Revolutionising The Fitness Industry With Their Doorstep Services & Experience Centres Catering To The Unique Fitness Needs Of Individuals
HealthyHustle: Revolutionising The Fitness Industry With Their Doorstep Services & Experience Centres Catering To The Unique Fitness Needs Of Individuals

HealthyHustle: Revolutionising The Fitness Industry With Their Doorstep Services & Experience Centres Catering To The Unique Fitness Needs Of Individuals

Founded by Mayank Chhunchha, a renowned fitness coach and nutritionist Healthy Hustle is a fitness and wellness company providing fitness training and education to individuals who are beginners in their fitness journey and have the desire to become healthy and fit.

Composed of professional coaches, the team at Healthy Hustle strives to introduce innovative exercises and systems that work for individuals of all ages.

The company offers customised workout programs that can be done at home or in person at their centre. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Healthy Hustle believes that executing fitness activities wisely and strategically is essential for physical and mental well-being.

The team of fitness coaches, physical therapists, and nutritionists is dedicated to assisting individuals with their bodily demands and providing them with comprehensive fitness education.

Healthy Hustle is on a mission to educate people on the facts and myths of health and nutrition and make fitness accessible to everyone.

With his dream project, Mayank intends to bring the most dynamic team of professional wellness coaches to the doorstep of individuals who are looking to get in shape.

Healthy Hustle is dedicated to providing fitness training and education to beginners who have a passion for leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Starting with doorstep services that provide fitness and health solutions in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, Healthy Hustle has now extended its services by launching the first-ever fitness experience centre in Ahmedabad.


Mission, Vision & Values

Healthy Hustle is on a mission to promote fitness and healthier lifestyles among individuals. Their goal is to provide training to 3000 people by the end of this year.

The firm’s vision is to educate people about fitness, create awareness about health in India, and provide kids with fitness awareness programs.

Healthy Hustle provides unwavering support and guidance to clients in their journey towards improving their health.

They believe that fitness counselling and fitness assessments are crucial initiatives to gain a better understanding of the human body and develop personalised fitness plans for clients.

Mayank Chhunchha, Founder, HealthyHustle

Coming from a family with a background in Chartered Accountancy, Mayank developed a passion for fitness and sports from a young age. He decided to turn his passion into a profession after completing his graduation.

Mayank pursued an MBA from NMIMs, one of the best colleges in India, and furthered his knowledge in fitness by completing fitness courses from the International Sports Science Academy (ISSA).

He holds a Strength and Conditioning Certificate and a Sports Nutrition Certification from ISSA, showcasing his expertise in the field of fitness and nutrition.

Making A Difference: HealthyHustle Services

Healthy Hustle provides 14 different fitness and health services to cater to the varying needs of its clientele.

They offer fitness training at the doorstep of individuals, making it more accessible for those who are unable to visit a gym while also providing training at their experience centre, making them stand out from the crowd.

The fitness industry is rapidly growing in India and around the world.

Healthy Hustle focuses on niche solutions to address individual health issues, which sets them apart in the industry and has helped them achieve a retain ratio of around 48%, significantly higher than the industry average of 1%.

At present, the brand focuses on solving individual health problems with plans to introduce rehab programming and a kids’ fitness club in the near future.

Trials And Tribulations

The initial challenge that the Healthy Hustle team faced was the reluctance of customers to work out without a proper gym setup. The pandemic had a significant impact on the fitness industry, but it worked out positively for the firm.

“Before COVID-19, people were only interested in fancy gym equipment, but the pandemic changed people’s perspectives. However, we designed a comfortable workout pattern and conducted Fitness Counselling to make them understand the benefits. With people becoming more health-conscious and prioritising fitness, we saw a surge in demand for our services. It has become easier for health coaches to convince them to work out and follow up on nutrition”

Mayank Chhunchha, Founder, HealthyHustle

Creating A Legacy Of Excellence

Mayank passion for fitness led him to the inception of Healthy Hustle in the midst of the Pandemic without any capital. Despite that, they managed to achieve significant growth with a 400% increase in the first year with a turnover equal to or greater than any Gyms in Ahmedabad.

In the last 2 years and 8 months, Healthy Hustle has provided services to more than 1000 individuals offering fitness training both at clients’ doorsteps and at their experience centres.

Some notable names among their clientele include Dignesh Patel, Director of VINI Cosmetics; Kalpesh Barewadia, Director of Mansi Polymer; Dhruvkant Amin, founder of Techtona Grandis; RJ Kunal Desai, popularly known as Murga Don on Radio Mirchi 98.3; Yash Soni, one of the biggest actors in Gujarati cinema, and Sangram Singh, a world wrestling champion and Kusti gold medalist in the Olympics.

The brand currently has 20 employees and operates from its office in Ahmedabad.

What Lies Ahead

The upcoming trends in the fitness industry include the increasing popularity of holistic approaches to fitness, in addition to weight loss and bodybuilding. Many people are opting for smaller studios over larger gyms, and there is a growing interest in kids’ fitness.

Mayank is currently working on the franchises of Healthy Hustle. They recently launched the Kids Fitness Club by Healthy Hustle, and the goal is to open 20 studios by the end of the year.

“For this year, the focus is on development in Gujarat. But, in the next five years, we plan to expand our doorstep services to areas such as Pune, Nagpur, West Mumbai, Surat, and Baroda. We also have plans to open at least eight Healthy Hustle studios, including the Kids Fitness Athletic Studio and the continued growth of the Kids Fitness Club”


Words Of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mayank shares,

“Embrace failure, celebrate it, and learn from it. Take risks, trust the process and never let the fear of failure hold you back. Success comes from hard work and dedication, so stay focused on your goals without worrying about the results.”

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