Cornucopia: Strengthening the Workforce through the Unparalleled HR Solutions

Cornucopia: Strengthening the Workforce through the Unparalleled HR Solutions

Cornucopia: Strengthening the Workforce through the Unparalleled HR Solutions

Evidence reveals that the companies that are best at delivering customers value and have long-term relationships are the ones with the well-managed HR processes. But the complexities behind catering to the human resources prove distracting and difficult for the in-house team. At this stage, companies want their HR team to concentrate on achieving their business goals and not get tumbled-down by repetitive administrative or non-strategic duties. Here, an expert solution and a professional touch is the best choice to cast that cumbersome administrative load off from the shoulders of employees and enhance the quality of the workforce.

Cornucopia carries a comprehensive set of HR solutions; its multi-process services break the unseen walls between employer and employees and support companies in addressing their needs. Cornucopia was established in the year 2001 in Bangalore with special focus on "providing people-centric business solutions" for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large organizations.

Present-day, Cornucopia has operations in India, South and South East Asia with over 250 clients. It has accomplished this success through powerful technology and proactive global service delivery. As the founders are eminent HR professionals, it was only fitting that Cornucopia would provide HR services to organizations. The company does numerous HR activities covering the entire spectrum of Management to HR solutions and enable organizations to focus on optimizing their people strategy.   Cornucopia is mainly focused on the Pharma industry but, it is also working for diverse industry verticals including Engineering, Garments, Logistics, Real Estate, IT, etc.

Service Portfolio: Bridging the Gap between Employer and Employee

Cornucopia provides the entire gamut of HR Services to clients. Its service portfolio includes Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Organisation Development, Employee Engagement, and HR services.

People are the critical asset of an organization, and the challenge that organizations face today is the skill level and capability of its critical resource. Cornucopia acts as a viaduct between the employer and employee by bridging this gap through its custom-built programs and initiatives for fresher and tenured employees. Cornucopia works with the organization and employees to create a seamless and conducive work environment.

Differentiating Factors     

  • There is a team of proficient professionals who hold years of experience in HR domain. Hence, they understand the industry and its challenges well and can provide the appropriate customized solutions to the clients.
  • The Cornucopia understands the various challenges and its nuances and interprets them and provides appropriate business solutions.
  • Last but not the least, Cornucopia is built on the foundation of its Core Values – Integrity, Transparency, Concern for People and Deliver as Promised which is the hallmark of the delivery and execution of projects.

Key Points to Define an Organization as a Top Employer

In a world that is a global village and dominated by technology, an organization that is able to align its employees to its vision and create a work environment where all people are engaged and understand the organization's vision and work together can be defined as a top organization.

Major Challenges of HR industry

Again, today's businesses and business models are very different from those of the yester years. With technology advancing at the speed of light the challenges faced by HR are quite different. Some of them are given below:

  • Compliance
  • Start-Up Culture
  • Managing the varied workforce
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Building Organizational Capability
  • AI & Decision Making
  • Managing Talent

Team and Area of Expansion

Here, there is a blend of experience and fairly newbies consultants. All of them come with experience of having worked in organizations – both Indian and multinational which gives them the edge in understanding the needs of the client.

"We expanded to Talent Acquisition about a year ago. We have also geographically expanded to include Hyderabad. We have plans to further build and strengthen the Talent Management, Organization Development, and HR Services verticals," proclaims the Director of Cornucopia, Vinod Sreedharan. 

Maintaining Trust among Client

Vinod elaborates, "by following our Core Values of Integrity, Concern for People, Transparency and Deliver as Promised in our interactions with our clients and execution of the projects, we have built and maintained trust with our clients. This is reflected in the customer satisfaction scores and repeat projects that we get as a result of our engagement with the clients".

Major Trends and Tools, shaping Human Resource departments

As mentioned earlier, the transition to newer business models, adapting to and adopting technology in the various HR systems and processes will be crucial over the next five years for HR. HR needs to be a "business" partner in the true sense of the word if as a function it wants to add value to the business.

Milestones and Achievements

"We recently managed an Employee Engagement Survey for a client where over 8000 employees spread across distant geographies had to provide feedback. The entire survey was completed using technology and was well appreciated by the clients," Vinod proudly says.

"We have also conducted Campus to Corporate programs for a large pharma MNC where freshers underwent a rigorous two weeks program to prepare them to take on the role of Medical Representatives. At the end of two weeks, freshers developed into young, self-confident, knowledgeable employees, raring to go into the field and give their seniors a run for their money", he added.

Road Ahead

The whole team of Cornucopia believes in providing employees opportunities to learn, raise their hands to take on projects and give them the freedom to do their work – all done in an environment that is transparent and helps build trust and ownership. And, it will be following the same strategy in the coming days.

Words of Wisdom

Define your core values – i.e. what does your company stand for and what would make your employees proud to be associated with the organisation, leverage technology to build efficiency and value for your clients; deliver as promised… because at the end of the day – client needs to see ROI in terms of increased productivity, happy and engaged employees!

The Building Force

N. Ahmedali

Managing Director

N. Ahmedali is the Managing Director of Corncopia. He has over 30 years of Human Resources Management experience in India and the Asia Pacific. Prior to his heading Cornucopia, he was the Regional HR Director – the Asia Pacific, GSK, based in Singapore. Ahmedali has headed networks and associations like Bangalore Chamber of Industries and Commerce, National HRD Network – Bangalore Chapter, EFSI, CII HRD Committee, etc.

Mohd. Moiz Dawar


Mohd. Moiz Dawar is one of the strongest pillars of the company; he holds strong 18 years of work experience with Companies like Apotex, Aurobindo Pharma, Taj Software and Global Softech Inc., in Human Resource space across geographies covering Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, Organisation Development and related areas of the employee life cycle at the operational and strategic level. Moiz has an MBA in Human Resources from Osmania University, Hyderabad and a PGCHRM from XLRI, Jamshedpur.

Vinod Sreedharan


Vinod Sreedharan began his entrepreneurial career as Director with Cornucopia.  With his constant dedication and remarkable work, Vinod Sreedharan has created a place for himself as a credible HR professional in the industry. Presently, he holds over 28 years of enriching experience in organizational behaviour, talent acquisition, management development, etc.

Before Corncopia, Vinod has held HR Leadership roles in numerous companies like TVS Group; AstraZeneca, Tata Infotech Ltd. He has been honoured by "TOP 100 HR PROFESSIONALS" and "MOST INNOVATIVE HR LEADERS" awards by World HRD Congress. Vinod holds certifications in Harrison Assessments. Besides, he is a certified recruiter from Carleton University in association with Middle Earth Consultants.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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