Denty’s – Expert Dental Clinics, offer a multi-specialty dental care through a network of 20 specialty clinics in India.

Denty’s – Expert Dental Clinics
Denty’s – Expert Dental ClinicsDenty’s – Expert Dental Clinics

Denty's – Expert Dental Clinics, offer a multi-specialty dental care through a network of 20 specialty clinics in India.

Poor oral health, untreated oral diseases and conditions have a significant impact on quality of human lives. This affects the most basic human needs, including the ability to eat and drink, swallow, maintain proper nutrition, smile and communicate. In fact, 95% population in India suffers from gum disease which is a considerable issue. Thus, in 2009, Today's Healthcare India Private Limited was incorporate by Dr. Sekhar Chennupati with a vision to develop Dentistry as a reliable and comprehensive stream that gives patients the Care & Cure that they deserve to change their lives for the better.

Denty's – Dental Expert Clinics, strives to give expert oral cure with high priority given to the care for their patients. Each of Denty's clinics provides most advanced infrastructure and work on evidence based dental practices that not only educates their patients but also helps them take informed decisions. Denty's began with the idea that Doctors must grow, improve and constantly learn as a community of doctors.

About Denty's- Denty's Expert Dental Clinics is India's most complete dental chain offering high-quality, multi-specialty dental care, treatments & solutions. Currently, it has 20 homogenous operational clinics in 7 cities employing 200 qualified dentists with different specializations across spectrum & is rapidly expanding.

All clinics have strong underlying theme of digital integration of patient records and relevant diagnostic info that allows thorough consultation, seamless delivery of treatment & centralized analytics. It offers state-of-art treatment excellence to all patients through clinics designed to have all competencies, technological specializations and all infra-facilities in place at all time to facilitate all types of treatment processes. Denty's' engine runs on engaging with patients to offer value for money proposition thereby building trust to derive highest value per patient lifecycle.

All global best practices of healthcare delivery thriving on diagnostics and treatment delivery are institutionalized in Denty's making it independent of any star dentists thereby shifting the brand-pull from dentists to Denty's.

Product / Service Differentiation: 

On one side, Denty's is thoughtfully serving large unmet need of dental care in urban India arising due to weak supply-side dynamics (dominated by mom & pop clinics) owing to poor clinic level resources & lack of adequate bandwidth of Dentists. On the other side, Denty's focuses methodically on educating & engaging the patient to optimize treatment mix thereby garnering on the entire patient lifecycle.

In a space underscored by strong word-of-mouth and referral network, Denty's targets to rectify the inherent flaws in current supply ecosystem to create a sticky patient pool through skill up gradation and continuously adopting contemporary treatment methodologies.

Completely digital & Paperless dental care – It integrates all patient info (general info to diagnostics to treatment delivery to post treatment follow-up incl. feedback and complaint escalation) into its healthcare management system. Denty's targets to build clinics in clusters to benefit from sharing of competencies operationally, extracting stronger synergies from marketing and brand building activities, higher utilization & degree of operating leverage thus imparting fair degree of hyper-local characteristics.

Denty’s – Expert Dental Clinics
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Product: Denty's has release a unique first-of-its-kind Family dental care plan called Assure. The product aims to provide preventive measure that can potentially eliminate the occurrence of 90% of dental ailments. Subscribed by more than 20% of its patients, this complete oral health care product has revolutionized the way a healthy lifestyle adopted.

Major Milestones of Denty's

With the enormous effort by associated people of Denty's, it has touched remarkable milestones after its inception. As the multiple famous oral care brands were already in existence, it was not an easy task to stable in such circumstances. However, with a unique and innovative thought, Denty's started its journey with strong vision and determination. The first Denty's Clinic was in Vijayawada and after the response for its services it started the second clinic in Kakinada, after that it has only grown to cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, having consulted more than 1,50,000 patients through our network of 20 clinics.

Now, Denty's aims to expand its clinic network to 250 clinics and have more than 800 dentists in the team in the next three years. This vision lays an immense opportunity to the dentist eco-system in India.

Denty's Team

It has never been easy to do a mammoth task alone. Denty's has been moving forward in its journey with the help of a team of skilled, talented and expert dentists handpicked and primed by Dr.Sekhar himself.

Denty's has finest and experienced corporate planning & leadership team working to institutionalize the world-class treatment delivery model. All functional roles are headed by passionate professionals with relevant background and proven leadership skills across industry verticals like Healthcare, IT Consulting, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Brand management and Advertising. 

About Denty's Industry Size in its own voice 

Total Dental Care and Solutions market in India is Rs 7000 Cr growing at around 12-14% rate for the last 5 years. This shall grow at 15% for the next 5 years. The organized market is 5% dominated by 25 players (most of whom having only 2-3 clinics) and the rest 95% is unorganized. This can mean huge potential for Denty's given its right treatment model pivoted on competency-mix, tech-powered, infra-rich dental care delivery model providing end-to-end solutions by focusing on value proposition thereby deriving highest revenue per patient life cycle.

The Man behind the success

Dr. Sekhar Chennupati (Founder, MD & CEO)

Dr Sekhar, the Founder, MD & CEO, is a Visionary strategist, a thought leader and an accomplished Maxillo Facial Surgeon with 15yrs experience in strategizing & delivering dental care solutions. He has built the qualified team of clinic heads for delivery and his entrepreneurial streak helped him identify the gaps & opportunities that exist in Indian Dentistry.

Denty’s – Expert Dental Clinics
Denty’s – Expert Dental Clinics
Denty’s – Expert Dental Clinics
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