Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.(SRL)

Serving And Supporting Scientific Research- “an endless process of science”
Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.(SRL)

Surendra Kumar Agarwal - Chairman & MD - Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd (SRL), a leading manufacturer of high-quality Biochemicals, Reagents, Dehydrated Culture Media, PCR reagents and Nano Compounds, has been in service to the scientific industry for the last 47 years. With their strong customer-oriented approach, SRL finds its presence in more than 15 industry sectors across the country, the foremost being agriculture, biotechnology, consumer products, healthcare, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, research and development and science & technology.

Their USP lies in offering more than 6000 products, including a myriad range of laboratory reagents and biochemicals meeting international Reagent and compendial standards of ACS, USP, BP, IP and other relevant standards. All their products are manufactured in their three state-of-the-art manufacturing units: ISO 9001-2015, NABL certified, GMP, FDA & CE compliant. Innovators in the field of science, SRL’s R&D team, extend new product offerings each year based on the market requirement, which often receives acclamation by several leading researchers and scientific publications worldwide. SRL has been honoured by the SME Chamber of Commerce with the best “SME of the Year 2020 - Manufacturing Sector (Chemicals)” award.

Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.: Mission And Vision

With earlier experience in importing research chemicals, SRL realised that Indian scientists were working in the USA and England in laboratory chemicals manufacturing companies and wondered why can’t doctorate and postgraduate scientists could produce them in India.

To break the monopoly of foreign companies, SRL was determined to produce Laboratory Chemicals, including Research Chemicals in India. From 1974 to 1980, four to five other Indian companies too started producing general organic and inorganic Laboratory Chemicals and Dehydrated Culture Media. Even NCL, Pune started a Fine Chemical Division, and the other known Institute of Genetics in New Delhi set up a Biochemicals Division. Both of them were later shut down by the government of India. Indeed, that was a period of renaissance for the Laboratory Chemicals Industry in India.

Left: Akash Agarwal (Director)

Middle: Ramesh Agarwal (Director)

Seated: Surendra Kumar (Chairman and MD)

Right: Vikas Agarwal (Director)

Essential Products Offered By Sisco Research Laboratories

SRL endeavours to be a one-source company for all Research Chemical products and manufactures a vast range of Organic, Inorganic, Diagnostic and Electrophoresis Reagents used in chemical synthesis and analysis, clinical testing and biochemical research. They initiated preparations of organic reagents and intermediates having applications as metal indicators and determination of organic functional groups and Biochemical Reagents. They produce Agaroses, HPLC, Spectroscopic, ANALAR, ACS, Scintillation grade Solvents, Enzyme Substrates, Peptide Reagents, Chromatographic and other Separating materials, and Organic and Inorganic molecules used in synthesis to fuel the research in medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. A decade ago, they also started producing high-quality Dehydrated Culture Media to meet the global competition in quality and availability. At the same time, they acquired a biotechnology company in Chennai manufacturing PCR Reagents and kits. They expanded its range to include primers, ladders and markers, Lysis reagents and other molecular biology reagents.

Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd: Inception And The Journey So Far

SRL’s 47-year-long journey was not an easy path to tread. With limited capital, space and manpower, SRL started its manufacturing activity in a small 2000 sq ft gala at Mira Rd near Mumbai. They crossover technology hurdles with guidance from experienced chemistry and biochemistry professors in colleges and enrolling at IIT and UICT libraries. Back in the day, foreign brands dominated the market and convincing the users that SRL products were as good in quality and performance was a herculean task. With restricted import and 200% import duties, the availability of raw materials was always a problem.

Today SRL has three manufacturing sites in Navi Mumbai, one molecular biology unit in Chennai and depots in five prominent cities Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai, 250 distributors in India and 120 globally, 300 staff of highly qualified and experienced chemists, biochemists, engineers, administrative managers and staff and workers. All their Laboratories are well equipped with advanced quality control instruments, production units, technical literature and infrastructure. During the global pandemic, SRL supplied Reagents to develop and manufacture RT PCR, RNA EXTRACTION KITS and VTM Media and Vaccines to several ICMR and CSIR Laboratories and leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies pan India.

With Integrity, quality, timely service and confidence in the ability and loyalty of the workforce as its core values, and imbibing the spirit of ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT, SRL aims to achieve its goal of maximum digitalisation.

The Minds Behind Sisco Research Laboratories

In 1948, at the young age of 18 years, Mr Surendra Kumar Agarwal joined his family trading business of importing Laboratory Chemicals started by his father under the title of SISCO. In 1975, Mr Surendra Kumar formed the manufacturing company Sisco Research Laboratories and registered as a private ltd company and an SSI unit in Mumbai. He was later joined by his son Ramesh Agarwal and his two grandsons, Akash and Vikas Agarwal. Under their guidance and leadership and unrelenting efforts and research by the team of scientists, technicians and workmen, SRL is recognised as a premier company registered with prestigious organisations like AIIMS, NITS, IITS, IISERS, CSIR, ICMR, ICAR, and DRDO Labs and many National Universities and other Research and Teaching Institutions.

Differentiating Factors

Mr Surendra Kumar Agarwal attributes the success of SRL to its valued customers and distributors. One thing that SRL never compromises upon is quality standards, and that is what differentiates them from their peers. Laboratory chemicals are used for testing the quality of all the commodities and consumables, along with providing value education in all the science faculties is the reason quality remains the most crucial fact. With SRL reagents, customers can get high-quality products at affordable prices within a limited time frame.

Future Ahead

The Chemical manufacturing Industry is growing, and so are the never-ending challenges. With the government policy of enhancing R&D, establishing a network of AIIMS, IITs, NITs, NISERs and Central universities, allowing huge funds for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and electronic industries and developing defence corridors and allied engineering industries, incentivise exports, the future is very promising and bright for the industry. To match the pace of industry growth, SRL is working on expanding its manufacturing capacity, range of reagents and chemicals, and introducing scientific plasticware. Five years down the line, SRL is looking to increase its revenue three times by enhancing its range of chemical products to about 8000 by including plastic consumables and specialised accessories used in biotechnology and molecular biology. SRL plans to achieve these by utilising its field staff, expanding infrastructure and promoting through webinars and google meets.

Parting Words

Mr Surendra Kumar Agarwal quotes John Heywood, “Rome was not built in a Day.” Never give up but work with a prudent mind. He advises young entrepreneurs to be innovative and patient and keep making efforts as slow and steady wins in the race.

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