Terabay: Establishing camaraderie with its customers by solving their problems and needs 



Sunila Ahuja - Director - Process and HR Practice

Terabay: Establishing camaraderie with its customers by solving their problems and needs 

Nowadays, we see assorted consulting companies claiming to be the solution providers of almost every sort of problems ranging from business expansion to Business Transformation. But at the end,these companies merely turn out to be advisors because of the paucity of real time solutions totheir clients' problems. This is where a seasoned consulting company places itself apart from crowd.

Terabay is one such company driven by client satisfaction, which works in accordance with its USP of solving problems rather than giving solutions. At Terabay the philosophy is very simple and it is about solving problems for their customerscreate a partnership. This is the biggest benefit that they offer to their customers, they don't just advise them and leave but work with them through the entire cycle and show them benefits and quantify the measure that are taken so that they see the benefits.

Terabayhas two major verticals, Business consulting and Process and HR consulting.

In Business Consulting they have a very robust portfolio in Telecom and IT industry where they help their customers find the best partners and suppliers for them to ensure that they get the best services at the most attractive prices. They also help them optimize the costs by finding the right solutions and also many times help to get solutions that they were looking for and were finding it difficult to get them.

Also Terabay has an established Process and HR consulting Practice where they have re-engineered the processes for many companies in their complete value chain and helped them correct the gaps and operate more efficiently.

They are also working with many organizations in fulfilling their learning and development needs by providing them outcome and intervention based programs.

Thus overall they have the skill set and expertise to help companies achieve their objectives and we participate in their journey and execute the same for them

Terabay has emergedas an admired Consulting Firmowing to its seasoned leadership under Mr. Anup Gupta, founder, who is having enriched experience of 18 years.

This colossal experience helps it cater to the needs of many foreign as well as Indian companies, which want to gain benefits from rapidly growing Indian economy.

Being a consulting organization and having a team of diverse individuals, it is privileged to have worked with some of the big organizations in India as well as global companies. It has a pool of talent and industry experts that work with it to ensure that it has the right people with the relevant experience working on a project. 

Differentiating Factors

The company has veteran consultants who have worked with market leaders for many years. Moreover, its principle of working as a co-partner with its clients places it apart from its peers. For the projects that it gets assigned with, it ensures that it remains there for the complete cycle. It strives to prove that whatever it commits is achievable. Also in a lot of cases, it has come up with a unique study named Gemba used basically to figure out the situation so that it could get the quantum of the problem. It offers them the right solution, which yields them the desired results. It is true to its proposition of being business catalyst and an organization, which helps clients deliver the expected business objectives.

The company has made a mark in the industry by letting its work speak for itself. By the goodwill and positive mouth publicity its clients have become its brand ambassadors.  The change that it brings to clients has delivered repeat businesses and increased its footprint. This is the driving force for the company and has been its success factor and it plans to rely on it for the future.

Converting challenges into good fortunes

The journey to excellence has been a challenging one. The company sees challenges as opportunities so that it could better itself to meet the needs of customers. Every project for the company is a challenge owing to its work profile where it works with different companies and sectors. Since there is no pre-defined standard and off the shelf services that can solve these challenges, it has to incorporate them and delve deep into the root cause and address them. It is able to face these with its unique methodology, which it has implemented over years, and with the right set of people having sufficient pool of experience and expertise. Overall, it needs to enhance itself every day to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers.

Today, in the challenging environment, companies are busy in mundane operations and often get stuck on how to build their business or bring improvements in the operations. Here, the company comes in handy to help businesses meet their crucial objectives. It helps them in; increasing revenue, decreasing costs, improving employee satisfactionand assistance in customer satisfaction. Amalgamation is also practiced many times to help customers in numerous ways such as; to expand to multiple geographies, helps to market new products or services and look at their current operations.

Milestones and Accolades

The company has been successful in retaining its customers and it gets repeat business from same client by means of word of mouth through satiated clients. It strongly believes in having happy and repeat customers. It has been successful in gaining this. Moreover, different magazines and journals for its work in the consulting and development fields have recognized the company.

Terabay sees a very healthy revenue growth rates and it is working hard to keep up to that on year-to-year basis. It will continue to focus on helping its customers and aims to expand its services into the emerging markets across geographies. With its rich experience, it has learnt to keep its future open to the needs of customers and the change it can bring to them and act accordingly. It doesn't define its future rather it lets its customers define it as is it is their objectives that it meets.


The company envisions of an organization which is admired by its customers as well as vendors for its values and the outcome being provided to them. It wants that the customers keep coming back to it with newer problems and challenges, which it is always happy to address.

Key Officials

Mr. Anup Gupta (Founder): Mr. Gupta has an extensive and rich experience of 18 years in nearly all areas of business and management which helped the company expand globally and penetrate into new geographies and markets. He served as the VP and Business Head for Africa and Europe in the global portfolio of Airtel where he was responsible for developing and executing strategy to maximize business profitability.

Mrs. Sunila Ahuja (Director-Process and HR Practice): Mrs. Ahuja is a National Six Sigma Award winner from Late Ex President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and has 17 years rich of experience in service, sales and manufacturing industry. She is a six Sigma Master Black Belt and has experience in the CRM, Process Re-engineering, SLA management and ERP implementation and Designing an implementing OD interventions etc.

Advice for young entrepreneurs

Mr. Gupta shared his valuable experience about entrepreneurship. He says, "There is no shortcut for success. If we need or want something to achieve then we have to work hard and ensure that we achieve it".

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