Best Laboratory service provider of the Year 2020


Mako Medical serves as an industry leader in how laboratories should truly support patients and healthcare professionals.

Clinical laboratories are a critical component of health care. Approximately 80% of physicians' diagnoses are a result of laboratory tests, according to Kalorama Information, a healthcare market research firm. Common routine tests include cholesterol level tests, HIV tests, pap tests, pregnancy tests, and substance abuse tests. Clinical lab testing is also used to monitor diseases and drug treatments. Specialty testing, which is often more costly, may include genetics, immunology, oncology, endocrinology, and other segments. The clinical laboratory market is highly competitive with hundreds of providers.

One of the pioneers in this space, Mako Medical thrives as a leader in the US market. With its nationwide presence, the company rests at a unique position for its uncompromised adherence to the best standards of quality; dedication to innovation and technology to change the laboratory and pharmacy industry.

The Mako Medical Laboratories was established in 2014, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Growing significantly with a multi-disciplinary approach, ithas quickly become one of the most desired laboratories and a perfect diagnostic partner for businesses, physicians, urgent care facilities, and many hospitals around the United States.

Mako Medical Laboratories has recruited the top Ph.Ds., chemists, and scientists to provide industry-leading innovation. It has developed many custom and proprietary tests and uses robotics/automation to improve precision and accuracy.


Mako Medical's niche is service. Because they focus on every detail the team has built a service model that is flexible, customized, and efficient. Technology aids in the delivery of these custom services. The team develops its custom and proprietary methodologies and assays. Mako Medical Laboratories' methods and assays are validated for reproducibility, precision, and accuracy. They utilize industry-leading next-generation sequencers that have the perfect combination of accuracy and high-throughput sequencing. It uses next level RT-PCR systems for targeted discovery genetic markers.

Mako Medical Laboratories utilizes robotics within each of its laboratory facilities. Once the testing is completed, the data is transferred on a simple and easy to read the customized report. This data is available online or through the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or via the app.

The aim ofincepting Mako Medical was to initiate a company that would create a unique competitor in an industry that lacked options while using the resources to make an impact in the communities they serve. The entire team is focused on volunteering, helping with local nonprofits, giving back, donating, hiring military veterans, and supporting many charities.

The team focuses on every aspect of the patient experience. This helps them develop processes that are unique and allows them to compete. They also leverage emerging technologies to disrupt how services are delivered and consumed.


Mako Medical Laboratories' work begins within the brick and mortar of its facilities but its impact reaches beyond the laboratory doors and settles into the community.The company's exclusive and even expanding service portfolio holds groundbreaking solutions that are clinically proven effective in curing the preventing diseases.

  • Award-winning laboratory services with patented technology
  • Next-Generation Sequencing for Clinical Trials and Research
  • Over 1300 different blood tests offered using the latest in robotic technology and automation
  • Customized result reports that are easy to read and understand
  • Fastest Turnaround Times in the industry
  • Access to results on your mobile device

Mako Medical Laboratories' services are merely a vehicle to change lives locally and globally through healthcare advancement and resource allocation.


  • MAKO's clinical pathology laboratory utilizes state of the art analyzers that require less blood then most chain laboratories, making MAKO's testing more patients friendly.
  • It provides customers with the choice of over 1300 individual tests.
  • MAKO gives you access to the experienced and highly trained laboratory scientists to answer questions about results and other testing questions.
  • The company delivers customized result reports for easy to read summaries to providers resulting in clearer clinical interpretation and more concise clinical information.
  • This lab has heavily invested in state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology. It utilizes industry leading next-generation sequencers and next-level RT-PCR systems for targeted discovery of genetic markers.
  • Mako Medical Laboratories can process over 3100 different clinical laboratory tests.  The custom reporting, in-house logistics team, and focus on every detail has created a world-class patient experience.
  • The company is widely-known for its competitive pricing and is in-network with every major insurance company.
  • Mako Medical Laboratories' facilities are equipped with state of the art robotics to ensure accuracy and precision with each sample. Also, each laboratory is outfitted with the industries leading LC-MS/MS, chemistry analyzer, and enzyme immunoassay technology.


The biggest challenges are the unpredictability of healthcare. No one knows what's coming next. It is always evolving and new technology is changing the way they interact with patients and customers. Staying ahead of these changes is vital.

The focus is to expand into rural markets that lack access to quality healthcare. The team at MAKO is committed to long term care and helping the aging population with new care models and better access within their home.


Mako has built a loyal customer base because they actively engage them in the process. They get feedback and constantly adjust of the process to meet the specific needs of customers.Flexibility, service, technology, and building a program built exclusively on the feedback of customers have helped the firm a lot in the progress.

The firm has built strategic partnerships with healthcare providers and has leveraged customer feedback to access new customers. Organic growth through the exhausting markets.


The Mako Medical Laboratories team is led by scientists and doctors who specialize in methodology development and pathological services. There is a highly trained team of medicalengineers, who custom methodologies for the specific needs of patients. This process gives Mako Medical's customers a distinct advantage when searching for specialized care and individualized medicine.

The management team at the companystrive hard to create an excellent work environment that recruits and attracts top talent. They have an entire team focused on building programs that enhance culture and make Mako Medical a great place to work. They have always been focused on "why" they do what they do and not the "what". Innovation is the key here. Developing and designing new ways customers can consume the service both through Mako Medical and MakoRx. This will be their focus as they expand into new markets.


Mako Medical has experienced rapid growth and has won many awards in this category. They set a record as the only company ever to win the Fast 50 #1 three years in a row. They also placed 284 on Inc. Magazine's Inc. 500 list. Mako Medical has also won awards for quality, community service, and innovations in healthcare.

Watching all the good work Mako Medical has done by supporting local nonprofits, charities, and hiring military veterans has been fuel for the team and the growth. The team stays motivated because as a group they focus on the why not the what. They are all passionate about helping others—this is what motivates themevery day.


Mako Medical Laboratories is passionate about making an impact in people's lives.  It spends thousands of hours volunteering with local nonprofits and has donated medical services to those that don't have access.  Mako currently supports over 472 local nonprofits and charities (military service dogs, homes for the blind, disabled, special needs children, horses for those that are paralyzed, veterans, cancer research, etc.).

Mako Medical Laboratories supports children with disabilities, veterans, cancer research, and faith-based ministries. Moreover, the company employs only military veterans for many of its positions, and supports over 80 Christian missionaries around the world.

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