Evenzhub supports to create dynamic and exciting event experiences that deliver something different and exceed the expectations of people.

Evenzhub supports to create dynamic and exciting event experiences that deliver something different and exceed the expectations of people.

Evenzhub:  modernising the event industry with ecommerce edge

Evenzhub supports to create dynamic and exciting event experiences that deliver something different and exceed the expectations of people.

The event industry has grown from a long way since its inception, because of numerous factors, but the most important factor is technological advancement. Present-day, as soon as new technology hits the scene, there is a pressure within companies to get on board with it quickly in order to be a part of the next big wave of development. Many startups and established companies are focusing on it and making strategies to grow in the technical sphere.

When other companies are just experimenting with the concept, Evenzhub has pioneered in the industry and leading the market with ecommerce edge. It was initiated in 2018 with a vision of creating a brand experience through events, technology & creativity. And, within one year, the company has become a phenomenon in the event industry and supporting people to enhance the experience of attendees through technological innovations.

Evenzhub is a marketplace exclusively for events, conferences, meetings, and different needs. Be it venues, hotels, event organizer, technology companies, event managers, onsite logistics or associations, it connects all of them at a single largest place. Evenzhub team pushes the creative boundaries with its advance and fresh ideas that spark creative thinking encourage learning and provide endless opportunity for value addition to events. Evenzhub addresses most of the challenge to find cost-effective venue and logistics services for conferences and events. Being everything online supported by a big support team on the back end, Evenzhub is one of its kinds of the e-commerce platform in the fields of conferences and events. It presents a one-stop solution for all the needs, ranging from deciding the best venue to booking rooms to planning an event with tech requirements and logistics at hot deals.

Areas of Expertise

The specialized scope of services at Evenzhub includes everything from exquisitely designed event place, event technology, event planning and event logistics. Through its integrated approach to consumer marketing, the company supports in creating unique events and conference success.

The event and conference organizers can choose and book from a wide range of options in categories like-

  • Event Technology
  • Event Venues
  • Bulk Rooms for events and conferences
  • Event Planning
  • Onsite Logistics
  • Event Permissions Sourcing

Evenzhub provides the above services and is trying to make a disruptive change in the event industry by making everything easy and transparent. It stands with people at every step of the process, from creative conception right through to the final lap.

Differentiating Factors

The ultimate goal of Evenzhub is to bridge the gap between the service provider and the organizers. It is an effective medium and ensures the highest quality of service delivery. Unlike other events partners, it offers easy venue visits, demos for technologies and much more before buying. Here, there are some key factors that make Evenzhub stand out in the industry:

Easy Tools: Evenzhub offers easy comparison tools of the aforementioned products and services.

Transparency: It does not charge any commission. There are no hidden fees. The process is 100% transparent.

Best Cost: Evenzhub is unique for its affordable range. It offers the best price in comparison to other players in the business.

Complete Information: The team provides detailed information like layouts, sizes of venues and minute details, key features and implementation process of the products and services.

Single Platform: The most important thing is that Evenzhub is one of its kind platforms available in India for events and conference services.


Evenzhub is the team of many professionals, technocrats and industry stalwarts having collective experience of over 70 years. Evenzhub is committed to bridge the gap between the service provider and the organizers through its dedicated client servicing team and ensure the quality of the service delivery.

Revenue Model

EVH Technologies (evenzhub.com) is an online platform which facilitates both the service provides and the event organizers. It is basically a facilitating medium for doing business between both sides.  It charges a small service fee and sources hot deals from the service provides, hotels and venues for contracting, marketing, promotion, and selling of their services on our platform. Therefore, here the business model is the perfect blend of B2B and B2C e-commerce systems. 

Major Milestones for the company since founding

June 2018 – Founded

Jan. 2019 Platform Launched

March 2019- 10000 sessions visit achieved 

Expansion Binge and Journey Ahead

The current focus of the company is on marketing and promotion and slowly it is building the sales team. Evenzhub will go aggressively for sales once it establishes a good image and recognition in the industry. The response so far is excellent as everybody whom it met appreciated the concept.

Currently, the company is serving the Delhi NCR. It wants to expand horizontally in multiple cities and multiple service domains. It is already working on the database and listing. Besides, it is also working on vertical expansion by adding more products and service categories and listing more and more service provides. 

Masterminds of Evenzhub

Chander Mansharamani, Co-Founder and Chairman

Under the dynamic leadership of Chander Mansharamani, Evenzhub is creating history in the event industry. He is heading the company as a Co-founder and Chairman at the company. He is the industry stalwart, Vice Chairman of India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB), Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India and Managing Director of Alpcord Network Events and Conferences Management Company and one more company in the travel industry. He has severed on various panels and board of Govt., Associations and Industry platforms. It is the hard work, determination, and keen business sense of Chander Mansharamani that always keeps him ahead.

Devender K Saini, Co-founder and CEO

Devender K Saini is the Co-founder and CEO of the company. Being a PRICE2 Practitioner, Successful Project Management Professional and coming with a diverse experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Devender has created a successful career in this field. He provides excellent guidance to the team and taking the company towards a higher altitude. In academic, Devender did B. Tech from UIET, Kurukshetra University.

Chetan Mansharamani, Co-Founder and Director

Chetan Mansharamani is the Co-Founder and Director at the company. He has great expertise in the event industry and holds outstanding market knowledge. He is a multi-tasking professional and goes in all ways to bring maximum satisfaction to clients. Also serving as Director in Alpcord Network Events & Conferences Management Company. Chetan is an alumnus of Delhi University and did MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai.

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