, the introduction of wireless technology scaled up the marketing. But the sector witnessed burgeoning heights when the internet came into the public domain, and the concept of digital marketing was introduced to the world.

The start

To tap the opportunities laden by the advancements in the digital world, Amit Kumar, an industry expert with over 18 years of experience in the industry, who has always been interacting with digital agencies as client in his career, found a huge gap in the expectation & outcome, established a digital marketing agency, DigiOn in Bangalore. DigiOn's expertise lies in Overall Digital Strategy, Brand Building Management, Social Media Management & Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing (SEM / PPC), Responsive Website Designing, Content Creation & Marketing (Text & Video), High Quality Lead Generation, Web & Customer Analytics, Display Advertising, CRM Setup & Customer Engagement, Sales Process Optimization to name a few.

DigiOn's expertise

In today's time, business entities especially those working in the service economy cannot do without digital marketing. It has become a communication form with most outreach after television in fact, in contemporary times it is now a necessity for every organization to remain relevant in the competitive environment by not only giving a competitive edge over the traditional marketing formats but also help track, measure and analyse the efforts made. It helps brands to communicate better with end customer which is targeted and contextual. The expert technical team of DigiOn provides bespoke solutions as per every client's requirements. The combined experience of 40+ years in digital marketing, web designing & development helped DigiOn become a pioneer in its domain in no time; DigiOn becomes a partner of their clients to create digital success stories. The firm's dedicated team are professionals, who have previously worked for various multinational corporations and start-ups.

Product Portfolio

Although, DigiOn provides solutions to almost all verticals, their forte lies with extensive experience in major industries like – E-commerce, Home Décor, Hospitality, Travel, EdTech, Software Solutions, FinTech, Hardware, Skin & Hair, Cyber Security, Life Insurance, Quality & Compliance. The experts in DigiOn understand the start-up environment holistically and help the client organization at every stage like building website, lead generation, and sales process augmentation. It is said that 'Well begun is half done,' DigiOn goes the extra mile from beginnings and then further on. DigiOn has developed a multi-channel strategy that will help the prospective client achieve the desired digital goals by using their existing in-house team and facilities. The firm's excellent services are available at very competitive prices for businesses to explore the internet world. 

DigiOn's Specializations

  • Brand Building & Management
  • Social Media Management & Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing (SEM / PPC)
  • Responsive Website Designing
  • Content Creation & Marketing (Text & Video)
  • High Quality Lead Generation
  • Web & Customer Analytics
  • Display Advertising
  • CRM Setup & Customer Engagement
  • Sale Process Optimization

Accolades & Appreciation

The firm was awarded the title of 'Top 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing service providers' by a leading business magazine in 2018, and another award as '10 Best SEO Service Providers in India (2018) by a major tech news magazine. The firm's clientele encompasses prestigious brands from all corners of the Indian Economy.

Plans Ahead

The firm has done exceptionally well on acquiring new clients and retaining the old clients front. This marketing agency sizeably captures market through referrals. The echelons believe this is just a start, there is still a lot of ground left to cover, and the firm hopes to achieve that with a well thought out digital strategy and impeccable execution. The firm plans to expand and grow by covering all the facets of digital marketing and bring creativity and innovation to the organization and the industry. "We will keep up our good work through our expertise and a strong focus on quality rather than quantity," exclaims Amit. The firm aims to become the chalk horse for all kinds of businesses especially the start-ups rendering them with all the vital solutions to achieve their business ambitions

The Navigator

Founder & CEO

Amit Kumar, an MBA with more than eighteen years of industry experience with various start-ups and large organizations like Oracle, Hewlett Packard (HP), ING Life, Educomp, MetricStream, Vedantu, etc. in all the aspects of Digital Marketing.

A tête-à-tête with Amit Kumar

  • How does a day in your life look like?

Definitely not a 9-5 office routine; I believe that life is a 24/7/365 involvement.

  • Are you a risk taker?

Yes, but the risks I take are calculated and are within my appetite.

  • What do you like to do the most when you are not executing your business operation?

I like to catch up on latest developments in the digital marketing space.

  • Describe the most memorable incident of your professional life.

Cannot forget the day we signed up our 1st client.

  • One word that describe you the best…

Detail oriented and focussed.

  • If you had one piece of advice to rising entrepreneurs just starting out, what

would it be?

Budding entrepreneurs should start early without any home loan liability:). They should

be passionate and enjoy their work.

  • What do you enjoy most about what you do?

My work is also my hobby.

  • If you have the choice of never working again, would you never work again and


Yes, I would never work again because being your own master is intoxicating.

  • How would you like people to remember you and your company?

Great at what we do and with 100% transparency

  • What is your favourite metaphor for describing entrepreneurship?

In entrepreneurship, you are solving a new puzzle every day.

  • Is there anything you enjoy more than being an entrepreneur?

Yes, being with my family and kids.

  • If you had to choose one thing, what do you think you're the best in the world at?

I'm the best in the world at reading people's minds and understanding them.

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