Success Lessons from Virat Kohli

Success Lessons from Virat Kohli

Success Lessons from Virat Kohli

Pulkit Sharma || The CEO Magazine

Virat Kohli is known to be the best modern-era batsman; therefore, he is addressed as a legend in Indian cricket.  Well, nothing was given to him; he earned everything with his dedication, hard work, passion and love for the game. Not many people become an inspiration at the age of 31 but Virat Kohli is an inspiring personality to every young boy or girl who wants to achieve greatness in their life. There is a lot to learn from him and his lifestyle. On Virat Kohli's 31st birthday we present you 5 success lessons you can learn from his life and apply in your life as well.

  1. Never Give Up Attitude

One thing which has helped Virat Kohli to reach success is his never give up attitude. He fights till the last ball of the match for his nation and his team. He is the reason why every current player in the Indian cricket team has a fighting attitude. He believed in fighting for the win instead of losing hope and giving up early.

  1. Leading from the Front

Since Virat Kohli was named as the captain of Indian cricket team, his game sense and level of performance increased dramatically. This is the sign of a true leader. Under the leadership of Virat Kohli, team India is ranked on first position in every format. Every young boy or girl should develop a sense of responsibility if they are willing to become a great leader one day in their respective field.

  1. Never Back Down Mindset

Being a typical Delhi boy, Virat Kohli doesn't know how to back down from a fight. During early 2000, Indian team used to get bullied by teams like Australia, England and South Africa but since Kohli began playing regular international cricket he started giving back to them. This is the reason why Team India is at a dominant position in world cricket now.

  1. Self-motivated work ethics

Being successful is never easy and if you are willing to achieve greatness you have to pay the price first. It all depends on your hunger to succeed and the price for this has always been self-discipline and your work ethics.

One of the biggest factors in the success of Virat Kohli was his extreme self-discipline through his rigorous work ethic. When Kohli made his debut in the Indian cricket team he looked like a spoiled brat but after the 2011 world cup win, he channelized his raw aggression and anger into a well-disciplined mindset which is required to be the best in the game. It might sound extremely difficult but once you get used to it you will have unlimited benefits.

  1. Undying passion and will power

Passion might sound like a fancy word, but if you want to understand the real meaning of passion look how Virat Kohli plays a game. He proved his will power and passion when he came to bat after the death of his father and played a match-saving knock of 90 against Karnataka in Ranji Trophy.

If you are passionate about what you do, nothing can stop you from achieving greatness. There is always a way. One thing which every young boy and girl should keep in mind that when you blend your passion with undying will power you become unstoppable.

We have only seen Virat playing on the field but not his training which he does off the field. Greatness will always come for a price and if you are willing to pay that price than success will follow you. On his 31st birthday, we wish Virat Kohli more success and more happiness and we hope that he keeps on inspiring us.

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