How to Get Job in Multinational Company in India

How to Get Job in Multinational Company in India

Getting a job in any multinational company is a dream for many Indian aspirants. They all put their efforts to succeed but only a few succeed in their initial attempts and others require a few more trials.

Working at an MNC is a great experience since you get to learn a lot, enhance your skills, learn to work in teams, and progress in your career. Besides, a lot of MNCs provide fun activities at campus, have some awesome facilities employees can make use of such as gaming areas, gyms, etc.

In this post, we will go through all the requirements that a candidate should fill before going to seek a job opportunity in any multinational company.

First, understand about MNCs

What is MNC Company?

MNC stands for Multi-national Company that locates in more than one country. These corporations need to follow the minimum criteria of some guidelines:

  • Their employee strength should not be very low.
  • Every person should be properly skilled.
  • The organization should be able to provide some minimum facilities to an employee like transportation, snacks and some festival bonanzas.
  • The company should have a good and settled infrastructure.
  • Also, the company should be able to maintain some basic safety precautions.

Eligibility Criteria

Now, let's explore answers on how to get a job in a multinational company in India.

 First of all, there are some eligibility criteria you have to satisfy in order to get a job in an MNC. In 2011-2012, these companies kept 60% marks in student education background as the cutoff. For a few companies, it was extended to 65, 70 and 75 also. Now, it is going high with every passing year.

You should have a minimum % of 60 or greater than that throughout the career- 10, +2, graduation and post-graduation without backlogs or arrears to eligible for the placements in MNC companies in India.

Most of the MNCs take around 50% based upon the requirement and position.

You should have completed your study on time

For example- B.Tech/BE- 4 years

Degree/+3- 3 years

So to ensure your entry in an MNC, you have to get more and more marks. Another major you need to focus on is on standing errors. It would be better if you clear all the subjects.

Written Test

The next step in the selection process is the written test. Under this test, the technical and aptitude skills of candidates are tested. Here, every company has its own set rules. Some companies prefer digital tests, while some go for the paper-based company. Companies having large employee requirements go for multiple-choice type question papers. Some even take test paper in a descriptive manner as well.

Technical Interview

Many students lose their chances during the technical phase; even smart students take a few trails to pass this.

Once you clear your written test, start preparing for the technical term. Start memorizing the definitions of your subjects. Since the interview is conducted at most for 30 minutes, you must have a short and to the point answer. It is better not to drag interviews in the topic deeply because they are experts and they are able to go to any level if their ego is hurt but provide an important and clear answer

HR Interview

After you clear the Technical Interview, you will be processed for the HR interview. Take this interview as you are at the door of the company and now HR managers will decide where to allow you into the organization or not. HR Manager checks only whether your suits for the company or not. Sometimes it would be a tougher one than the Technical Interview.

In the HR round, make sure not to give arrogant and complicated answers. Make sure to maintain a pleasant smile on your face.

Additional Point

Apart from these interviews, you also need to prepare your resume properly. See, in all these phases interviewers ask questions only from the resume, so take care of it. Do not place anything that you do not know on the resume. Try to limit your resume to two pages. Do not use complete capital letters, or bold, italic. Be clear at the objective; prepare a good statement for it. This statement should not drag you into problems and it should improve your chances.

This is the complete process in brief for those who are dreaming to work in an MNC. We hope this post will guide you through the entire process of how to get a job in a multinational company in India. If you have any doubt or question or you have something to share under this process, let us know in the comment section below, we will be glad to include your point.

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