Social Media: Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media Uses In Workspace

Social Media: Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media Uses In Workspace

Social Media: Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media Uses In Workspace

Being an integral part of our day-to-day lives, social media have changed the way people communicate with each other, making it easier for people to stay connected not just in their personal lives but professionally too.

Social media plays a significant role in connecting businesses with their customers, clients and for internal and external communications.


While it offers numerous benefits, at the same time, employers feel that the excessive use of social media leads to lowered productivity of employees.

Employees have a hard time setting boundaries between their social media and workplace. As a result, several employers have even taken measures as harsh as blocking access to social media at work.

But is it really a solution? Probably not. Instead, what we can do is maintain a balance between the two.

When it comes to using social media in the workspace, there are several do’s and don’ts to keep in mind that will help you leverage social media effectively while maintaining a respectful and productive work environment.

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Mastering Social Media

The Do’s

Using Social Media for Professional Networking

Platforms like LinkedIn are a great way to connect with your colleagues and other industry experts. While most people use it to build connections to help them scale up in their professional journey, you can also use it to connect with potential clients.

Valuable Content Sharing

If you come across any industry-related articles or news that you think would be beneficial for your colleagues, clients or your company, you can share it on your social media.

This not just helps demonstrate your expertise on the subject but also sparks meaningful conversations. Participate in relevant discussions and engage with others’ posts in a thoughtful and respectful manner. This can help you build relationships and establish your professional presence.

Professionalism First

While using social media for your work life, always remain professional in your tone, more so while discussing work-related matters or connecting with clients or colleagues.

Be mindful of the language you use and what you share online. Remember, what you portray on social media can impact your reputation in your workplace.

Promoting Your Company

If you are someone with a huge following or vast network on social media, then you can use your personal account to promote your company page. Most employers allow employees to promote their company’s profile.

However, make sure to speak with your management team before to learn about the company’s policy on social media and abide by the rules set by them.

Establish Clear Social Media Policies

Companies should establish and convey clear social media policies outlining all acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. From representing the company accurately, appropriate content sharing, and confidentiality to respecting the privacy of colleagues, these policies should cover all.

Basic Etiquettes

You probably don’t want your work colleague to see who your party with on Saturday night, right? Make use of the privacy settings so that your personal information and posts remain visible only to those to whom it was intended.

Although you might only be using social media for work-related matters, losing track of time is possible. It is, however, really important that you set clear boundaries to avoid excessive use of social media at your workplace so as to focus on the tasks and responsibilities you have.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Social Media: Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media Uses In Workspace</p></div>
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The Don’ts

Be Mindful of What You Post

If you are using a single social media account for both your personal and professional use, then be very careful of what you post. Never use inappropriate, offensive or discriminatory language, provocating thoughts, inappropriate symbols or offensive jokes.

Not only does it create a bad impression of you in your work life, but it can also result in long-term consequences, so think before you post.

Don’t Mix Personal and Professional Accounts

If you want to post content on your social media platform without having to worry about what you are posting, you can keep your professional and personal social media accounts separate. Keeping these separate will allow you peace of mind while posting anything on your personal social media account.

Avoid Overuse

Anything in excess is not good for you. While it sometimes becomes unavoidable to use social media for personal reasons at the workplace, don’t make it a habit.

During work hours, use social media only for professional reasons and be mindful that your social media uses don’t interfere with your job responsibilities. For personal uses, utilise your breaks or commute time for a quick scroll through your feed.

No Negative Behaviour

It is not necessary that we like all the people we work with. When you are working with other people, disagreeing on some things is okay. But what is not okay is using social media to publically criticise or humiliate them.

Never ever criticise your colleagues, seniors or clients on social media. It will not just harm your professional relations but also tarnish your own image. Whatever your concerns, instead of social media, use the proper channels to communicate them.

Over-rely on Social Media for Communication

While social media is beneficial for communication, it shouldn’t be your only means of communication. For important and priority-based matters, use proper channels like email, phone calls or in-person meetings to discuss your concerns.


Social media has paved its way in our lives, and sometimes it becomes hard to separate it from our professional lives.

However, before using social media in your workplace, remember different organisations may have specific policies and guidelines in place, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with your company’s rules and regulations regarding social media use in the workspace.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Social Media: Do’s and Dont’s of Social Media Uses In Workspace</p></div>
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