Leading Renewable Energy Companies in India

Leading Renewable Energy Companies in India

Leading Renewable Energy Companies in India

India's renewable energy sector is thriving, with innovative companies spearheading the transition towards clean energy solutions. From established giants like Adani Green Energy and Tata Power to newer players like ReNew and Borosil Renewables, these companies are not only driving significant growth in renewable capacity but also pushing the boundaries of sustainability and technological innovation.

1. Adani Green Energy Ltd

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Adani Green Energy Ltd

Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL) is an Indian renewable energy company based in Ahmedabad, majority-owned by the Adani Group. It operates the Kamuthi Solar Power Project, one of the world's largest solar plants. Established in 2016, AGEL has expanded its portfolio through partnerships and acquisitions, managing over 5,000 MW of wind and solar capacity across 11 Indian states.

AGEL made headlines by winning significant solar bids and acquiring SB Energy Holdings for $3.5 billion in 2021. The company issued India's first US-dollar green bonds in 2019. Despite successes, Adani Green Energy faces challenges, including legal disputes over solar park construction in Rajasthan and allegations of market manipulation against Adani Group in 2023, which were refuted by Adani.

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26 Companies Under The Adani Group

2. Tata Power

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Tata Power

Tata Power Company Limited, headquartered in Mumbai and part of the Tata Group, is a leading Indian electricity generation company. Established in 1910 as the Tata Hydroelectric Power Supply Company, it has grown to become a major player in the power sector. Tata Power boasts an impressive installed capacity of 14,110 MW, with a significant portion (5,250 MW) derived from renewable sources, making it India's largest integrated power company.

Over its history, Tata Power has commissioned landmark projects, including India's second hydroelectric project in Khopoli (1915) and subsequent plants in Bhivpuri (1919) and Bhira (1922). Today, Tata Power operates thermal power stations in Mumbai, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, and Karnataka, alongside hydro and wind farms in Maharashtra.

Internationally, Tata Power has executed projects in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, encompassing power stations and desalination plants. The company has diversified its interests, including ventures into renewable energy through acquisitions like Welspun Renewables and pioneering projects like floating solar plants.

Despite the success, Tata Power has faced challenges, such as the impact of high coal prices on profitability, particularly affecting the Mundra plant. Looking ahead, Tata Power is embracing sustainability initiatives, like setting up over 500 electric vehicle (EV) charging points across India in partnership with Indian Oil Corporation, aiming to bolster the nation's EV infrastructure.

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List of Companies Owned by Tata Group

3. JSW Energy

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JSW Energy

JSW Energy Ltd (JSW Energy) is an integrated power company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The company engages in the generation, transmission, trading, and provision of electricity services. It operates thermal power plants in Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra, solar power plants in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh, and hydropower plants in Himachal Pradesh. JSW Energy utilises various power generation sources, including thermal, hydro, and solar.

In addition to its power generation activities, JSW Energy provides power plant construction, operation, and maintenance services. The company also undertakes coal and lignite mining and equipment manufacturing. JSW Energy sells electricity through long-term and short-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) and power exchanges.

With a presence across India, JSW Energy has diversified its operations internationally by holding a stake in a coal mining company in South Africa. The company's comprehensive approach to the energy sector positions it as a key player in India's power industry, providing sustainable and reliable energy solutions.


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NTPC Limited, formerly National Thermal Power Corporation, is a leading Indian public sector undertaking (PSU) under the Ministry of Power. Headquartered in New Delhi, NTPC is primarily engaged in electricity generation and distribution to State Electricity Boards. It also offers consultancy services and executes turnkey power plant projects.

As India's largest power company, NTPC has a substantial generating capacity of 71,594 MW, contributing over 25% of the nation's total electricity production. This efficiency is achieved through operating its plants at high levels, around 80.2% compared to the national average of 64.5%. NTPC operates 55 power stations across various fuel types, including coal, gas, hydro, wind, and solar.

Established in 1975, NTPC is majority-owned by the government, which holds 51.1% equity. It was granted Maharatna status by the government in 2010, placing it among India's top public sector enterprises. NTPC is also recognised internationally, ranked 433rd in the Forbes Global 2000 for 2023, highlighting its significant presence in the global energy landscape.

5. Suzlon Energy

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Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Energy is an Indian wind turbine manufacturer headquartered in Pune. The company was founded by Tulsi Tanti, a Gujarati businessman, who initially ventured into wind energy to secure power for his textile business due to rising electricity costs.

Under Tanti's leadership, Suzlon expanded internationally, supplying turbines to markets like the United States and China. The company also acquired firms like Hansen Transmissions and Senvion to strengthen its global presence.

Over the years, Suzlon faced financial challenges, including debt restructuring and asset sales. In 2015, Suzlon sold its subsidiary Senvion to Centerbridge Partners to reduce debts. Dilip Shanghvi, founder of Sun Pharmaceuticals, also invested in Suzlon to support its financial stability.

Suzlon has installed over 17,000 MW of wind power capacity across 18 countries and achieved significant milestones in India, including the installation of 10,000 MW of wind energy.

