Valency Networks Creates Maximum Value in cyber security space by Providing Viable Solutions and Services

Valency Networks Creates Maximum Value in cyber security space by Providing Viable Solutions and Services

Valency Networks Creates Maximum Value in cyber security space by Providing Viable Solutions and Services 

With strong determination and uniqueness in its expertise to support by bringing improvement in cyber security services and strategy, providing effective and efficient solution, Valency Networks has positioned itself strongly among the Cyber Security services providers throughout the country. Incepted in 2008, Valency Networks started its operations to cater for professional cyber security services. While the IT infrastructure in the world (specifically in the Asia-Pac region) is developing at a rapid pace, the company believes that there are many challenges and pitfalls to be addressed by IT vendors, mainly in the area of IT security, IT performance and monitoring solutions, IT audit, compliance and governance. Valency Networks realizes this as a market need on a top priority, and established a solution providing firm to fill the technical and business improvement gaps.

Valency Networks delivers a full suite of services with unflinching commitment of cost effective and timely delivery wherein it is effectively cognizant of market needs. The company offers multiple solutions but the main services are vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT), information security compliance providing consultancy in ISO27001, HIPAA, PCIDSS etc.  The company also provides consultancy in network and product security designing. A recent addition to the services fleet is mobile application vulnerability assessment for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, supporting multiple programming frameworks.

Being asked by The CEO Magazine about its differentiating factors, the spokesperson said, "Our main differentiator is that we are a pure services company with no intention whatsoever to get into products business. This is because we strongly believe that cyber security is never 100% hence installing a product, a tool, a firewall etc. is hardly enough. What is required is to mimic the real life hackers, of course ethically, and provide gap analysis to the customer which makes sense to them. The other differentiator is that we provide end to end solution, wherein the product and services are integrated to cater to customer's network or application security scenario, right from designing to implementation. This is possible to us, due to years of experience and subject matter expertise in this field."

Valency Networks' experience across industries of Networking and Security firms and others translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates time-to-market for clients. The company delivers comprehensive services to four hundred customers including large base in India with many key customers in the USA, UK, and Middle East. Its customers are banks, finance institutions, manufacturing companies, IT firms, including Fortune 50 organizations. The company has a great amount of customer based in Indian government sector as well as governments in Middle East. Its transparent, efficient and flexible world class services zero downs risks of project failures and creates powerful solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

Valency Network has done penetration testing for 800+ websites and cloud applications. It has also performed in-depth security assessment for lots of business critical mobile apps (android, ios and windows). The company did Vulnerability assessment for thousands of IP addresses hosting firewalls, routers and mission critical network infrastructures. The company has been appreciated time-to-time for its remarkable efforts which are given below:-

2013 – Awarded as Among Top 10 Cyber Security Companies in India

2014- Awarded as Among Top 5 Cyber Security Partners in India.

2015 – Awarded as Company of the Year (Mobile App Security)

The CEO Magazine chats with Mr. Prashant Phatak, Founder & CEO at Valency Networks

TCM: What are the major milestones for the company since founding? Does the company have any new projects coming?

Prashant: In 2012, we got our first big break via a contract of performing security testing of 50+ web applications. 2013 and 2014 made that success look smaller because we signed up contracts with big firms in India and abroad which also helped grow the team size and get best of the talent onboard.

We are coming up with a big bang project soon, which will be a branded service exclusively to provide mobile app security from testing to development.

TCM: What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

Prashant: Today the world is moving towards mobile technology which will eventually emerge into IOT. Both of these fields do have serious cyber security problems because the domain knowledge and security designing and solution knowledge is in scarcity. With our experience and expertise, we plan to fill that gap up and thus find a business niche.

TCM: Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organizations.

Prashant: We are in the verge of establishing an office in Sydney, Australia, followed by one in New Zealand. There are multiple partner offices planned all over India with a mission to be associated with firms who are focused on cyber security as much as we are.

Let's know more about Mr. Prashant Phatak

Mr. Prashant Phatak brings rich experience of twenty four years in managing change for Improvements in challenging situations of IT industries and designing complex software solutions for domestic businesses. His passion of providing solutions to problems has given birth to unique model of Valency Networks' work culture which focuses of mission and vision of adding values to lives of people. He has also over 11 years' experience of Wall Street (New York) IT field. Prashant has credit to manage global data-centers hosting online low latency stock trading websites. He has designed cyber security for infrastructure and applications connecting to NYSE, NASDAQ and also designed Disaster Recovery global sites for 400+ servers' online trading infrastructure. Prashant is ISO 27001:2013 ISMS and ISO 22301:2012 Certified Lead Auditor (IRCA, UK).

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