Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Real Estate

Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Real Estate

Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Real Estate

Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Real Estate

Real estate software assists real estate agents in managing their business connections with customers, suppliers, and coworkers.

Management of real estate is difficult. Property management software is required due to the sheer amount of data and transactions to be handled. 

Real estate enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is used to manage rental housing, hotels, real estate builders, and other property management-related businesses. 

When it comes to managing real estate portfolios, real estate enterprise resource planning (ERP) software must satisfy the demands of property owners and managers.

The software facilitates this objective by simplifying sales and renting activities. 

The program serves as a virtual assistant, enabling users to manage properties and analyze a substantial quantity of data to operate lucrative real estate company management software. 

What is real estate software?

Real estate software enables the administration and monitoring of all real estate processes, including project planning, stakeholder management, and budgeting, among others.

Real estate ERP software aids in the management of a property portfolio. It guarantees total control over your funds, prospects, sales, purchases, projects, and engineering. 

Individual realtors and real estate organizations that need to monitor cash flow and offer individualized client service might greatly profit from real estate software. 

Here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 ERP software companies for real estate, along with a summary of each. 

All of the organizations listed here provide software solutions of the highest quality that may be used to enhance the business operations of real estate business management software.

The Top 10 ERP Software for Real Estate Companies

List of the Top Ten Most Preferred Real Estate (ERP) Enterprise Resource Software

Astral Construction and Real Estate 

Astral Construction and Real Estate System is a platform that enables users to manage all organizational data on a single platform.

It offers a one-stop solution for managing projects, payments, and monitoring activity occurring at various levels.

A great deal of study and thinking goes into determining how the interface of your program's interface would best allow its users to be efficient and productive in achieving their task-based objectives. 

Not only will the user interface appear attractive, but it will also provide an excellent user experience. 

Your application will be developed using the most recent technology to be quick and efficient in your existing working environment. 

Extensive testing is conducted to guarantee the quality of your application.

The Astral Construction Management Software features CRM Analytics, Document Management, Email Integration, Email Marketing/SMS Marketing, Expense Management, Project Management, Supplier and Purchase Order Management, Task Management, Lead Management, Contact Management, Inventory Control, Billing System, Invoices, Milestone Tracking, etc.


  • The system is user-friendly.

  • Multiple locations were administered from headquarters.

  • Inventory tracking is simplified, and project monitoring in terms of daily activities is facilitated.


No Cons! It is flawless!

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What is ERP Software?

Binary Real Estate Resource Planning Software

Real estate is the most complex and volatile subject, requiring extensive knowledge of market policies, government laws, market rates, etc.

To have a complete awareness of the issues surrounding real estate and to be able to make sound judgments is not something that can be said of everyone. 

On the other hand, Binary Real Estate ERP is a piece of software that is used in the real estate industry. It accommodates both forms of payment. It comes with features such as customization and compatibility for mobile devices. Desktop platforms are supported by the Binary Real Estate ERP application. 


  • Binary Real Estate is user-friendly.

  • Multiple locations were administered from headquarters.

  • Inventory tracking is simplified, and project monitoring in terms of daily activities is facilitated.


No Cons! It is flawless!

Strategy ERP

Strategic ERP's corporate software automation solutions use its unique artificial intelligence technology to produce bespoke enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions. 

The centralized cloud-based solutions are accessible at any time and from any device. 

Real estate, infrastructure, manufacturing, power and energy, ceramics, and government enterprises have chosen Strategic ERP's highly customized ERP systems. 

Using modularized and unique technology developed by IITians, Strategic ERP offers a comprehensive business software solution designed to meet the requirements of the real estate and infrastructure industries.


  • Data tracking becomes significantly simpler.

  • Enhancement of Sales Productivity

  • Enhanced sales win rate.

  • Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction

  • It is completely configurable to the core, and they provide excellent services and effective reporting.


  • The software is quite sluggish when numerous tabs are open.

  • The user interface is difficult for non-technical users.


T3 CRM for Real Estate is an industry-specific software with extensive capabilities. The built-in procedure at each level of the modules makes it simpler for real estate users to advance to the next level of the cycle.

Accounting software, Case Management, CRM & Sales Dashboards, CRM & Sales Reports, Customer Support, and Document Management are some of its features. 

Email/SMS Marketing, Inventory Management, Invoicing, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, and Project Management.

Management of suppliers and purchase orders, surveys, territories, opportunities, etc.


  • Very functionally dense.

  • It may be tailored to your particular industry's goods.


No Negatives!!!

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Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Retail

Oasys ERP

Real estate enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that offers the construction sector comprehensive project management, document and record management, scheduling, searching capability, and workflow. 

Software for property management ensures optimal efficiency through monitoring, maintenance, and assistance. 

OASIS is a configurable enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Utilized mostly in the retail, manufacturing, and professional services industries, this system is tailored to the company's exact demands. 

The OASIS suite may be bought as a whole as a unified ERP system or separately as individual components. 

It provides apps to assist in managing different aspects of your company's management software, including human resource management, customer relationship management, and business intelligence. 

Among these applications are marketing and sales automation, financial accounting, and supplier management, among others. 

This system is accessible through the Mac and Windows platforms, as well as the iPad and all mobile devices.

OASIS should be on the shortlist of systems to examine for firms seeking a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to handle the day-to-day duties of their business management software.


  • The program is pretty user-friendly, and the support is excellent.

  • Simple to use tools.

  • It can automatically manage discounts and menu changes.


  • It is not installable on servers.

  • It is difficult to get insight into since few individuals in this area routinely use it.


