Vasundhara Shanker: Redefining Legal Consulting Dynamics in India with Verum Legal

Vasundhara Shanker - Founder & Managing Partner - Verum Legal

Vasundhara Shanker - Founder & Managing Partner - Verum Legal

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As the world’s largest democracy, India offers unparalleled business opportunities with a vast consumer base and a rapidly growing economy. However, with great potential comes great complexities. Establishing and operating a successful venture in India requires not only a keen business acumen but also a thorough understanding of the legal framework and regulatory compliances. This is where the indispensable role of legal consultants comes into play. A proficient legal consultant can help businesses navigate through the maze of statutes and regulations, guiding them towards compliance, risk mitigation, and sustainable growth. Within the Indian legal consultancy sphere, one name stands out— Vasundhara Shanker. As the founder and managing partner of Verum Legal, a law firm with technological expertise, she brings not only a wealth of legal experience and knowledge but also a deep understanding of India’s business environment. With her passion for helping businesses navigate legal complexities, Vasundhara has earned a reputation as a trusted legal advisor, negotiator and counsel.

The Tale of Inception

Her fascination with justice and the legal system from a young age led Vasundhara towards a career in law. And although she has been working in the legal field for over a decade now, her transition and journey of building Verum Legal started in 2018.

Founding Verum Legal was a meticulously planned decision she made to help startups, SMEs, and MSMEs in need of legal guidance. Vasundhara elucidates, “Verum Legal was inspired by a desire to bridge the gap between legal complexities and practical business needs. I had a vision of creating a legal consultancy that not only provided expert advice but also focused on delivering solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by businesses in different segments and sectors.”

During her tenure working with various clients and leading law firms, Vasundhara observed a common theme: businesses often struggled with efficiently navigating the complex legal landscape, and the firms capable of providing adequate assistance were often unaffordable. “Small and medium enterprises, in particular, faced challenges in understanding and complying with the myriad of regulations,” she shares.

Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make a tangible impact, Vasundhara decided to take matters into her own hands. She envisioned a legal consultancy that went beyond traditional practices, one that would offer practical, accessible, and innovative solutions to businesses, regardless of their stature. And that’s how Verum Legal came into existence.

Innovating Legal Solutions for Businesses

Vasundhara founded Verum Legal in 2018 with a vision to redefine legal consulting services in India. From modest beginnings, the firm has grown into a respected firm known for innovative solutions and a client-centric approach. Committed to integrity, professionalism, and meeting client needs, Verum Legal provides innovative solutions while upholding ethical standards and contributing positively to communities. Their vision is to become a leading law firm known for excellence, client satisfaction, and social responsibility, continually evolving and making significant contributions to the legal field and society.

Distinguished by its technology-driven approach and deep business understanding, Verum Legal has worked with over 500 startups in Web2 and Web3 domains. Their services include:

  • Corporate Law: Compliance & Regulatory Matters

  • Intellectual Property: Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights

  • Litigation: Civil, Criminal, Dispute Resolution

  • Contracts: Drafting, Review, Negotiation

  • Real Estate: Property Transactions, Due Diligence, Title Searches

  • Labour Law: Employment Contracts, Dispute Resolution, Compliance

  • Startups: Legal Support, Incorporation, Intellectual Property Protection

Vasundhara explains, “We assist startups from inception to their growth, covering incorporation, IP protection, legal structuring, compliance, dispute resolution, contract drafting and review, employment matters, and labour law compliance.”

The Verum Legal USP

With a focus on clients’ needs, Verum Legal stands out in a highly competitive market. “We prioritise our clients’ needs and concerns above all else,” asserts Vasundhara.

Their team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys trained in various legal domains, including corporate law, intellectual property, commercial litigation, white-collar crime or any other legal matter, can effectively navigate complex legal issues.

Known for its innovative problem-solving approach, powered by cutting-edge legal tech tools and software, Verum Legal ensures creative solutions. The team’s commitment to delivering top-notch services is evident in its meticulous attention to detail, thorough research, and rigorous case preparation.

Verum Legal further distinguishes itself by prioritising continuous learning and staying updated on legal developments. Vasundhara says,

“We share legal updates daily via internal groups and host weekly meetings to discuss topics that are of interest.”

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“Client-Centricity is the key to building trust.”

“As a first-generation lawyer, establishing credibility in a new city has been my greatest challenge. Building trust is of utmost importance for a lawyer. We’ve gone from pitching to clients and convincing them of our abilities to having clients request our services because of recommendations from someone they trust,” says Vasundhara.

She adds, “For us, ensuring transparency, including clear communication of legal processes, fees, and potential outcomes from the outset, is a must. Our strict ethical standards and client-centricity have earned us the respect, trust, and loyalty of our clients. We take the time to listen to clients, understand their concerns, and tailor legal strategies to meet their specific objectives.”

Maintaining open communication, Verum Legal provides regular updates and prompt responses, ensuring clients are informed throughout the legal process. Committed to delivering positive outcomes for clients, they strive for the best results through negotiations, settlements, or litigation.

Balancing Work and Life

Reflecting upon her journey, Vasundhara shares, “Starting your own firm can make it difficult to maintain a work-life balance, especially when “hustling” is the new trend. I have found that establishing clear boundaries between work and personal life and designating specific times for work and leisure activities helps maintain balance.

Prioritising tasks and delegating responsibilities to team members will lighten the workload and help your team grow. Time management techniques like setting deadlines and creating to-do lists are also very effective.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond their legal work, Verum Legal is actively involved in giving back to the community. They provide pro bono or discounted legal services to individuals in need and also partner with NGOs and not-for-profit organisations nationwide. The team conducts workshops and seminars to educate individuals, startups, and companies on their legal rights and responsibilities. The firm fosters inclusivity by promoting diversity in hiring practices, supporting affinity groups for underrepresented communities, and advocating for equal opportunities in the legal profession.

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Parting Words

“The Indian judicial system is in dire need of addressing challenges and implementing reforms across various areas. Measures like increasing judges, streamlining procedures, and promoting alternative dispute resolution are crucial to combat delays and pendency. I believe Legal tech can play a substantial role in improving the judiciary’s condition by enhancing infrastructure and efficiency.

India’s problem with corruption, inefficiency and misconduct necessitates mechanisms for accountability, transparency, and integrity. Enhancing access to justice, especially for marginalised groups, must be the focal point for improving the country’s justice system.” - Vasundhara Shanker

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Vasundhara Shanker - Founder &amp; Managing Partner - Verum Legal</p></div>
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