Top 10 ERP Companies in India

Top 10 ERP Companies in India

Top 10 ERP Companies in India

Top 10 ERP Companies in India

Top 10 ERP Companies in India

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is back-office operations management software for corporations. In this blog we will discuss Top 10 ERP Companies in india. So let’s start. 

ERP software consists of technology, human resource, and other IT-related tasks. In business resource software, everything is incorporated. 

Enterprise Resource Software, on the other hand, consists of systems that support organizational processes and operations, allowing all departments of a company to successfully manage and monitor data.

It includes accounting, inventory management, buying, and billing responsibilities. In the modern day, it is required for any business-enterprise program to function effectively.

Top 10 ERP Companies in India will constantly compete for your business. These leading ERP software businesses continually enhance their software and services, allowing them to remain competitive. Now let's go ahead and see which are the top 10 ERP companies in India.

Top 10 ERP Companies in India 2022

The top ten ERP software companies in India are: 


ERPNext is open-source business software designed for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.

It requires little finance and software resources to deploy, making it viable for startups. It provides extensive procedures for streamlining store administration, tracking inventories, managing consumers, and maximizing ROI. 

It is equipped with a bilingual website builder for managing content and eCommerce requirements. 

It integrates with Google, Slack, PayPal, and Shopify, among others, to centralize company software. ERPNext's headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 


●     According to 80% of consumers, the solution delivers significant customization capabilities. The Frappe Framework allows for easy customization.

●     According to 100% of customers who evaluated this pro, it is user-friendly. The tool offers a robust search area that enables users to easily discover what they want. 

●     Reporting: Roughly one hundred percent of consumers who cited this advantage claimed it offers versatile reporting choices.


●     According to 67% of consumers, the help personnel lacks both expertise and friendliness. 

●     According to seventy-five percent of people who assessed this drawback, the system lacks comprehensive documentation on its use.

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Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Retail

SAP Business One ERP

SAP Business One is a program used by the world's most prominent small and medium-sized businesses, and it is used by over 60,000 clients worldwide. 

It is intelligent, reasonably priced, and comprehensive corporate resource software that simplifies the whole buying procedure, from finance to sales and administration, inventory to project management, and everything else. 

With integrated business intelligence software, it is simple to base choices on data. Deployed both on-premises and in the cloud, SAP Firm One Cloud provides a great deal of scalability to your business when the need arises. 

SAP Business One supports the new GST legislation and is a GST-ready ERP that enables automatic reporting of e-invoices to the government site and GST returns. 

The program is a joy to use, giving the impression that it was designed just for you. The headquarters of SAP Business One ERP is located in Noida (U.P.), India. 


●     Copy from one document type to another while maintaining the links between them. 

●     Relationship Maps – displaying the whole procedure on a single screen is beneficial. 


●     It would be nice to include more common reports, such as sales by category.

●     Not simple enough to customize additional reports as they become necessary.

Focus 9

Focus 9 by Focus Softnet is an integrated enterprise resource planning system with CRM and HCM features. 

AI-powered technology, drag-and-drop customizability, user-friendliness, and scalability make it a potent and simple choice for users. 

It helps supply chain, financial, sales, and HR functions. There are industry-specific solutions available, and they may be tailored to meet particular corporate requirements. The headquarters of Focus 9 are located in Hyderabad, India.


●     Easy to understand process design and configuration, as well as individualized report generation. 


●     Occasionally sluggish and clumsy. 

The Tally ERP 

Tally ERP offers several remarkable features and functions that make it one of the best ERP programs available. 

Tally ERP is more than the conventional Tally accounting software, which focuses on accounting, inventory management, GST, and other essential back-office operations. 

Tally is the oldest and most well-known program; however, it is not yet completely integrated. 

The program is beneficial and recommended for SMBs whose data volume is not too huge and whose operations are not transnational or worldwide. Tally ERP is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. 


●     Rapid, Simple to master,  

●     Compliant with accounting norms and regulations 

●     It is quite user-friendly, has a very professional style, and has some fantastic features such as e-invoicing and automatic bank reconciliation. 


●     New Updates are time-consuming 

●     Newer tax rules, such as GST, are difficult to apply 

●     The program is neither clean nor visually pleasant

Marg ERP

Marg ERP is a renowned supplier that has been crucial in facilitating GST for companies. 

This ERP provides inventory and accounting software or company management software that facilitates the transition to the GST for enterprises. 

This corporate resource software offers comprehensive company solutions, such as payroll software, attendance software, and leave management, enabling firms to ride the success wave into GST. Marg ERP's headquarters are in New Delhi, India.


●     Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses

●     Provides full taxation solutions

●     Provides solutions at the doorstep for all corporate applications. 


●     Lack enough training facilities 

●     The user interface is difficult to comprehend.

●     Customization of software to your specifications is difficult.

