Dr. R Lakshmi Priya: The CEO Shaping Destinies in Publishing Industry

By Shrikant Pandey
Dr. R Lakshmi Priya: The CEO Shaping Destinies in Publishing Industry
Dr. R Lakshmi Priya

Publishing is an industry that is a tough nut to crack - both as a publisher and a writer. Most of us have stories to tell and we probably do pen them down. But the search for the right publisher is a nightmare for the uninitiated. Following the submission process, waiting for weeks, sometimes months for a word from them and then finally receiving the dreaded pink slip is the cause of anxiety and depression for numerous budding writers. It is at this juncture that PachydermTales, the Creative Writers’ heaven for publications steps right in.

Founded in June 2020, when the world was in the grips of an unprecedented lockdown because of the Novel Coronavirus, by Dr. R Lakshmi Priya, the golden Mantra of the Consultancy is “Everyone has a story to tell”. PachydermTales promises that every writer, amateur to the Professional is offered creative help to get their narratives transformed into books (of both the physical and digital kind) which eventually find their ways into bookshelves. A year later, PachydermTales, in association especially with Ukiyoto has come out with more than hundred titles in presumably every genre of fiction and poetry and in diverse languages like English, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati and Nepali amongst others.

It has been an exciting first year for PachydermTales. Dr Priya has gone for aggressive expansion and has signed MOU’s with several Universities throughout the globe. The USP she banks on is very simple “Let every individual have the unrestricted freedom to get their stories to find ways to their own niche audience. At the time of writing this article, Dr Priya is on the verge of forging a US based collaboration. Partnerships in The Netherlands, Oman and Nigeria are already in her kitty. Negotiations for Corporate space in Singapore and the EU are currently on.

What started as a One Woman dream for millions has now expanded into a Jumbo Clan consisting of Ten core members who work around the clock to make many a publishing passion come true. Student Interns from various countries eagerly contribute to the growth of this Initiative and in the process gather experience and Certificates that help them get placements in the Media Industry. A typical working day for Dr Priya and COO Ms Uma sees them answer hundreds of calls from people seeking all kinds of Consultancy help ranging from editing, translation to publishing and they are always eager to oblige.

Dr Priya is a jet age individual who prefers to call the world her home. She is a published poet and translator. She also believes in addressing the future writers and conducts many Workshops on Creative writing for students. These workshops fuel the creative spirit in young minds and catapult them into the Writing sphere. As a young woman entrepreneur she has definitely helped shape the destinies of many individuals.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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