ORION Enterprise is a dynamic enterprise resource planning platform that enables enterprises to combine different teams, functions, processes, and technologies. 

3i Infotech is a multinational IT firm dedicated to empowering business transformation. 

3i Infotech's Orion Enterprise application is a dynamic enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that allows businesses to easily integrate diverse teams, roles, processes, and systems.

Orion ERP is a comprehensive, cloud-based, and cost-effective industrial solution for growing and mid-sized companies.

With instant access to dashboards and analytics, it enables organizations to optimize their business software processes and make educated choices. 


  • Monitoring hardware may be used to monitor more than 4,000 servers.

  • Due to the capabilities given, network monitoring is primarily for large, siloed organizations.

  • Various application monitoring features are available for experimentation.


  • To do core tasks, you will need additional equipment.

  • Instead of doing MSAs or SOWs, it accepts the EULA and pays for the items.

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Top 10 ERP Software for Manufacturing Companies


Deskera is a cloud-based, comprehensive platform for accounting software, payroll, CRM, and other property management-related duties. 

It enables all sizes of real estate organizations to automate procedures and satisfy consumer demands. The program can accommodate a large consumer base and provide prompt service. 

Deskera is best suited for the manufacturing, distribution, trading, construction, and engineering sectors. It is mostly concerned with nooks, sales, and people. 

Users may handle invoices, purchase orders, charts of accounts, custom fields, and online collections using Deskera.

It facilitates the management of transaction phases, roles, pipelines, dashboards, and sales offer contracts. 


  • Communicate with your customers at every level of the sales funnel using customized messages.

  • Contact management entails gathering information and planning outreach to increase conversion rates.

  • Using the UI and document flows, users may handle the whole order and sales cycle, from quote to payment.

  • Reports: It offers tech-enabled inventory and invoicing management with financial and accounting tools and reports that facilitate decision-making.


The learning curve is high.


Elinext is an enterprise resource planning software (ERP) platform that can be configured for real estate businesses. It is enterprise resource planning software (ERP) that helps company management software handle massive data volumes. 

Elinext makes it possible for businesses to meet their specific requirements by either creating new ERP systems from scratch or integrating software from a third party. 

Pros of Elinext

  • With improved sales and marketing operations, ROI is increased.

  • Performance management: Manage the performance of your real estate agents regardless of their location.

  • Enhances decision-making: Make well-considered business management software judgments based on accurate analytical data.

  • It analyzes cash flow, profit, and loss data to provide insightful financial insights.

Cons of Elinext

  • The implementation needs a little more time.

  • increased acquisition and updating expenses.

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Top 10 ERP Software Companies in USA

Farvision ERP

The main product of Gamut Infosystems Ltd. is the Farvision ERP system. It delivers solutions for the real estate and construction sectors through the cloud. 

With mobile devices, users may handle procurement, supply chain, materials, human resource software, and financials at any time, from anywhere. Additionally, it allows the management of contractors and inventories.

It facilitates decision-making by displaying information snippets in real time to management. It has a staff of specialists that are prepared to handle consumer issues.

More than 400 customers use Farvision ERP across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the UAE. 

Infrastructure, facility management, HRMS, real estate, construction, and property management are its specialties. 

It contains capabilities to address each phase of development, including rental renewal process maintenance, rent collection, invoicing, and more.

 Farvision ERP is an outstanding product. It is very beneficial to real estate and infrastructure businesses. 


  • It is simple to use to generate analyses, reports, and data exports.

  • It is the most beloved project-based accounting software solution.

  • This helps save precious time.

  • cost-effectiveness, usability, usage reporting, and modular diversity with interconnections.


  • It is particularly time-consuming while inputting data.

  • Bugs and mistakes; import problems; undeveloped modules; limited integration potential; and migration problems.


TYASuite is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system that is appropriate for the real estate market.

This solution includes a variety of capabilities such as inventory management, compliance management, and sales management.

TYASuite is a comprehensive, scalable, and plug-and-play cloud ERP software designed for high-growth, mid-sized, and big enterprises.

It efficiently and effectively automates all front-and back-office activities, including revenue management, financial management, vendor management, fixed assets, compliance management, order management, billing management, and inventory management.

TYASuite is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that enables businesses to manage sales orders, suppliers, projects, and stocks in a single location.

It enables customers to automate the whole procurement procedure, from optimizing purchase requests (PRs), safety stocks, and lead time to processing invoices and payments. 

Owners may link suppliers to goods or services, examine agreements, and submit paperwork for vendor onboarding. 

An integrated vendor management system monitors their performance based on delivery dates, rejections, or quantity deficiencies (VMS).

Using the project management module, managers may create tasks using pre-built templates, assign them to team members, set due dates, and monitor real-time project progress.


  • Quick and simple: TYASuite is easy to install. This ERP may be modified to match your individual needs.

  • It offers a user-friendly interface that reduces the amount of manual labor required.

  • This program optimizes procurement and requisition procedures, thus enhancing management efficiency.


  • Contact management was deficient in several functions.

  • Minor problems and glitches


A solid real estate e-business software solution must include all three divisions. Real estate management includes managing clients, listings, client leads, property advertising and queries, and reporting.

The second component is accounting and financial issues. This includes business intelligence, cash flow management and reporting, budgeting and forecasting, financial systems and analysis, and more.

The third section of enterprise application software is the infrastructure segment, which facilitates the operation of the full company management software on a centralized platform with sophisticated capabilities like listing management, CRM, digital marketing, etc. 

We have listed the top 10 ERP Software Companies for real estate above. I hope this information is beneficial to your real estate company.

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