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Makarand Patil
Makarand PatilFounder- Big Strategic Advisors Group

With the knowledge and insights of experienced industry pioneers, BIG Strategic Advisors Group was formed in 2008 to offer valuable strategic consultation services to a domestic and international clientele. Back then, it was named BiG Strategic Management Consultants. The company tackles diverse fields such as strategic consulting, technology consulting, financial consulting, market research and analysis, feasibility studies, business process reengineering, and organization structuring.

BIG Strategic Advisors Group started a boutique investment banking division in 2010. This move was first to facilitate fundraising assistance to SMEs and Large Corporates; and, secondly, to perform transaction advisory services, including acquisitions, financial restructuring, mergers, etc.

Ethical Pillars Of BIG Strategic Advisors Group

The goal of BIG Strategic Advisors Group has been simple but can often be stated as methodical. Whatever expectations their audiences may have with financial services, the company manages to exceed that. The only goal of the company is to offer timeliness, accuracy, and innovation in its services.

They want to achieve their goal by fulfilling their vision of becoming a global consulting giant. BIG Strategic Advisors Group has also curated a distinct strategy for getting close to its vision by prioritizing its customer's business goals and accomplishments, which speaks volumes about its contribution to the finance industry.

The vision and the goal of BIG Strategic Advisors Group set the prelude for the ideation of the mission. To be precise, the company dedicates itself to guiding its clients in their financial growth by using various business tools, which is quite understandable. Nevertheless, they have helped individuals by transforming their objectives successfully. BIG Strategic Advisors Group keenly abides by its philosophy of mixing integrity, honesty, and a competitive spirit within its quality of service when dealing with a customer. Their services are multi-faceted and fulfill almost every need of their customer and their business. Here are a few mentions of the things the firm does for its clients in general.

They help them define new areas of their own business to thrive and persevere.

Their services have been able to add a competitive edge to the current and new business standards.

BIG Strategic Advisors Group shares a distinct knack for offering inventive business solutions that are realistic and achievable.

They are prone to helping clients with any suggestion regarding Finance, Organization, and Market Segmentation. Their Strategic Restructuring in such a situation allows efficient and effective growth for the client.

The company also keeps a plan B ready to provide succession planning strategies to their clients.

Elements That Make BIG Strategic Advisors Group Stand Apart From Competitors

BIG Strategic Advisors Group cannot be stated as a mere consulting firm. Instead, it takes pride in its ideology of understanding the client's business model, pain points, and experiences. Taking notice of every intricate instance, the company can provide a suitable solution. They intently focus on diversifying their ideas and services. This gradually catapulted BIG Strategic Advisors Group opening its door to multiple business segments across 5 geographies.

Their clients enjoy a tremendous strategic advantage as the company itself is invested in a similar business model and is aware of each issue that the business may come across. The company has its footing and experiences with businesses ranging from fashion, retail, real estate, IT, ITES, E-Commerce, Media, Entertainment, Rural Marketing, Finance, etc. Their understanding of the global market is further enhanced by their association and presence in countries like UAE, Singapore, Spain, Ghana, and India.

Revenue Model For BIG Strategic Advisors Group

For conducting studies, there is a fixed charge as per the scope of work, duration, man-hours employed and geographies covered. It can be a one-time fee or Retainership fee, as per mutual understanding. For the fund-raising, the firm charges a success fee as per industry norms. They have a team of 25 business analysts, 10 senior management, and over 20 retired senior advisors who have worked in reputed firms.

Know The “Founder” Of BIG Strategic Advisors Group

BiG Strategic Management Consultants was founded by Makarand Patil, a strategy consulting firm in Dubai, alongside the Business Intelligence Group. When the company came to Mumbai, India, it expanded into investment banking giving birth to a new entity named BIG Strategic Advisors Group (in 2010).

Earlier in life, Makarand Patil studied at Aryan High School Palghar. After that, he pursued a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Bhausaheb Vartak Polytechnic. He further cemented his engineering career by obtaining a degree from V J T I, Matunga, in Mechanical Engineering. Lastly, he stepped into finance with an MBA degree from the renowned Mumbai University.

After finishing his studies, Mr. Patil started working in TATA Group under its Core Strategy Team. There he had over 4years of experience in Tata Strategic Management Group. Soon after this stint, he headed to the Middle East and headed the Strategy Consulting division in British Consulting Group.

Initiation Of BIG Strategic Advisors Group And Its Progress

Between 2008 and 2022, BIG Strategic Advisors Group has worked on over 450 odd assignments and business plans. Simultaneously, the firm was also involved in raising funds of over INR 3500 crores for their clients situated at every corner of the globe.

The company still acknowledges its core business to primarily involve "Strategy Consulting & Boutique Investment Banking." They aim to expand the company in various dimensions and countries. BIG Strategic Advisors Group has a few offices worldwide, starting with its head office in Dubai. The Mumbai-based branch is a research facility. The Financial Liaison Office (Rep Office) of the company is located in Singapore.

In 2009, the firm established its full-fledged Strategy Consulting & Investment Banking Office in Spain. Soon after, in 2013, they did the same in Ghana. Along their journey to success, BIG Strategic Advisors Group has been involved in setting up many other group companies.

Noteworthy Diversifications Of BIG Strategic Advisors Group

The company has notable diversification with BIG Strategic Advisors Group, a Strategy Consulting Firm. The next diversification on the list is BiG Business Advisors Pvt Ltd, their Boutique Investment Banking & Transaction Advisory Firm. Their Fashion Retail Firm owns the Spanish Fashion Brand "Bijou Siglo XXI" segment under BiG Fashions Establishments.

BiG Bag Entertainment Enterprises has also been involved in the Marathi Theater SELFIE for their Mumbai-based Indian audience. Another Spiritual Start- up MY OM NAMO is a spiritual e-commerce firm under the business name of BiG Spiritual Destination Pvt Ltd.

The company is also operational in the space of Funeral Management by the name of Obsequies Services Pvt Ltd.. Under the Nirvana Services segment, they are also involved in Social Initiative for Funeral Management Services in India. Another start-up is in the space of providing digital wallet for various beverages. This company is known by the brand name PintsNShots and is being operated under the company name of Taproom Discounts Pvt Ltd.

Awards & Recognitions Garnered By BIG Strategic Advisors Group

BIG Strategic Advisors Group received special recognition in 2011 by Hon Finance Minister Mr. Sunil Tatkare for outstanding work in Rural Maharashtra for Cluster Development. In 2014, the company received another special recognition from MITCON for its exceptional consulting.

The Consultants Review Magazine, in its 2015 edition, featured BIG Strategic Advisors Group in the Top 25 Most Promising Strategy Consulting Firms in India. A Maharashtra Corporate Excellence Award, the prestigious MAXELL AWARD, was given to Mr. Patil in 2016 for being a "Young Entrepreneur."

The ABP Majha Pushkar Jog's Show featured him as the Top Marathi Businessman in UAE in 2017. On two separate occasions, the Start-Up MY OMNAMO further put him on the Oct 2018 edition of Forbes and CNBC Awaz Start Up Show. This year, Mr. Patil received the 'Young Entrepreneur Achiever' award from LOKMAT by the Governor of Maharashtra, Hon Shri. Bhagat Singh Koshyari.

The company duly believes that diversification is the key to success. They always focus on being grounded and offer clients the most genuine estimations with that thought. Market research, data collection, and business analysis are all conducted on the ground, considering real-time factors resulting in their success.

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