Tudip Technologies: transforming world and organizations through comprehensive technological solutions

Tudip Technologies: transforming world and organizations through comprehensive technological solutions

Tudip Technologies: transforming world and organizations through comprehensive technological solutions

Software services industry saw a steep rise during the technology boom in India. Surprisingly immediately after the 2008 global financial crisis. Tudip technologies came into existence on 5th April 2010 with a team of four and is now a 250+ strong firm helping clients with their MVP and product building needs. The firm is growing every year at a rate of 100% both in terms of revenue and headcount. The Sprint planning, Daily Standups, and Sprint retrospectives conducted regularly exhibits Tudip's agility. It delivers dedicated and business-centric web solutions incorporated with innovation and expertise as the tools to achieve business goals. The firm takes one-liner ideas of the clients and develops production-ready products to have a competitive edge over other software companies. Tudip's core competency includes building world-class customer-centric products, catering to customer requirements and providing the right value to customers at different phases of development. The firm believes in providing comprehensive technical analysis and solutions to the client's personalized requirements using cutting-edge technologies and Tudip technocrats/ technology evangelists. Tudip's management believes in transforming the organizations by flexible, customized and personalized outsourcing solutions, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive business data and on-time and on-budget delivery. Tudip's track record of developing more than 100 products over a period of past eight years is an example of the success story of this value-driven Software Services company which became a reality only because of the team Tudip's complete dedication and total commitment towards its customers.

Our editorial team spoke to Dipti Agrawal (CEO & Co-Founder) a chemical engineer and a management post-graduate from NIT Durgapur and IBS Hyderabad. She is a technology entrepreneur, highly accomplished leader with extensive experience in business, consulting and project management. Before co-founding Tudip, Dipti worked in a techno-functional role, as a consultant, assisting companies across Manufacturing, Finance, Banking, Insurance, e-commerce, and Social Networking domains. Tushar Apshankar (CTO & Co-Founder) a mechanical engineer and Masters in Management Information systems from NIT Durgapur and Louisiana State University. He has a keen interest in movies, coffee, and political deliberations. His expertise lies in IoT, product development and cloud computing with industry knowledge of mobile applications and MVP.

Edited Excerpts…

What problem does your company solve and how are you different from others in the field?

We provide solutions to Software IT related problems while extensively working in Web Application, Mobile Application, DevOps, Cloud, QAing, and Translation Services domain. Our method of rendering solutions to the client's business problems like a start-up with the competency of a big corporate giant makes us a rare unique combination. We differ from other competitors by being a strategic forward-thinking consulting group, defining complete business solutions, processes, technology, metrics, and revenue.

What are the challenges that your company currently faces?

The life in the entrepreneurial world hurls new challenges every now and then. With new challenges come new opportunities to perform better. Currently, for us hiring and retaining new talent is the new challenge. 

What is your current business model?

Resources: Software Developers, Web, and Mobile Application Development, Translators.

Value proposition: Solution for a software requirement, technology integration requirement, support, and testing for the web/mobile applications.

Customer segments: Businesses who have specific technology integration and software requirements in the segment of IoT, Web application development, Mobile application development, DevOps, Testing automation, Cloud infrastructure management all over the globe. Also, the companies who need translation services.

Distribution channel: Web

Cost structure: Salaries and Working operating costs

Revenue: Revenue from the payment for services offered

Who are your clients?

Our clientele consists of some prestigious names like Google, Livongo, Innit, Adobe, LinkedIn, Datosio, Indyrise, Palo Alto Networks, LiveKH, Training Amigo and others mostly based out of the US and European market. Tudip's high quality, cost-effective, reliable and scalable services have helped in building an enduring long-term relationship with their clients and customers.

What advice can you give entrepreneurs who want to venture into the same domain in the future?

Entrepreneurship is all about self-discovery and having a big imagination rather than looking at what the world would do. It is very important to be ambitious. If you are ambitious, opportunities will never stop knocking on your door.

With such a fast-growing team, how do you make sure everybody stays motivated and how do you support the corporate culture?

Our major advantage and asset are hiring young talent or freshers. The motivation factor is always there we being a young and energetic team. Besides, I believe if you are authentic and passionate about your work, and if you always strive to better yourself, you will rise to the top.

What are the big achievements?

  • We started with one person in a Google project, and now we are a team of 70+ people
  • We achieved a milestone in IoT projects
  • Tudip's CEO got featured in a leading magazine as "A woman with Indomitable will"
  • The firm got featured in a leading business magazine as 30 Fastest growing companies in Asia 2017
  • We are growing at a pace of 100% every year in terms of revenue & headcount
  • Tudip Technologies named as Top Cloud Consulting Service by Clutch.io
  • Red Herring Asia Top 100 winner
  • Red Herring Global Top 100 winner 

How do you learn in your life?

Entrepreneurship is a constant learning process for improvement. One of the key lessons, I learned was to never give up on clients even when the chips were down. This approach helped us gain the trust of clients which got us good business in the long run.

How has been your hitherto journey?

I believe any business is about providing value to the clients and money is just a by-product. For a woman entrepreneur, it is more than just income, it is the fulfillment of work-life balance, and making a difference in the world. I am contributing my bit to the world's development by supporting various Y-Combinator start-ups.

Tell us how you've approached change.

As the saying goes, change is the only constant. To continue to work in a volatile environment of information technology, we adopted the change. We have seen technologies come and go and we have coped up really well with these changes. We have gracefully accepted all the changes which came on our way.

The Road Ahead

We are one of the fastest growing IT organizations of India with transition and learning in our blood. We have learned from our past experiences that technologies that seem hot today can be seen being pushed to oblivion in absolutely no time. We are navigating very challenging domains such as translation services and IoT and are ready to push our limits to excel in those domains. We plan to become a 400+ member company using adaptability and understanding every client's distinct needs. Tudip's relatively small size makes it easier to adapt to newer technologies to work in sync with clients' vision and preference. We are preparing an incredibly young and hardworking workforce mentored by developers who have tremendous coding experience and have iterated through entire agile product development lifecycle multiple times.

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