Trak N Tell: engineered as a Next-Gen GPS ‘senitel’ for Vehicles

Trak N Tell: engineered as a Next-Gen GPS ‘senitel’ for Vehicles

Trak N Tell: engineered as a Next-Gen GPS 'senitel' for Vehicles

Initially schemed for military and intelligence applications in the course of Cold War in the 1960s, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has matured towards more advanced levels. An incredible invention of the modern time, GPS technology has dealt with almost every possible need of the potential users while executing several roles within spaces like law enforcement or finding new routes in the city, its application in emergency services, commercial industries and vehicle tracking systems. Over the years GPS Vehicle tracking system has been keeping the fleet business alive and aiding over many grounds including recovery of stolen vehicles, monitoring vehicle diagnostics and improving their efficiencies. GPS Tracking systems install unexpected benefits for users and even assists in preventing further serious threats to a vehicle or the rider (kidnapping, forcible rapes, and other violent crimes).

To accelerate growth, today's entrepreneurs are stretching their muscles to produce new ideas and pioneer new products based on GPS Technology. Questing out an astute entrepreneurial doesn't come with Google maps to find the depot to initiate one's business. What if an intersection is waiting somewhere? The same was on the dot that weaved the entrepreneurial journey of Pranshu Gupta. This time the inkling didn't approach in a garage, it cultivated on the grounds of an incident!

Picture this: having your car stolen probably isn't something you would give your thoughts to until it knocks as a big emotional shock. With advancing technology, violation of one's privacy and security is a loose act. Thereupon, it requires responding to the chaos promptly. Bunch of times, in this rat's nest certain things might hippety-hop from one's brain. And that's where the deftness of GPS tracking concept assists to minimize distress and concern associated with the person's loved ones and valuable possessions. Our interviewee encountered the same footings. Turning back the hands of time, in the year 2006, Pranshu's driver dropped out of sight in his car. This episode left him gazing for help in that timeframe where buzzwords such as IoT, M2M, VTS (Vehicle Tracking Solution), GPS trackers, etc. were non-existent. Accordingly, it was hard-bitten for Pranshu to come with a solution which further got him thinking- "If I'm facing this issue, there must be others in the same position." Going through the mill, Pranshu grasped at the straws and made a call that got metamorphosed into one of the pioneers in GPS Tracking Systems. His indigenous efforts and elbow grease saw the light at the end of the tunnel and today his hard work is named Trak N Tell has created a niche for its next-gen GPS adroitness.

Accelerating the deftness of next generation's smarter vehicles

Rated as one of the best mobile apps with more than 90% positive reviews, Trak N Tell provides a way for the customers to locate their vehicles, either personal or a fleet and whether it is a two-wheeler or a car or bus/truck or even off-road construction and earth moving equipment. The organization's USP lies in its competence to customize the solution, both at the hardware level as well as the software level for its OEM customers. The organization also houses an in-house R&D team which allows Trak N Tell to provide customized solutions. Advancing technology has cultivated a mounting demand for tailor-made telematics solutions among OEMs further fuelled by the prodigious acceleration of technologies like IoT & M2M. The rise has shifted gears for OEMs to renovate and deliver 'smart mobility' and 'smart vehicles' empowered by telematics. Through factory-installed telematics, OEMs can drive operational efficiency via vehicle diagnostics, reproducing key performance indicators such as GPS, stolen vehicle recovery, predictive engine failure and more. Further, with the advent of UBI, the insurers have also begun deploying vehicle data analytics to derive insights around driver behaviour, usage and preventive maintenance data.

Trak N Tell has emerged a pioneer in providing intuitive telematics technology to OEMs in India and overseas. Trak N Tell connects the customers with their cars' sensors, analyses the data it receives from the car and helps them monitor it through the app from wherever they are. The specifications include:

  • Over Speeding Alerts
  • Intelligent Vehicle Tracking
  • Panic Button Alert
  • Engine Health Status
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Impact Alert Calling
  • Car Finder/Locator
  • Geo-Fence Notification

A software engineer by profession and a creative, problem-solving technologist, Pranshu is an entrepreneur homing 15+ years expertise in shaping ground-breaking ideas into customer-centric products. He has taken his ardour for technology and has done what most event entrepreneurs will only dare to dream. Prior sailing his voyage as an entrepreneur with Pran Enterprises LLC, back in the year 2003, Pranshu has played key roles at leading firms like Exxon Exploration and Yahoo Inc. In this interview, Pranshu shared the slices of his entrepreneurial journey. He told what it is like to start and manage an established company in India, how he struggled and what kept him going even in troubled waters. How did he get to where he is today?

We sat down with Pranshu to find out…

What are the challenges that your company currently faces?

Racking up the right talent is the most complicated phase for any start-up. Hours spending in leafing through piled resumes and interviews hampers the productivity. After the search process ends, employee training and on boarding process takes control.

Throw some light over the clientele of Trak N Tell.

Notable names from various colours of the industry OEM, fleet and Corporate(s) adorns our clientele. Alongside, we are neck and neck associated with individual customers. Our solutions are exercised for two-wheelers as well as cars, buses, trucks and even off-road construction and earth-moving types of equipment. Some OEMs also exports vehicles with our telematics devices.

With such a fast growing team, how do you make sure everybody stays motivated and how do you support the corporate culture?

Trak N Tell quest for creative and smart minds. Overall these years we have created a team that is fundamentally rooted and refined. We allow space for flexibility and growth in a constrained environment which gives birth to new insights and creative ideas. At Trak N Tell, we celebrate little victories and successes with parties. We have formulated an incentive structure for employees working across various departments. The employees here are groomed here so they can excel at an optimum level and be as skilled as possible because at the end they are the ones running the show. But, above all, when a customer writes in a glowing review or a recommendation for a job well done, that brings a smile on everyone's face as validation of the hard work.

Tell me about when you failed. How did you overcome?

We lost our biggest customer a few years ago.  That was a big blow and it took us weeks to recover. However, it was a huge learning experience for us. My learning was- one should never ride on coattails by relying on a single identity that can adversely affect your start up. Since then, we have added many large accounts and today, I'm happy that no single client contributes to more than 10% of our revenue.

What next for the company? What do you see happening in the company/industry in 2018-19?

I want to establish Trak N Tell as a force to be reckoned with. We have created products and services which speaks for themselves. There is no fun playing small and that's why I want to expand the adroitness of Trak N Tell as a brand beyond the present horizon. We are constantly developing newer gadget and solutions. We are currently testing 4G solutions for the international markets as well as non-automotive IoT solutions that serve a utility function.

What advice can you give entrepreneurs who want to venture into the same domain in the future?

Entrepreneurship is hard regardless of the domain.  It is a tough job; you have to worry about the venture every waking moment, looking at opportunities.  Raising funds is much harder today than it was about 2-3 years ago.

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