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Top 10 ERP Software for Manufacturing Companies

Strategic ERP

Strategic ERP is software developed primarily for the construction, real estate, and infrastructure industries to coordinate everything across departments, including records, inventories, and more. 

The program is created using an Artificial Intellect system that mimics human intelligence, setting it apart from the competition.

Strategic ERP's business automation solutions use its artificial intelligence technology to produce bespoke enterprise resource planning software 

The centralized cloud-based solutions are accessible at any time and from any device. 

Since 2005, the inventive team at Strategic ERP has been developing their award-winning solution, which has been used by more than 700 clients worldwide.

Streamline all of your process operations to get more profits and increased output. Strategic ERP's headquarters are in Mumbai, India.


●     Accessibility for all industries

●     Customer Support 

●     Regular DPR Report and several more attributes

●     Worth for Money 

●     Strong interface 


●     The software is a touch sluggish when numerous tabs are open, but I don't see any other issues with that.

Pact ERP

From scheduling to process simplification, Pact ERP reduces operating costs and facilitates all back office activities. 

Pact ERP decreases expenditures and costs. Pact ERP's headquarters are in Hyderabad, India.


●     Effective in all industries 

●     Simple to integrate and employ 

●     Provides the necessary training for the job 


●     It is difficult to personalize the reports 

●     Implementing the program will be rather challenging. 

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Top 10 ERP Software Companies for SME

Navision ERP

Navision ERP covers supply chain management, bookkeeping and accounting software, core business processes, and end-to-end business solutions to distinguish itself from the competition. 

It has been shown that Navision ERP is a market leader in enterprise resource software. Navision ERP's headquarters are located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.


●     It is adaptable and ideal for corporate applications.

●     The whole program is straightforward and may be used for a variety of purposes.

●     It is quick and scalable to your specifications.

●     All-inclusive corporate application software for efficient workflow


●     It is difficult to comprehend. 

●     Integration of software needs previous expertise. 

Vasy ERP

VasyERP is a comprehensive cloud-based ERP platform that manages eCommerce, ERP, Production, Inventory, Cloud-POS, Smart Retail, Omnichannel eCommerce, Self - Checkout, Smart Cart, mPOS, Self Ordering, Cloud Printing, ERP, etc. 

Vasy ERP's purpose is to give maximum business value to its customers by designing, developing, installing, and supporting efficient and high-quality cloud ERP and smart retail solutions that are aligned with their most critical business requirements. Vasy ERP headquarters are located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


●     Very friendly atmosphere Excellent Colleagues and Supportive Seniors Payroll on time and flexible working hours You will gain additional possibilities for your professional growth Company is optimistic.


●     Currently unable to locate any such negatives.

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Crest ERP

Crest is a fully integrated ERP package for Trading, Manufacturing, and Service businesses to manage their company management software successfully. 

Crest ERP is a potent tool that frees up your resources and boosts staff productivity, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your company. The Crest ERP module set encompasses the whole corporate environment.

 Modules include Procurement, Inventory Sales, Manufacturing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, and Project Management.

It combines all company management software into a single automated system, hence giving stakeholders better control over their operations.

It's an ingenious method on which you may rely. Its attributes are Budgeting 

CRM, ERP, Document Management, Financial Management, Human Resources and Payroll, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Project Management, Supplier and Purchase Order Management, Quotation & Estimates, Sales Quotes, Time Tracking, Warehouse Management, Multi-Currency Support, Employee Database, Multi-Currency payment processing, etc. 

The headquarters of Crest ERP is Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. 


●     The majority of solutions are readily accessible and simple to implement."

●     It has an excellent and intuitive user interface, and we can produce a large number of reports. 

●     It has an excellent and intuitive user interface, and we can produce a large number of reports. 


●     We would like to advise that they enhance the Dashboards.

●     "Not all features are up to current. Place orders is a handy function. It is user-friendly."

Last but not least

In this article, the top 10 ERP software providers in India are examined. This is a necessary service for organizations to simplify straightforward procedures and minimize complexity. 

The purpose of this examination of business software firms is to provide a brief overview of the services they provide and how they might enhance your company's operations.

To sum up, the article has presented a comprehensive overview of India's top 10 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) companies. These companies play a vital role in simplifying and organizing back-office operations for businesses, regardless of their scale. With a diverse array of ERP solutions tailored to various industries and specific business needs, these featured companies offer valuable resources.

By adopting ERP software from these reputable companies, organizations can streamline their operations, boost productivity, and efficiently oversee different facets of their businesses.

It is crucial for businesses to conduct a thorough evaluation of their requirements and carefully select an ERP solution that aligns with their unique needs and strategic objectives.

Making a well-informed decision in choosing the right ERP software can pave the way for optimized workflows, increased efficiency, and successful management of key business aspects.

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