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A Symphony of Elegance and Legacy Redefining the Premier Indian Hospitality
Kuldeep Bhartee - CEO - Peerless Hotels Ltd.

Kuldeep Bhartee - CEO - Peerless Hotels Ltd.

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The essence of ‘Peerless’ signifies ‘unparalleled’ and ‘unrivalled’ excellence that goes beyond comparison.

Peerless Hotels, a collection of premier hotels in India, is committed to delivering a luxurious and heritage-rich experience for its guests. With properties spanning the country, the Group provides outstanding facilities for both business and leisure, including exquisite cuisine, superior accommodations, fitness amenities, and round-the-clock services. Guided by the ethos of “Atithi Devo Bhava,” the Group has established its presence in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Durgapur, Mukutmanipur, and Port Blair.

Peerless Hotels is part of a 90-year-old legacy of The Peerless General Finance & Investment Company Ltd. Through strategic diversification, the Group ventured into the hotel business three decades ago.

Before the pandemic, the Hotel Group witnessed good business, and although they faced a temporary downturn during that period, they have successfully regained momentum post-pandemic. The industry is now experiencing a robust resurgence, reflecting a healthy growth trajectory.

Elevating Experiences in Business and Leisure Hospitality

Peerless Hotels Group, with its two distinct categories of hotels—business hotels and resorts—caters to both leisure and business guests. Even within the business hotels, patrons can relish a leisurely weekend experience. Well-appointed suites and rooms equipped with amenities, combined with a highly trained workforce, ensure a value-added experience in all services. Their food and beverage brand, Aaheli, the oldest Bengali regional cuisine Fine dining restaurant, adds to the culinary experience for the guests. With three such outlets in Kolkata and plans for further expansion, the Group is planning to extend its culinary excellence and hospitality footprint. At their Mukutmanipur resort, the focus on organic farming and farm-to-plate practices is a distinctive feature.

Kuldeep Bhartee - CEO - Peerless Hotels Ltd.

A veteran hotelier with four decades of experience, Kuldeep Bhartee assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at Peerless Hotels Ltd. in October 2022. Prior to his current position, he worked at the Taj group of hotels (IHCL) for 16 years and another 22 years with ITC Hotels, where he held the position of Vice President of operations, overseeing a portfolio of 36 Luxury hotels.

With his rich background in the luxury hotel business, Mr Bhartee’s primary focus lies in cultivating a strong team and creating a brand to reckon with. He is renowned for revitalising underperforming properties and elevating quality through creation of authentic, enriching, and memorable guest experiences while optimising costs without compromising on quality. A graduate of IHM Mumbai, Kuldeep Bhartee is a Certified Hotel Administrator from AHLEI, Six Sigma – Black Belt, and has completed the Business Leadership Program from prestigious institutions such as Cornell University, Rice University, SC Johnson College of Business, and Wharton.

Mr Bhartee is also a fellow of Institute of Hospitality – UK (FIH), serves as the President of Skal International Club Mumbai-South 732 and has held the position of Past President at Skal International Club Mumbai – 114.

From Finance to Hospitality: The Journey So Far

When the group made a foray into the hospitality sector its main strength was the mother company, one of the most trusted non-banking finance companies of the time. The property in Kolkata was acquired and the hotel group, Peerless Hotels Ltd. soon had five properties spread across Kolkata, Hyderabad, Port Blair, Mukutmanipur and Durgapur. In 2018, the group transitioned from being asset owners to asset managers.

Committed to delivering enriching, indigenous and memorable experiences through top-notch service, their focus remains on delivering efficiency and creating value for all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, partners, employees, and society. With these commitments and values driving their endeavours, Peerless Hotels expanded from one hotel to five, marking a notable growth milestone. Their food and beverage offerings have earned acclaim from esteemed food connoisseurs, receiving numerous awards and accolades.

Currently, Peerless Hotels is focused on consolidating and enhancing the quality of all their hotels and resorts through renovations and redevelopment. In the coming years, they envision an expansion plan through asset-light model and other approaches.

A Client-Centric Approach

Although the hotel industry is vast, Peerless Hotels stands out with their human touch and a sense of ownership that permeates every aspect of their operations. Fueled by a commitment to end-to-end accountability and a pursuit of excellence in execution, both at individual and team levels, the company stands out. Mr Bhartee says, “For us, customers always come first. We take pride in delighting our customers and actively seek their feedback for continuous improvement.” Anchored in a people-centric, ethical, and trustworthy ethos, the company is driven by the mantra of doing what is right, even when it’s not the easiest path.

Navigating the Challenging Waters

The impact of the pandemic was massive on the hotel industry, and Peerless Hotels was also adversely affected by it. However, even during challenging times, the hotel prioritised its commitment to employee well-being. No layoffs occurred throughout the pandemic. Even with strategic plans for revival, business recovery took about 18 months. The pandemic also required the leadership team at Peerless Hotels to adapt swiftly to unprecedented challenges. As a result, they now play a significant role in navigating uncertainties, implementing safety protocols, and reshaping strategies for survival. The focus has shifted to technology upgrades, cost optimisation, and prioritising employee and guest well-being.

“Effective communication and transparent leadership are paramount as we guide our teams through a dynamic landscape, highlighting the importance of strategic vision, adaptability, and compassionate leadership.”

Kuldeep Bhartee

He also took up the challenge to turn around Peerless Hotel, Hyderabad and made it a profitable unit.

Trends and Innovations Shaping the Modern Hospitality

The hotel industry remains in a constant state of flux, shaped by technological advancements, global events and evolving guest preferences. The key trends shaping the customer experience include contactless technology with features like mobile check-ins, keyless entry, and digital concierge services minimising physical touchpoints.

Sustainability is gaining traction, with hotels adopting eco-friendly practices like energy-efficient technologies. Prioritising wellness, hotels are offering health-focused amenities such as fitness centres, spa services, and healthy dining options.

Personalisation, driven by data analytics and AI, enriches guest experiences through tailored recommendations and services. Continued tech integration introduces features like smart room controls and virtual tours via augmented reality.

Flexibility in booking options is now essential, with hotels adapting policies to accommodate uncertain travel conditions. Culinary experiences take centre stage, with hotels diversifying menus, collaborating with local chefs, and incorporating local flavours.

Community engagement is increasing, with hotels supporting local businesses and infusing cultural elements into offerings. Peerless Hotels’s Mukutmanipur resort is completely staffed by the local tribal populace, except for the senior management, fostering a genuine connection with the indigenous community.

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