6. Borosil Renewables

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Borosil Renewables

Borosil Renewables Ltd. is India's first and only solar glass manufacturer and a part of the Borosil group, known for its renowned "BOROSIL®" brand of lab ware and consumer products.

The company currently has a solar glass manufacturing capacity of 450 tonnes per day, equivalent to producing glass for 2.8 gigawatts (GW) of solar modules. Recently, Borosil Renewables acquired Interfloat Group, Europe's largest solar glass manufacturer, with a capacity of 300 tonnes per day, equivalent to 2 GW of solar modules.

Borosil Renewables is expanding its operations in India to add another 550 tonnes per day capacity by Q3 FY22-23, equivalent to solar glass for 3 GW of solar modules.

In recognition of its achievements, the company received the National Award 2021 from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, for successfully commercialising indigenous solar technology. Notable innovations include developing the world's first fully tempered solar glass in 2 mm thickness, solar glass with the lowest iron content for the highest efficiency, and the world's first antimony-free solar glass.

Borosil Renewables offers specialized solar glass products like Selene (anti-glare glass for PV installations near airports), Shakti (high-efficiency glass with a matte finish), and solar glass with anti-soiling coating.

The company is committed to sustainability, maintaining a 22% lower carbon footprint than the default score for glass manufacturing in the Life Cycle Assessment. Borosil Renewables also invests in renewable energy, including wind and solar+Wind hybrid projects, aligning with its green energy initiatives.

7. EDF Renewables India

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EDF Renewables India

EDF Renewables is the global renewable energy affiliate of the EDF Group (Électricité de France S.A.), operating in over 20 countries. In India, EDF Renewables India is a leading Independent Power Producer (IPP) specialising in grid-scale renewable power generation. With a decade of experience in the Indian market, EDF Renewables India develops, builds, and operates renewable power plants, contributing to India's clean energy revolution.

Currently, EDF Renewables India's portfolio stands at 605 megawatts (MW), out of which 305 MW is operational. The dedicated team of leaders at EDF Renewables India is committed to addressing energy challenges, embracing new technologies, and optimising mature renewable technologies to maximise efficiency.

The journey in India began in 2016 when EDF Renewables entered the wind business through a joint venture. Since then, significant milestones have been achieved, including reaching an operational capacity of 200 MW in 2017 and winning a 300 MW capacity in the SECI V Tranche Bid in 2018. The commissioning of the 105 MW Verdant Project in 2019 expanded the portfolio to 605 MW. In 2021, EDF Renewables acquired the joint venture and rebranded it as EDF Renewables India.

At EDF Renewables India, the focus is on developing projects that benefit the climate, environment, and economy while prioritising safety throughout project development and operations. The ambition is to make a substantial contribution to India's Net Zero targets, driving the transition towards sustainable and clean energy solutions.

8. Inox Wind

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Inox Wind

Inox Wind is India's top wind energy solutions provider, serving various clients, including IPPs, Utilities, PSUs, Corporates, and Retail Investors. They have three modern manufacturing plants in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh, with a combined capacity of 1,600 MW. Inox Wind manufactures key components of Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) to ensure high quality, reliability, and cost competitiveness, specifically designed for low wind speed sites in India.

They have a skilled and experienced team across different fields, making Inox Wind a dynamic corporate entity. The company holds ISO certifications for quality, environmental management, occupational health, and safety. Their wind turbines are certified by TUV SUD and meet international standards.

Inox Wind produces three variants of the 2 MW WTG with different rotor diameters and hub heights to suit various site conditions. They also have a subsidiary, Inox Wind Infrastructure Services, that handles project development for wind power projects, including site studies, land acquisition, approvals, and operation and maintenance of wind farms.

9. ReNew

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ReNew Energy Global

ReNew Energy Global, based in India, is a pioneering renewable energy company listed on NASDAQ. Founded in 2011 by Sumant Sinha, ReNew operates over 140 projects across India, focusing on decarbonisation solutions like green hydrogen and clean electricity generation. The company has achieved significant milestones, including inaugurating India's largest solar farm and reaching 10 GW of installed capacity.

ReNew partners with global firms for renewable energy projects and is known for manufacturing solar cells and modules in India. The company went public in 2021 through a merger with RMG Acquisition Corporation II, listed on NASDAQ. ReNew continues to attract investments, including support from the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and partnerships with international funds like Norway's Climate Investment Fund and KLP pension fund.

10. Sterling and Wilson

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Sterling and Wilson

Sterling and Wilson's journey began with the friendship of Shapoorji Mistry Sr. and Mehervan Daruvala, leading to the formation of a powerful business partnership. In 1971, their companies merged to create Sterling and Wilson, an EPC powerhouse that rapidly expanded across 28 countries. The company's Solar EPC Division, now Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy, emerged in 2011 to address the growing renewable energy market, solidifying its position as a global leader in solar solutions. With a focus on renewable energy and a diverse presence, Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy are poised to lead the transition towards sustainable energy worldwide.

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