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Vikas Roongta - Founder & CEO - Lex Visas Pvt. Ltd.

Vikas Roongta - Founder & CEO - Lex Visas Pvt. Ltd.

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India is undergoing rapid transformation and evolution. In such a progressive contemporary landscape, Indian companies are asserting themselves with global ambitions. India is also attracting numerous foreign companies to establish a presence here. This dynamic environment requires corporate talent to frequently travel on business and work visas to and from India to the rest of the world. In such scenarios, it is imperative to have a service provider who will act as a single point of contact and conduct the whole process of immigration and relocation of employees without any hassle. One such notable visionary in this field is Lex Visas Private Limited.

Lex Visas: Your Work Visa Specialist for India

Lex Visas Pvt. Ltd., formerly known as Lexagent, was established in 2005 as an Indo-American Joint Venture with a vision to be the preferred partner for multinational companies relocating their employees to and from India. The journey began with their headquarters in Pune and over the years, the company has expanded its footprint and service offerings to major cities across India like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. They have forged robust partnerships with immigration lawyers and relocation management companies worldwide and are supported by a dedicated team of over 50 employees.

Driven by a clear vision, Lex Visas aims to simplify global relocations and ensure that corporate employees undergo seamless transitions, and achieve successful outcomes. They offer inbound and outbound work visa services, legal process outsourcing, customised housing and destination programs, along with a comprehensive suite of expat relocation and other allied solutions for the international corporate talent.

With personalised and high-quality services that adhere to ISO 9001:2015 standards, they are RERA certified and enjoy memberships in prestigious international associations like ERC, EuRA, and NAR. They pursue service excellence by continuously learning best practices from their global and local affiliations. Furthermore, their key team members are MIM certified which not only ensures credible service delivery to their clients but also high-quality and efficient assistance.

The Minds Behind Lex Visas:

Vikas Roongta: Founder and CEO

Vikas Roongta, the Founder and CEO of Lex Visas Pvt. Ltd., is the driving force behind the company’s vision, bringing a wealth of experience in marketing services, immigration technology, and relocation industry. Having spent six years in California and over 35 years in the service sector, he has established himself as a leader in cross-border mobility, gathering insights from travelling to over 25 countries.

I personally feel that my global experiences help me as a strategic thinker and planner. I am known for my practical and calm demeanour in times of crisis, and I am extremely meticulous. I like to be precise and efficient, and as a hands-on leader, I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and lead from the front.”

- Vikas Roongta

As an immigrant himself, Vikas understands the challenges of relocating to a new country. His family’s experiences inspired him to envision a professional agency that could serve as a friend, advisor, and facilitator for others settling abroad.

Drawing from his experience as Head of Business Development at INSZoom in the US, where he effectively marketed global immigration technology, Vikas recognised an entrepreneurial opportunity. Thus, his and his wife’s profound desire to run and own their business led to the establishment of Lex Visas Pvt. Ltd.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Preeti Roongta - Founder &amp; COO - Lex Visas Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>

Preeti Roongta - Founder & COO - Lex Visas Pvt. Ltd.

Preeti Roongta: Founder and COO – Immigration

Preeti Roongta, Founder and COO – Immigration at Lex Visas Pvt. Ltd., comes with over 30 years of diverse expertise, gained from working with multinational corporations worldwide. Her background in customer service, corporate training, global business development, expatriate management, and immigration law uniquely equips her to support international transferees and their families. With six years of hands-on experience in the United States, spanning placements, immigration, and relocation, Preeti seamlessly integrates local knowledge with a global outlook.

Preeti’s extensive collaboration with culturally diverse companies has honed her understanding of cultural differences, data protection, and expatriate needs. This expertise allows her to customise services and forge deeper connections globally. Additionally, her MIM Certification from Europe further solidifies her expertise and qualifies her team as a certified provider of Immigration and Destination Services.

As a recognised immigration expert with many chambers and associations, Preeti plays a vital role in guiding member companies through the complexities of ever-changing immigration laws and their implications on global assignments. Her leadership has garnered numerous awards, recognising her impactful contributions as a woman entrepreneur.

“I have maintained a steady presence as a distinguished panellist and speaker at numerous international forums, including EuRA, which is patronised by relocation & immigration providers across the globe.”

- Preeti Roongta

Unique Services

In the bustling arena of modern business, it’s imperative for organisations to carve out their own niches to flourish. Lex Visas recognises this need in the dynamic field of immigration and serves as a trusted partner for companies relocating employees to and from India, offering comprehensive services. From assessing eligibility to handling complex requirements like labour pre-approvals, certified translations, police clearance, and more, they provide precise expertise in every aspect.

What distinguishes Lex Visas is its holistic approach. They grasp the intricate relationships between home countries, host countries, and clients, providing services beyond essentials like corporate housing and expat relocation for a seamless transition. This commitment makes them a trusted partner for large corporations and global law firms.

To stay ahead, Lex Visas maintains memberships in industry associations, actively engages in international conferences, and taps into a global network of immigration lawyers across 50+ countries to ensure updated services for clients.

Navigating Challenges

Challenges are an integral part of the journey to success, and Lex Visas’ journey is no exception. They have encountered their own set of obstacles and emerged victorious. One significant challenge in the realm of Work Visas is coordination with multiple agencies in both the home and host countries. Even the slightest delay or failure by a single agency can disrupt the timely relocation of an employee, thus affecting the entire project. However, Lex Visas’ comprehensive service delivery ensures smooth collaboration among various agencies and provides single-point accountability for their clients.

Future Growth

Lex Visas expects positive changes in immigration, with rising demand for work visas between India and other countries due to factors like political stability and the “Make in India” initiative. Indian corporate houses are taking their business international while global companies are shifting their base out of China due to availability of skilled workforce in India. As the countries protect the local labour market, the complexities in immigration processes is likely to lead to industry consolidation. Lex Visas as an industry leader is excited about the future of competent and organised service providers.

In line with its vision for growth, Lex Visas has transitioned to a larger commercial space equipped with top-notch facilities and infrastructure. Furthermore, they are poised to launch new offerings, like legal process outsourcing, employer of record services, and global corporate housing services. These additions aim to simplify client interactions with a unified approach. With a stronger digital presence and strategic offline efforts, Lex Visas is poised to reach its ambitious objectives.

Words of Wisdom

Advising future entrepreneurs, the duo asserts, “Immigration is intense and demanding. Your actions can make or break someone’s life and career. Therefore, it is important to acquire good knowledge and offer correct advice about the country that you wish to support. You have to be passionate about what you do. While the journey might seem challenging at first, there are good rewards and respect in the end.”

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