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Driving Sustainable Progress with Clean-Tech Innovations
Anup Garg - Founder and Director - World of Circular Economy (WOCE)

Anup Garg - Founder and Director - World of Circular Economy (WOCE)

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Technological and industrial innovations are transforming our world at an unprecedented rate. However, these developments often come with significant environmental costs. It is rightly said that development and sustainability must go hand in hand, ensuring that progress does not come at the expense of our planet. To achieve this balance, Clean-Tech companies are stepping in to offer sustainable solutions that minimise environmental impact. A notable leader in this field is the World of Circular Economy, which exemplifies the innovative approach necessary for a sustainable future.

World of Circular Economy (WOCE): Empowering Sustainability

World of Circular Economy (WOCE), founded in May 2022, is dedicated to empowering organisations of all sizes to achieve their sustainability goals. Through a combination of affordable software solutions and expert consulting services, WOCE aims to make sustainable practices accessible to all. With a focused team of 15+ experts, they offer a comprehensive range of services and products, including advisory services and AI-enabled cutting-edge technology solutions like, Carbon Ledger, Carbon Book, Carbon Certificate Management, Green APIs, and Global Carbon offsets.

WOCE’s innovative use of technology and digitisation drives sustainability and transparency, positioning them as the preferred choice for businesses across sectors such as Oil & Gas, Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Events and Entertainment, Services, Utilities, and Travel and Hospitality. What distinguishes WOCE is its vision of becoming the leading provider of integrated sustainability solutions. Renowned for its innovative approach and commitment to affordability, WOCE delivers a measurable impact on the environment globally. At the heart of WOCE are its core values—sustainability, innovation, accessibility, integrity, collaboration, customer-centricity, and delivering measurable, positive outcomes for clients and the environment. These values set WOCE apart from the competition, ensuring that businesses can expect not just solutions but tangible, positive outcomes for both their financial prosperity and the planet.

Anup Garg: Founder and Director

Amidst the growing impact of climate change around the globe, characterised by floods, droughts, and cyclones, Anup Garg, the visionary founder and Director of WOCE, felt an urgent need for action. Driven by a deep-seated desire to make a positive societal impact, he embarked on a mission to establish an organisation that could deliver impactful solutions. Thus, WOCE was born. Anup Garg, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, possesses an unwavering passion for crafting innovative solutions across diverse industries. His particular focus lies in revolutionising the realms of circular economy and educational technology. With a strong dedication to creating a sustainable planet and an equitable society, he aims to make a lasting impact through his ventures.

At the helm of WOCE, Anup leads a dedicated team that delivers AI-enabled cutting-edge sustainability solutions tailored to diverse sectors. With a firm commitment to international and environmental standards, WOCE offers cloud-based SaaS solutions that meet the needs of both SMEs and large enterprises, aiding them in their journey towards achieving net-zero targets.

“We observed a gap between corporate pledges and actual actions towards carbon neutrality, which inspired us to create technological tools and consulting services to bridge this gap”, says Anup Garg. With WOCE, Anup aims to turn big promises into real changes, making the world greener and more sustainable.

WOCE’s Unique Sustainability Solutions

In the face of the growing sustainability industry, where both businesses and governments are increasingly recognising the urgent imperative of addressing climate change, it becomes essential for organisations to offer distinctive solutions. Therefore, to stand out in the market, WOCE provides end-to-end solutions that effectively measure, monitor, and offset carbon emissions—services not readily available elsewhere. What sets WOCE apart from its competitors is not only its innovative offerings but also its commitment to hiring individuals who are deeply passionate about sustainability and innovation.

WOCE’s diverse range of services and products includes:

  • Consultancy Services: Assisting clients in defining their sustainability strategies, decarbonisation roadmaps, and achieving regulatory compliance.

  • Carbon Ledger: A SaaS platform for tracking, measuring, and managing carbon emissions, enabling clients to set reduction targets and monitor progress.

  • Carbon Book: A mobile app-based solution for individuals to manage their carbon footprint, aggregating data for organisational reporting.

  • Carbon Certificate Management: A SaaS platform for organisations to manage carbon credits (compliance and voluntary), ensuring accurate reconciliation with registries.

  • Green APIs: Plug-and-play APIs for integrating sustainability metrics into existing systems, enabling organisations to track their carbon footprint and access carbon offsets.

  • Global Carbon Offset: Solutions for purchasing and managing carbon credits through partnerships with EKI.

  • Global ESG Platform ( A comprehensive platform expected to go live in July/Aug 2024, simplifying the creation of ESG reports across various regulatory frameworks (GRI, TCFD, CDP, SASB, BRSR).

Furthermore, WOCE remains at the forefront by consistently investing in research and development, monitoring regulations like CBAM, BRSR, and Green Credits and participating in industry forums.

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges are integral to the journey of success, acting as stepping stones that propel individuals forward. They test one’s abilities and dedication, and those who overcome challenges possess the strength to conquer the world and emerge victorious. Anup Garg’s journey was no exception; he encountered numerous challenges but faced them head-on, ultimately achieving success and carving out a path that others could not. Talking about challenges, Anup Garg shares,

“One of the biggest challenges was establishing market awareness and building trust. We overcame this by investing in brand building, thought leadership activities, and participating in industry events. Additionally, we leveraged strategic partnerships (EKI and CMAI) and focused on delivering real-world results through pilot programs and case studies.”

Flying Colours: Success So Far

According to WOCE, key indicators of success encompass widespread adoption, customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, tangible reductions in carbon footprints and environmental impacts, continuous product improvement, scalability, and thought leadership. The achievement of these indicators is evident throughout WOCE’s journey.

Since its inception, WOCE has achieved significant milestones. Its most notable accomplishment is the successful launch and adoption of flagship software products like Carbon Ledger and Carbon Certificate Management across various sectors. Furthermore, WOCE has forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as EKI Energy Services. These collaborations have empowered WOCE to provide comprehensive sustainability solutions and earn recognition in the market.

Future Goals

WOCE’s future is geared towards innovation and leadership in sustainability. Their upcoming ESG platform called as ‘’, launching in July/August 2024, will revolutionise sustainability management for businesses by integrating advanced features like ESG Dashboard, Reporting (GRI, TCFD, CDP, SASB, BRSR), GHG accounting, Decarbonisation Roadmap, Offsetting Marketplace, and Configuration of Emission Factors, all using AI to streamline reporting and compliance. This integrated approach distinguishes WOCE from competitors, positioning them as industry leaders.

As the sustainability industry continues to evolve, driven by technological advancements and increasing demand for effective carbon emission management, WOCE is well-positioned to lead the way. Through ongoing innovation, service offerings expansion, AI integration, and strategic partnerships, WOCE is committed to shaping a sustainable future for businesses worldwide.

A Pearl of Wisdom

Anup Garg advises future entrepreneurs, “Focus on understanding core sustainability issues and developing innovative, practical solutions. Building a strong network of partners and seeking continuous client feedback is crucial. Sustainability is a journey requiring perseverance, adaptability, and a commitment to making a positive impact.”

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