Simply Interiors

A 2017 Nishant Gupta Endeavour to Offer Transparent Quality Interiors
Mr. Nishant Gupta, CEO, and Founder, Simply Interiors

Mr. Nishant Gupta, CEO, and Founder, Simply Interiors

Simply Interiors, A 2017 Nishant Gupta Endeavour To Offer Transparent Quality Interiors

Established in 2017, Simply Interiors is an endeavour by CEO and Founder, Mr Nishant Gupta who incepted his interiors journey 4 years ago after witnessing his friends struggle through the process of their dream homes. Acknowledging the lack of trust in the interiors industry due to lack of knowledge and fake interior designers who fleece customers, the ex-serviceman in the Indian Navy incepted his industry research and realised a huge gap between promises and deliveries.

With an educational background of MBA and B.Tech. and 7 years of industry experience and 10 years of entrepreneurship experience, Nishant began Simply Interiors to deliver residential interior design solutions to Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune with plans to grow to Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata and Goa within the next one year.

Created through its stakeholders including the employees and customers, despite the Covid-19 affected industry Nishant managed to grow his brand with customer trust and employee retention at unprecedented levels. On the path to empowering people through their work, they ensure transparency in their work commitments. Their YouTube channel acts as an educational platform for customers as well as people, in general, to make sure that they know what to look for in their interior work.

From the CEO’s Desk

“In this highly fragmented industry, every player has a set of solutions they try to force-fit on clients. Since the clients themselves have no idea, they agree. Most players work only on “modular” fittings which may suit some clients, while many may not understand the disadvantages. Similarly, carpenters who work only in sites may not even speak about good polishes that can be done even though the price they charge is the same.

Simply Interiors offers the largest and most expansive range of finishes in the industry. We are the only brand that is equally comfortable with “modular” work as well as complete on-site work. We also clearly tell the clients about all the possibly finishes within their budgets. Not just this but our workers are all specially trained to carry out the necessary on-site or factory works,” Nishant penned.

Overcoming The Hiccups

Initially, the brand navigated through a difficult time as people were scared to offer projects worth several lakhs to a new brand. They refused to use images from the internet and show them as their own which made people perceive they lack experience. Today, the brand is rising through word of mouth as they have built trust with persistence in a long period.

Over the years, with “work hard and build trust through your acts” psychology, they build a regular customer base. From their 7 years guarantee to the quality of the material ensures self-belief as a brand.

Many incidents, since the brand inception, have taken place wherein knowledgeable customers made surprise visits to check the material and we're not just surprised but very happy with even the raw material. Simply Interiors ensures this along with a very affordable and competitive price which sometimes makes clients wonder “How can they make such offers?”.

From the Leader’s Lens

The biggest problem of a leader is to stay ahead and show the path to others. Nishant’s strategies and discussions for the future always revolve around adding new offerings and new experiences for the clients.

While they already have the largest number of finishes available for any brand, they continue to explore new finishes. They are also working on bringing even more technology into their furniture as well as into their operations.

What is your idea of success?

Currently working on a tool to improve their operational efficiency by several factors and reduce the delivery time for projects which beats industry-standard, reduce costs and further increase profit margins, Nishant’s team is driven by smiles on the faces of families whose projects were just completed.

He says, “In fact, a lot of our bonuses for the team are connected to that smile. There have been instances where our whole team have been treated by the clients simply because of the conviction and hard work put in by them. Such stories and many similar ones make our work worth doing.”

R&D, An Important Aspect

As the founder, Nishant personally invests almost 2-3 hours every day working with teams researching new products and offerings. This is followed by path-breaking timelines for work completion along with the unmatched combination of offerings at unbeatable prices. Instead of resting on their laurels, they prefer to continue improving and they currently have 5 separate projects in research, each of which holds a lot of potentials.

Business Model and Core Values

Simply Interiors works on a customer-focused model from right from marketing which is geared towards “education” and not “pitching our wares” to the close attention that we pay to the final handover, they are continuously ensuring that they are transparent in our offerings and clear in their dealings.

Embracing the fact that problems might hinder the project, Nishant and his team has discovered several ways in which clients can reach out and address their queries to people up the chain. This ensures clients are comfortable and the teams are also always on their toes.

Personifying the core values of transparency in their dealings and honesty in their approach, the team is encouraged to be truthful and work within the processes to ensure a uniform and holistic approach to all the customer requirements.

Proudest Achievements

While positive reviews from their clientele are testimonial to their client happiness, the Simply Interiors team view that as the biggest gauge of success. Recalling an incident in Pune, Nishant says, “Due to Covid, the client’s family did not visit the house even once before the execution completed and the house was sanitized and made ready for handover. When the family including the lady and two daughters entered their new home, they could not stop their tears. When we came to know about this from our Pune team, it filled all of us with joy.”

What’s Next?

Simply Interiors plans to expand its operations within Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune by opening up experience centres to display its offerings in person. Additionally, they are following a roadmap to enter new cities over the few years as well as launch several new projects to bring benefit and comfort to the clients.

An Advice by The Leader

Nishant advised the young entrepreneurs, “Do not hesitate to ask questions. Do not hesitate to work hard and smart. If you have to spend time doing one thing over and over again, you are doing it wrong and are simply wasting your time. Time is the most important asset that you have and you should not let it go waste.”

Giving Back

Nishant views giving back to society as a duty and responsibility. Their primary work involves wood, which is procured by cutting trees. Nishant says, “We are taking away from society and our future. For every project that we complete, we plant a tree through an NGO to replace the harvested wood with even better forest trees. This has been done by us for several years now.” They continue to train people who desire the same interior through the YouTube channel.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Mr. Nishant Gupta, CEO, and Founder, Simply Interiors</p></div>
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