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Suborna Dalui - CEO

Established in 2018,  GlobalStead Consultants is one of the leading names in the recruitment industry. It provides top-notch talent acquisition services to businesses struggling to find the right people for their organisations.

With its outstanding talent acquisition capabilities, especially in niche fields, and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, GlobalStead has achieved remarkable success and gained widespread recognition in the industry.

Their extensive client base includes over 50 prominent Fortune 1000 companies across diverse sectors such as IT, automobiles, logistics, manufacturing, infrastructure, electrical, and many more.

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The Lady Behind The GlobalStead Consultants

Suborna  Dalui, CEO, GlobalStead Consultants

With 15+ years of experience in the recruiting industry, Suborna Dalui possesses an in-depth knowledge of the hiring process.

Passionate about connecting exceptional candidates with the right job opportunities, she has helped numerous clients ranging from small startups to prestigious companies, in recruiting and managing top talent for their organisations. 

She has an in-depth understanding of her clients’ needs and excels in finding candidates with the required skills and experience that fit well within their company culture.

She is highly dedicated to maintaining professionalism, transparency and ethical conduct in all her business dealings. As the CEO of GlobalStead Consultants, she aims to help her clients find the best candidates for their organisations while providing an exceptional candidate experience. 

The  Multi-Faceted  Role  Of  Suborna  Dalui

Recognising the gap in the market for a recruitment firm that truly focused on understanding clients’ needs and providing tailored solutions to their recruitment challenges led Suborna to establish GlobalStead in 2018. 

Suborna plays a multi-faceted role in the company. She is the one who sets the overall strategic direction of GlobalStead Consultants, including developing new business opportunities and identifying areas for growth.

Before providing candidates to the company, Suborna reviews candidates’ resumes and interviews them to confirm that they meet standards and are also the best for the clients. 

She ensures that GlobalStead Consultants continues to provide exceptional service to clients and remains at the forefront of the executive search industry.

Balancing Innovation And Integrity

Being the CEO of a recruitment firm, innovation and integrity hold a special place for Suborna Dalui. Where innovation helps stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible services to customers. At the same time, integrity ensures that the company remains ethical and professional during business dealings.

“Balancing innovation and integrity is key to building long-term relationships with clients and candidates and delivering exceptional results,”


Exploring The Opportunities And Challenges  Of Entrepreneurship

Suborna considers socialising and networking with a wide range of people and making meaningful connections her favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur.

Networking plays an important role in recruiting business, where she can meet new people and help them achieve their goals. But, at the same time, being the CEO of a recruiting firm, there are several challenges too, that she has to deal with.

Reflecting on her journey as an entrepreneur, Suborna acknowledges that they should have focused more on creating an online presence in digital marketing. She shares,

“Having a strong online presence in today’s digital world plays a crucial role in achieving success in business. Also, staying ahead of the curve and adapting to the changes in the job market and industry is one of the biggest challenges, I have to deal with. The Covid-19 pandemic also came with its own challenges, but it also taught the importance of resilience and the need to be prepared for unexpected challenges”.

To overcome these challenges while continuing to thrive, she emphasises embracing change and being agile. Furthermore, she also adapted to the new reality by investing in technology and training the team of GlobalStead Consultants to work remotely. This adaptation has allowed the firm to continue providing excellent service to clients and candidates while keeping everyone safe.

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Unveiling The Strategies And Success

Suborna attributes the firm’s success to its high number of satisfied clients who refer the company to their colleagues and industry contacts. As a result, GlobalStead Consultants has established itself as a preferred vendor among Tier 1 clients.

For Suborna, the key to success is helping clients and candidates achieve their goals and build successful careers and organisations. She is driven by a desire to positively impact people’s lives and help them reach their full potential.

“To be a successful entrepreneur, one must have persistence, adaptability, competence, and risk-taking ability. Having a clear vision, strategy, and ability to build a strong team, continual self-improvement, and being open to learning and adapting to the changing marketplace are also crucial aspects of a successful entrepreneur.”


What Makes GlobalStead Consultants Stand  Out

Having an exceptional team, fast turnaround time (2 business days maximum), and commitment to providing individual attention to each client helps GlobalStead Consultants stand out among others.

As a growing company, the firm prioritises every client and delivers the highest level of service and value to clients and candidates, including optimising the recruitment process, expanding their network, acquiring new clients, leveraging technology, developing team members, and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

They take pride in delivering high-quality resumes and strong follow-up throughout the entire recruitment process. As a leader, Suborna strives to exceed the expectations of her clients and candidates every day. 

With a willingness to take calculated risks and a commitment to continuous improvement, she approaches challenges positively, viewing them as opportunities to learn and grow. 

“Embracing fear has allowed me to hone my skills and excel in my role. Maintaining open communication with my team and staying informed on industry trends and best practices are keys to navigating any obstacles that arise.”


Words Of Wisdom

Suborna Dalui is a strong advocate for empowering women in the recruitment industry. Her belief that women with recruitment skills and experience can succeed despite family obligations has led to the establishment of GlobalStead Consultants, which creates opportunities for women and promotes diversity and inclusivity in the workforce. 

Suborna shares her advice for young entrepreneurs: “Build a great team; no one can ever make success alone, so having a great team will significantly contribute to reinforcing your success”. She also quotes Swami Vivekananda, “Do one thing at a time, and while doing it, put your soul into it to the exclusion of all else”.

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