United States' President Donald Trump is categorised by various people differently. For some, his actions are reasonable and backed with logic, while others tend to have an opinion that they are only attention-seeking. Despite all these opinions, a fact everyone can agree upon is that he is a leader with 'extreme' personality.

Known for his tweets, changing policies, being a social actor, and various other labels, one is likely to come across the name of Donald Trump somewhere, sometime, and would want to know more about him.

We, at The CEO Magazine, are going to break down the success story of a successful businessman and US President, Donald Trump, for you.

Over the years, Trump has well played the roles of being a global media personality, real estate developer, and a businessman with a net worth estimated at $3 billion to $10 billion, depending on who's making the calculations.

The rich and influential leader, Donald John Trump is the 45th US President succeeding Barack Obama.

Early Life

Born to a real estate developer and housewife in Queens, U.S., Trump attended the Kew-Forest School from kindergarten till seventh grade and he was enrolled in the New York Military Academy, a private boarding school at the age 13.

As far as his higher education is concerned, the leader enrolled at Fordham University. After two years, he transferred to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in May 1968 with a B.S. in economics.

Like many parts of his life, there have been controversies around his graduation as well, as profiles of Trump published in The New York Times in 1973 and 1976 erroneously reported that he had graduated 'first in his class' at Wharton which became a huge controversy as he later made sure that his academic records are never disclosed without his permission to anyone.

The affluent leader has been one of the leaders around the world with a success story that should be known. Being a college student, Trump incepted his career as he started working at his father's factory after he graduated, he joined the business full time and came into the public eye with a flair for publicity and a series of high-profile construction and renovation projects in New York City.

Trump's Mother: An Integral Part of His Showmanship 

We have discussed the showmanship trait Trump has, well the leader got it from his mother.

Having a father who initiated his career building homes for middle-income soldiers who returned from World War II and their families and became a successful New York real estate developer for almost 20 years when Trump was born.

Well, Trump's business sense and interest in the field of real estate is inherited from his father but what about his personality of being a social actor?

The real estate mogul's mother taught him something that led to becoming a distinguishing factor for him, which is an appreciation for the power of spectacle.

As a six-year-old boy, he saw his mother being swept away by the pageantry of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. He has mentioned that he inherited his flair for the dramatic and the grand from his mother.

Aiming High 

Trump has had a career of decades with various ups and downs. As mentioned, he started with his father's business. While his father's business focused on building and renting mid-market apartments in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, Donald set his sights on Manhattan. During his career, he made various decisions. Some of his key decisions include.

Transforming Businesses

With his working experience and the inherited eye for distressed real-estate gems, Donald was equipped with the tricks and tools while New York City sliding toward bankruptcy in the early '70s.

The leader cracked his biggest deal in the 1980s as he saved the once-grand Commodore Hotel from bankruptcy and transformed it into the Grand Hyatt, a well-known hotel chain today.

Trump Tower

In 1983, Trump laid the foundation of the Trump tower, a 68 story building in Midtown Manhattan. The skyscraper was inclusive of many features that would later become the key feature of his later buildings.

With the black glass surfaces and brass, trimmings captured the aesthetic of many baby boomers that were coming into money for the first time.

First Foray Into Politics

The successful businessman took his first step towards politics when he was already a successful real estate businessman as he took the responsibility of renovating the Wollman Rink skating rink in New York's Central Park.

Well, the leader did not shy away from publicly lambasting the inefficiency of the governmental agencies in charge of the renovation, which led to various arguments.

The leader, as a result of the argument, offered to complete the renovation himself, for free and he did it ahead of the schedule in three months at a cost well below the city's budget.


"Success comes from failure, not from memorizing the right answers." Trump

The 1990s was a difficult phrase for the real estate mogul's life as his business empire crumbled when casinos proved to be a bad bet leading to a situation of bankruptcy. The leader brought Taj Mahal Casino in Atlanta City and entered the gaming business.

He eventually was floating in loans until his creditors agreed to take his half-ownership of the Casino along with the fact that he had to sell his airline, Trump Shuttle, and his 282-foot Trump Princess yacht in the agreement.

Restoring the Brand 'Trump'

The leader eventually was able to restore his brand. Fred Trump took his last breath in 1999 and as the patriarch passed away Trump inherited a huge amount but he continued to buy and construct Manhattan Real estate.

Trump's name has appeared on Trump Buffet, Trump Catering, Trump Ice Cream Parlor, and the Trump Bar as he entered all these businesses. By the mid-'90s, his fortunes had begun to turn around as he joined the Forbes 400 list in 1996 after a six-year absence.

Millions of viewers tuned in 2004 when he began his starring role on The Apprentice where he was seen firing aspiring executives and became an America's known name.

Presidency and Presidential Visits

Trump publicly announced that he would run for the presidency of the United States as a Republican in 2015. The Republican won in the 2016 presidential election beating the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and took over the responsibilities of the 45th president of the United States, succeeding Barack Obama.

President Trump has made various presidential trips to different countries including Afghanistan, Argentina, Canada, China, Finland, India, Iraq, Israel, North Korea, Philippines, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Vatican City, West Bank, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, Switzerland, Vietnam, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Namaste Trump Event 

On the lines of "Howdy Modi," programme organised in the U.S last year, an event named "Namaste trump" was organised in India.

President Trump along with the First Lady Melania Trump, daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner and prominent American delegates arrived in Ahmedabad for the same on 24th February.

He is the 7th President and the first-ever US head of the state to visit the state of Gujarat. The key highlights of his visit to India include visiting Sabarmati Ashram, a 22 km roadshow and visiting Motera cricket stadium, the world largest cricket stadium.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>BILLIONAIRE, U.S. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, A SUCCESS STORY</p></div>
<div class="paragraphs"><p>BILLIONAIRE, U.S. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, A SUCCESS STORY</p></div>

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