Lockdown has affected everyone's life in 2020, and while everyone got extra hours to lock inside the four walls of their homes, YouTube binging helped them get through the dark times. Youtubers, especially vloggers who shared their lives and yet entertained their subscribers in these tough times.

Around the country, YouTube has indeed gained an increase in watching hours along with other social media platforms. But, some of the most important names in the Indian YouTube creator community are form Delhi. While we know you have heard these name, here's top Delhi based YouTubers who have YouTube on fire:

<div class="paragraphs"><p>BINGE WORTHY DELHI BASED YOUTUBERS</p></div>

Bhuvan Bam Aka BB KI VINES (1.97 Crore Subscribers):

A youth icon from the past half-decade, BB Ki Vines remains the most celebrated Youtube Creator in India. His creations have been entertaining and mind-blowing everyone.

The one-man army Bhuvan is among the top Delhi based YouTubers has created 16 characters sitting his room using his observations, acting and talent, he still writes, directs, acts and edit his videos and this passion translates into the love of his fans.

Almost 2 crore people watch Bhuvan Bam's videos and there has to be a reason for it. Most of the views on his videos have 10th watch by the same person and reason behind it simple.

Relevant relatable dialogues and situations by characters inspired by the actual human beings surrounding him. He got into trouble when his doctor character whom he made 4 videos on, was an actual doctor living two doorsteps away and was identified by his fans.

Bhuvan's videos are not always for fun, he makes sure to give messages through his video that he feels his audience must be aware of. Another part of his life, which made his fan's love him more, is his music.

His songs like "Teri Meri Kahani" featuring Permanent Roommates from TVF, "Safar", and others have been trending on Youtube with each release. I know, because I am humming one of them right now.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>BINGE WORTHY DELHI BASED YOUTUBERS</p></div>
Fame Fashion and Creative Excellence (FFACE)

Gaurav Taneja Aka Flying Beast (43.4 Lakh Subscribers):

This channel is an Indian man's life vlogs which every age group can relate with. Be it a passionate youngster, parents, grandparents, young kids, the Kanpur born Gaurav Taneja who is based in Delhi and lives with his wife and fashion influencer Ritu Rathee, his daughter Kaira Taneja aka Rasbhary, and his child-help Bhabhi. Lockdown has been a stage of various ups and downs for the Pilot, Bodybuilder, and Youtuber Taneja.

Well, the USP that Gaurav Taneja was he became has to be his passionate and fearless decision making, be it filling a case against his former employer in March 2020, opening a streaming Youtube channel Rasbhari Ke Papa, and choosing to be a law student at the age of 34 years.

Interesting isn't it. The top Delhi based YouTuber breaks every restraint society and people put on themselves and truly believes in pursuing his passion. His family, including Gaurav Taneja's retired father and mother, have been the strongest pillars of his life, which is evident in his vlogs.

Gaurav Taneja's first channel was not actually, his first Youtube Channel. It happened when the Youtuber did a challenge checking a protein brand for his fitness channel, Fitmuscle TV and recorded his journey which people loved.

Today, he has a loyal and increasing subscriber count of 43.4 Lakh. And definitely, elites are sad after hearing the YouTuber is shifting out of Delhi soon for Ritu Rathee's Captain training.

Kusha Kapila Aka Billi Mausi and many more (2.43 Lakh Subscribers):

If there has to be a most loved Female Youtube Creator in India space that has the quirk and sass (more than Dolly Singh), it has to be Kusha Kapila. The Gurgaon based YouTuber did not start her career, by featuring in another youtube channel iDiva.

Yes, it is interesting how her entire career as an influencer started with a team meeting highlighting videos to be made for iDiva, which she and her colleagues shot after their work.

Her character's success yielded so many views and eventually became a hit space for web series and film promotions. And as Billi Mausi (one of her famous character-based in South Delhi) became a sensation, Top Female Youtuber in India, Kapila's career did too. From a writer to a digital influencer, she has to one of the best Delhi Based Youtubers You see.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>BINGE WORTHY DELHI BASED YOUTUBERS</p></div>
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