Vyakta bridges the Gap between Demand and Supply offering skill development programs in India

Vyakta bridges the Gap between Demand and Supply offering skill development programs in India

Founded by Mr. Ashish Kumar Jha, a business strategist and journalist, Vyakta has positioned itself strongly among the learning and development organizations. Vyakta is a leading provider of learning and development solutions to large and medium business organizations. The organization design, deliver and evaluate a comprehensive range of learning and development solutions to service both employers and employees and their individual needs. Vyakta designs specialised learning programs that link with the clients' business needs.

Speaking to The CEO Magazine, Mr. Jha said, "We believe that a meaningful work life is a key to social prosperity. When we have a work life worth living, we truly contribute to a better tomorrow. And 'enablement' is the greatest way to add value to anyone's life."

"On the other hand, Vyakta believes that the key lever in any business strategy of the future would be the people. With other factors such as technology and financial resources becoming a level playing field, business organisations will find their competitive advantage in engaged workforces and culture, he added."

Vyakta establishes the most effective support required for all learning services and ensures that its clients access the most professional standards of delivery, flexibility and customer service to enhance their competitive edge including support for vocational learning in throughout the nation.  Courses are developed at different levels, tailored specifically to address the existing and on-going educational/business / performance expectations of an organization and include:

  • Mastering English Communication for Technical and Sales Professionals.
  • Executive Communication Coaching.
  • Behavioural Communication Coaching.
  • Leadership Communication Development Program.

Vyakta believes that employees are the backbone of any organization but recruiting a team of skilled people is a herculean task. On behalf of their clients throughout the country, Vyakta took the onus to ease their burden by unflinching commitment of providing skilled and talented people to their clients. Vyakta provides a unique way of training program wherein it offers one to one coaching programs. The organization's programs are not limited to only classrooms bur are blended with one to one coaching sessions to ensure that the learning is translated to 'on ground' change. Vyakta is dedicated towards Target Bound where it doesn't care of tenure of the programs and it continues programs till the end or make the people understand properly. Its deliverables are set as measurable change.

Vyakta is a well-known training organization in the country and it has won several awards for research papers in the space of learning strategies. One of the notable papers was 'Lifting the Karna's Curse' written and presented by Mr. V Kishore Kumar, a partner at Vyakta. On the basis of its remarkable efforts, Vyakta was ranked among the 10 fastest growing HR Solutions providers by a leading magazine in India

Mr. Ashish Kumar Jha chats with Abhishek Dubey, Editor Associate at The CEO Magazine

Abhishek (TCM): What kind of services does Vyakta provide?

Ashish: Vyakta works in the people space of business strategy. The services range from designing learning programs for capability development to advising businesses on what people strategy would align best with the business goals.

Our learning programs in communication, behaviour and leadership are well received by many reputed organizations such as L&T, Asian Paints, and Sun Pharma…

Abhishek (TCM): Which strategies are followed by the team of Vyakta to stay competent continuously in the HR industry?

Ashish: Vyakta embraces the culture of result oriented work environment. The team at Vyakta is driven by the values of care for the learner and rigour in learning. We invest significantly in the development of our own people. Our strategy involves hiring only those people who share our value system, who are committed to their own development as professionals and are unafraid in adopting innovative approaches to solution design.

We build long term interventions interspersed with personal coaching to ensure that the learning transcends to habit change in individuals. We apply the principles of learning strategies and data analytics to build rigorous models relevant to each individual's needs.

The team enjoys high levels of autonomy and is encouraged to be result focussed.

At the client end, we commit to end results and offering differentiated learning programs. Our clients engage us to tackle some of their unique and complex problems that cannot be solved by conventional methods. We build a few relationships at a time and invest in nurturing it so that our solutions truly add value to their business.

Abhishek (TCM): What are the key values which helped you to overcome the roadblocks/challenges company faced during the establishment?

Ashish: The two most important values have been – care for the learner and rigour in learning. Every time we were faced with roadblocks or challenges, we went back to the drawing board with the commitment that we cannot give up on someone who has entrusted us with her development.

Abhishek (TCM): Where is Vyakta going on? What excites you about the future?

Ashish: Vyakta is excited about becoming technology enabled to expand the scope and reach of the offerings. The new learning application will further personalise the learning needs. We are working towards building technology solutions that would not just improve the execution of L&T initiatives, but will also inform the decisions made towards investments, selection of right partners and staying on course with the rapidly changing external environment.

Abhishek (TCM): What benefit your clients are getting from Vyakta?

Ashish: Our high levels of customer loyalty have been a result of absolute commitment to end results. Unlike most other companies in this space, Vyakta takes full ownership of the development of the people. Our team continuously engages with the client to gauge client satisfaction levels. We share the insights from our in house research in learning strategies, which is helpful to them even beyond the scope of our engagement.

Let's know more about Mr. Ashish Jha

Ashish Kumar Jha, founder of Vyakta, is a journalism graduate. He started his career as a news reporter with the Indian Express in New Delhi and later worked with The Statesman in Kolkata. Ashish switched to being a coach in pursuit for an opportunity to shape the lives of unemployed youth by enabling them to find gainful employment.

In 2009, he started working with corporate organisations and his early success with companies like L&T laid the foundation for starting Vyakta in 2010. He was further trained at ISB, Hyderabad through their executive courses in Strategy and Business.

Ashish is an avid reader. He believes that making people more capable to pursue their dreams makes not just good business sense, but also contributes towards an inclusive and progressive society.

Vyakta's Team

The team at Vyakta operates on mature adult principles. The young, predominantly women oriented team's passion is evident in the high levels of customer loyalty. Unencumbered of conventional rules and structure, the team is driven by the values of 'care for the learner' and 'rigor in execution'.

Operating in a 'result oriented work environment' the team enjoys unparalleled levels of autonomy. People have the flexibility to operate from anywhere anytime.

Quotes by people of Vyakta:

V Kishore Kumar (Business Partner at Vyakta): "Vyakta offers me a platform to achieve my self-actualization goal — to help manager-leaders become more effective in their work place and thereby enjoy their lives."

Pratishtha Saxena – "Since your growth is directly proportional to your own development, the only person you are competing with is yourself. It greatly helps in fostering a culture of cooperation and collaboration."

Payal Vig – "Travel, food, cultures, people – the exposure I get in my role is immense. My wanderlust is fed by our expanding footprint and as a young professional, I get ringside view to decision making at the highest levels."

Ashish and Rashmi – "We are fortunate to have found a common passion. Our shared vision is to build an organisation that is remembered for excellence in enabling professionals to find meaning in their worklife."

Prerana Khokhale – "The learners respect the fact that you care for their development and partner with them on their learning journey. It motivates them to put in extra effort to achieve the desired levels of change."

Rutuja Kadam – "Our mantra is, 'When in doubt, do it'. At Vyakta, being creative, even if you make mistakes, is better then playing it safe."

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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