Radha Arts

A Premier Production House by Vijesh Kumar Tayal Bringing Untold Stories to Attention
Radha Arts

Radha Arts

Vijesh Tayal - Founder - Radha Arts

One of India’s emerging production houses, Radha Arts, is efficiently plunging its way through people’s interests in the whole spectrum of entertainment, bringing untold stories to attention.

The production house today, operates efficiently under the wise hegemony of Mr. Vijesh Kumar Tayal, a visionary business leader. His debut production project, “Calling Sahasra,” began its production cycle in 2020, in collaboration with Shadow Media Productions, headed by Mr. M Raajshekhar and Mr. Venkat, starring Sudheer Anand Bayana.

Mr. Vijesh served as the company’s founder. The dedicated team, with a unique vision to be the most sought-after production house in the country, serves as a driving point for the company.

On the mission to bring about a fresh and modern outlook to Indian commercial cinema and contribute significantly to the transformation of Tollywood cinema from the very first film, Vijesh, and his creative professionals have been creating new benchmarks in the Indian film industry.

While talking about the inception story of Radha Arts, Mr. Vijesh stated – “The flourishing entertainment industry gave the insight to break into this evergreen company. The smile on peoples’ faces when you entertain them gives us immense satisfaction.”

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Milestones on the Way

The media and film industries typically have a cyclical nature. By investing in profitable ventures and consistently looking for new growth opportunities, Radha Arts has continued progressing despite the industry instability. Its success has primarily been attributed to its committed workforce and the brand’s reputation.

Since the film’s production got underway, the actors and crew have grown to become a family, and the level of enthusiasm among the audience is truly amazing.

The team’s unwavering enthusiasm drives them to constantly provide the public with a better product. The patriarch of the Tollywood industry, Allu Arvind, released the teaser for the film, and it garnered a fantastic response, garnering almost 4 million views in a week, which was a massive milestone for the company.

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Radha Arts’ Principal Project at the Moment

The crew is currently working in the post-production phase of the project, “Calling Sahasra”. The team’s goal is to deliver the same aesthetic excellence and recognisable professionalism as the nation’s most successful production company. The eager Indian youth is a target audience for Radha Arts. To connect with their target audiences, it is essential to transform an idea into a masterpiece on screen.

The Man Behind the Idea

The driving force behind Radha Arts, Mr. Vijesh Kumar Tayal, is a multi-faceted personality, wearing many caps with ease. Besides being an acclaimed industrialist and one of the most influential men in the industry today, Mr. Vijesh is also a Producer. The name Vijesh Kumar Tayal is synonymous with prestige, elegance, versatility, and success.

Vijesh’s Family Background

The history of the Vijesh family begins with his great-grandfather Shri Rameshwarlalji, who established the rice milling industry in Andhra Pradesh’s East and West Godavari regions. He was given the name “Seth” Rameshwarlal for his great industrial endeavours and vision in founding “Sree Krishna Rice Mills” back in 1920.

The family business of Vijesh has now expanded to include full-fledged plywood manufacturing with “Eagle Boards and Panel Products” and the entertainment sector with “Radha Arts”; both based in Hyderabad. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, the group is entering the theatre and other commercial real estate markets.

“Every film has a story, and we are the home to bringing those stories alive.” – Vijesh Kumar Tayal.

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