ALLNYX: a respected and trustworthy brand in Turnkey manufacturing and EMS domain

ALLNYX: a respected and trustworthy brand in Turnkey manufacturing and EMS domain

ALLNYX: a respected and trustworthy brand in Turnkey manufacturing and EMS domain

The EMS industry did not see its golden days until the late seventies, by that time, electronics manufacturing for large-scale goods got wielded by the in-house assembly. The inception of firms like Solectron provided a viable business model, flexibility, and eased human resources to be specialized in large economies of scale in manufacturing, procurement of raw materials, consolidating resources, design expertise and value addition in the form of warranty and repairs. These developments facilitated in better response from the manufacturers to the sudden peak in demand. After the introduction of technologies that allowed for the accelerated assembly of electronics, by the early 2000s, EMS was putting a stiff and aggressive push to get hold of the market share. This push allowed for consolidation wave in the domain as it enabled quick merger and acquisitions of existing plants and small EMS companies by the cash-flush firms.

After completing the initial process of capturing the market, companies have increased their focus on Research & Development and marketing because of the hectic process of manufacturing, according to Ashvin Navadia, Co-founder, and CEO of ALLNYX TECHNOLOGIES LLP, he added that he sensed a great future for the EMS, hence the inspiration of developing a brand in Turnkey manufacturing and EMS domain.

Allnyx's proficiency in Electronic manufacturing comes from advanced automated SMT manufacturing line to deliver Technology, Speed and Reliability. The firm's expertise in engineering and manufacturing helps manufacturers take their products to the market cost-effectively and timely. Allnyx gratifies the need for optimum performance by enhancing features, performance, quality, and reducing the BoM cost. Allnyx also fulfills the market need of prototypes before starting with mass production. All the services mentioned above cannot come to realization unless the supply chain domain is competent.

To know more about the organization, our editorial team spoke to Ashvin Navadia, an Engineering Graduate in Instrument and Control Engineering has 19+ years of industry experience. He started his career as a design engineer in 1998. His expertise lies in Project Management, Product Design, and Engineering, Sourcing /Designing Custom-made parts & Components, Value Engineering, and Design for Manufacturability. Here are the edited excerpts.

To begin, how is your brand-defining "trust" in the market? What stands behind its uniqueness?

We have a wide range of experience in Manufacturing & Design process, Engineering, our end-to-end services render one-stop-shop experience to our customers. Flexible approach and the competency to manage any volume of services makes us a unique firm. The firm's certification as ISO 9001:2015 is a jewel added to the crown. We have maintained the cost of services to a reasonable level compared to the organizations located in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Delhi & Hyderabad, replied Ashvin Navadia.

How do customers view brands according to you?

The consumers' trust in brands definitely evolved during the course of time. But some things remain unaltered like if one maintains the quality of product and services, one can gain the trust of customers easily. Consumers always look for the value for money spend. Once they have a favorable experience, they tend to believe and trust.

What problem does your Brand solve and how are you different from others?

As mentioned earlier, our flexible, accepting any volume and no MOQ approach proved to be advantageous to start-ups and Development centers. Our expertise lies in providing end-to-end solutions in the Design & Engineering domain, rapid prototyping, Molds & Injection molding, Metal parts and components. This specialization makes the customers exhibit safety during the execution of new product introduction in one place. Our rich experience in product development, global sourcing provides one-stop-solution to the clients so that they don't have to approach multiple people for different jobs. Our solutions help them overcome the difficulty of finding reliable vendors and supply chain.

What is a customer for you?

We are a customer-centric firm. We are grateful to our customers who are the primary reason behind our existence and success. We acknowledge the customer's role as our big brother and partner in the business chain. We always try to make them happy and delighted.

Who are your clients? How do you work on your long-term relationship with your clients?

Allynx's forty percent of the total turnover gets exported to the USA. Our clients are from different verticals like Industrial Control and Automation, telecom, IT, Security, Medical, Lighting, Power, and Automotive. We endeavor to create an accommodating situation by providing appropriate solutions to make the entire business competitive and affordable. Customer will work with us only till they get the right quality and right price.

What is next for the Brand?

We are expecting lots of opportunities in the future as due to certain government policy initiatives many Indian firms have taken up the charge of developing and manufacturing products in the country. Our expansion plans are very much aligned with the firm's capacity to cater to future opportunities.

What are the big achievements?

For a new company, it is quite difficult to establish the brand name. In a very short span of time, we made a solid client base and were able to obtain business opportunities from countries like USA, Israel, Germany, and Canada.

How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

My learning curve largely depends on the ability to adapt and follow whatever is best, inspiring around, the continuous urge to learn, improving skills and business practices. My dream is to set up a giant manufacturing ecosystem that manufactures the world products locally.

Tell me how you've approached change.

I started my entrepreneurial career after many years of service in varied industries. Earlier I used to think like an employee, but with time and added responsibilities made my vision exposed to the bigger picture. I will not say my learning process is complete, in fact, I am still improving my management skills and approach to employees and customers.

What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

It is quite a daunting task to please customers all the time. Choosing the wrong customers brings financial weakness in terms of liquidity and time, Money loss. Taking the task beyond limit and capabilities attract failures, and that's why decisions are made on projects or customer selection.

The Road Ahead

Our future plans include the aim of becoming the finest and best EMS provider in the western region of India. We want to channelize the flow of customers opting southern region by delivering quality products and services at a competitive cost. We also plan to enter the Turnkey and Box building domain by expanding our manufacturing strength.

A piece of advice for the budding entrepreneurs

China's hype of having upper hand in manufacturing is fading away, people all over the world are looking for alternate manufacturing sources. The absence of language barriers, trustworthiness and competitive character of labor makes India an apt place for becoming a substitute manufacturing option. Considering the huge opportunities in manufacturing, in my opinion, the focus of entrepreneurs should be on Electronics Manufacturing domain, in building state-of-the-art and updating technologically advanced manufacturing facilities to cater door knowing opportunities.

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