Nihit Gupta: Navigating Legal Terrain with TPM Solicitors & Consultants

Nihit Gupta - Joint Partner - TPM  Solicitors  &  Consultants

Nihit Gupta - Joint Partner - TPM Solicitors & Consultants

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As time progresses, change becomes imperative, particularly within the realm of legal frameworks. Over the years, the legal landscape of our country has undergone significant transformations. However, understanding the intricacies of various laws and regulations can be challenging for individuals. This is where legal consultants and firms play a crucial role, offering advice and strategic guidance across a broad spectrum of legal issues. Among these forward-thinking entities is TPM Solicitors & Consultants. The non-tariff barriers services at TPM Solicitors & Consultants are led by Mr Nihit Gupta and his passionate colleagues.

Nihit Gupta: Joint Partner at TPM Solicitors & Consultants

Nihit Gupta, a dynamic force in the realm of international trade and regulatory compliance with a degree from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology Madras, brings more than 13 years of experience to the table. With expertise spanning through free trade agreements, foreign trade policies, customs regulations, non-tariff measures, and market intelligence, Nihit stands at the forefront, providing invaluable services to numerous manufacturers, traders, and their associations. His influence extends across diverse sectors such as chemicals, petrochemicals, electricals, rubber products, and steel.

Nihit’s journey from an engineer specialising in data analysis to a leader in navigating non-tariff barriers and technical regulations is truly inspiring. His ability to recognise the intricacies and complexities of regulatory compliance, particularly in areas like mandatory licensing activities and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) regulations, has made him a trusted advisor to businesses aiming to enter the Indian market.

“Bureau of Indian Standards is a national standards body of the country, and BIS standards are formed within a legal framework. Moreover, if made mandatory, these standards become the law of the land and need to be followed by any manufacturer wishing to supply its material in the Indian market,” says Nihit Gupta.

Moreover, Nihit underscores the importance of prioritising and planning work to maintain a healthy work-life balance. He emphasises that tackling smaller tasks first paves the way for focusing on bigger tasks effectively. This practical approach ensures efficiency and fosters an environment conducive to tackling complex challenges with precision and clarity.

Unique Client-Centric Solutions

In today’s highly competitive landscape, individuals and organisations can stand out by offering truly unique services and by prioritising the needs and challenges faced by their clients. With a client base extending across various countries, TPM Solicitors & Consultants stands out for providing essential services, including standardisation, compliance, licensing, trade agreements, foreign trade policy, and market research.

Nihit Gupta’s expertise extends to assisting industries both within and outside India in navigating the intricate realm of activities governed by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Within these services, Nihit specialises in standards formulation, standards modification, and licensing.

What sets Nihit Gupta apart from others in the legal industry is his unconventional background. Despite lacking formal legal training, Nihit adeptly applies legal concepts to address client challenges. While the practice of law is typically associated with trained lawyers or advocates, Nihit demonstrates that a deep understanding of legal principles coupled with a problem-solving mindset can yield effective solutions. By adeptly integrating legal frameworks with real-world challenges, Nihit Gupta paves the way for innovative problem-solving and client-centric outcomes.

“It has not been long providing BIS services to the industry. However, in a short span, it is quite clear that trust can be cultivated and maintained if complete handholding is done, from understanding the problem statement to unlocking the aspects of providing a complete solution.”

-Nihit Gupta

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The Role of Legal Consultants in India’s Evolving Business Landscape

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges serve as essential milestones on the path to success, guiding individuals to move forward. Those who succeed are the ones who have the strength to overcome challenges and keep moving forward. Nihit Gupta’s journey is a testament to this truth; he faced and overcame numerous obstacles to become a leader in his working domain.

One of his greatest challenges was his background in engineering. However, driven by his experience in a techno-legal firm and personal interest, he embarked on a journey in the legal industry. While transitioning from engineering to working in the legal industry presents its own set of challenges, Nihit found that the right environment and persistent dedication yield rewards. TPM Solicitors & Consultants is a pioneer in most of the services it is providing, and provides an apt environment for the growth of individuals, as experienced by Nihit. He adds,

“Understanding the nitigrities of law also comes by applying the documented rules & regulations in projects on a day-to-day basis.”

Staying Ahead: Navigating Regulations

In the dynamic market landscape, it is important to stay updated on the ever-evolving rules and regulations in the country. TPM Solicitors & Consultants maintain a proactive approach by consistently monitoring changes in laws, regulations, and legal practices. With laws and regulations being public knowledge, any modifications or updates pertaining to their service areas are diligently captured on a day-to-day basis for a thorough understanding of their applicability. Further, Government websites and various public portals serve as valuable resources, providing ample information. Additionally, a wealth of literature is readily available to facilitate a deeper comprehension of changes.

While tariff barriers have historically been the focus of India’s trade policies, there has been a notable shift in its approach towards non-tariff barriers. As the country aligns its outlook with global standards, measures to protect consumer interests and uphold quality benchmarks are being explored. The proliferation of these provisions underscores India’s commitment to leveraging its rights under the WTO to regulate the influx of materials that pose hazards, threats, or inferior quality. Consequently, the prevalence of such provisions is increasingly recognised as non-tariff barriers, reflecting India’s evolving stance in the global trade arena.

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Legal Intellizence: Innovating Legal Solutions for Modern Challenges

A Pearl of Wisdom

Advising aspiring lawyers, Nihit Gupta shares, “The legal profession has vast scope and is challenging due to changes in the law as per current practices in the world, regions, and countries. These characteristics of the profession make it an interesting field.”

He adds, “Moreover, law holds the highest position in the hierarchy of systems being followed in various countries and is also the most powerful organ in most countries. Professionals from other backgrounds can also pursue law, as this is one field which defines the contours of various professional set-ups and their activities in the country.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Nihit Gupta - Joint Partner - TPM  Solicitors  &amp;  Consultants</p></div>
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