SSS Creates Maximum Value for Clients by creating Viable Niche Technologies

SSS Creates Maximum Value for Clients by creating Viable Niche Technologies

SSS Creates Maximum Value for Clients by creating Viable Niche Technologies

Maintaining the highest standard of ethics, honesty and openness and supporting several customers in throughout the country, Srinivasan Software Solutions has become a global leader in latest emerging Niche Technologies like Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Business Intelligence, IoT etc. In 2009, the company was incepted as a proprietary concern and later in corporated as Private Limited Company in 2013 with the objective of providing world-class enterprise solutions to various industries in different verticals. A well-designed SSS services lets new users jump in, offers help when necessary, and ensures that users can make simple and intuitive use of the service's most valuable features. Progressive disclosure of advanced features encourages people to expand their usage of the service. Whenever appropriate, SSS offers smart features that improve client's productivity, quality, cash flow, delivery & value.

Speaking to The CEO Magazine, SSS' Managing Director Mr. KandadaiRangarajansaid "I have an entrepreneurial spirit right from my studies. We are committed in finding the right solutions for the problems in a unique approach right from my childhood. I am seeing each year tens of thousands of social enterprises are launched, each working to tackle a problem in a new way or with a more effective approach than others."

Being asked by TCM about its differentiating factors, a spokesperson of SSS said, "The main important aspect of understanding the revenue stream of our company business is through forecasting. This is an exercise carried out throughout the life of our business because as the business climate and industry evolve, so does our forecast. Typically, we will follow two types of forecasts namely top down and bottom up. The various factors in selecting a revenue model are that the closest fit to our organization the helps to set the direction of our development efforts. We will also follow a model that magnifies the value of the organization in providing unique value to the targeted customer. The key characteristic of our business is Flexibility wherein we need to spend a great deal of time forecasting and re-forecasting and looking the best permutation of revenue model the supports the business in most lucrative way. Our business hinges on a lot of variables and it is essential to know the various factors that impact the bottom line. Our aim is to mitigate for the variables which lends a degree of transparency to our business."

Below are the solutions provided by SSS:-

  • Management Involvement and Focus
  • Enhanced ROI & Delight to the clients
  • Center of Excellence for various Domains and Technologies
  • Innovation and Niche Ideas
  • Incessant & Industries expertise, insights and alignment
  • Value creation and additions
  • Strategic Partners
  • Synchronize with client's culture and understand its vision 

What differentiates SSS from many others in the field is that it is acutely conscious its social environmental footprint. The company believes in providing eco-friendly solutions not only economically but environmentally as well.

The 8- year history of SSS has seen some of the crucial moments in the Technology and some of the best implementations in various industries. At the early stage of a company,it has done end to end implementation on Airline domains for a Middle East country. Proficiency has been developed in the field of DW and more number of corporate trainings has been performed across the globe. SSS has trained and placed many people in niche technologies in this part of the place. In fact, there are several projects on the pipeline.

SSS team chats with The CEO Magazine

TCM: What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

SSS:SSS is providing its services to the clients having goal to make them satisfied through latest innovations and needful solutions that meets the challenges and demands of today's business needs.  We offer empowering business through proprietary niche and specialized products and solutions leverages cutting edge technologies and incorporates best business practices to help and strengthen its customers to attain their business goals in an effective way. Our Technological solutions protect customers from the uncertainties of future, keep them on the track of latest technologies with simultaneous pace with end to end multi facet multi-dimensional services and solutions ensure clients incremental business benefits.

TCM: Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organizations.

SSS:We are inspired by a single goal: providing quality solutions with best standards for the clients across the globe. That's why we are dedicated to provide effective solutions that satisfy the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of business across multiple verticals. We want to become the world's most valued company to customers, colleagues, business partners and the communities where we work and live.

SSS will build a unique portfolio of our development activities in quality, innovation and value and elevating our image to become the successful Product development and skill Development Company in latest and niche technologies across the globe. We are primarily focusing on IoT implementation on various app developments. Our main motto is to provide more opportunities to people. We are setting up our activities in the order of priority and establishing short- and long term deadlines.

About the founder member of SSS and the inception story

Dr. Kalyani Ranarajan

Founder & Director, SSS

Kalyani has established SSS in 2009 with a motive to provide best-in-class, cost effective IT Services and Enterprise Solutions. Established in 2009 and incorporated as Private Limited Company in 2013, SSSPL is a fast growing, software development, Training and Consulting Company, offering world class services and solutions to customers globally. SSSPL is a dynamic organization with a dedicated team who are capable of offering a broad range of software expertise and services in Data warehousing and Business Intelligence. SSS stands for "Smart", "Standard" and "Success" which indicates the company bridges the links for the growth of an individual in their career or for its business clients, in order to meet their business requirements efficiently and profitably.  She is also working as a Founder of Sri Acu care Clinic. She has achieved her dream of becoming a certified acupuncturist doctor.
After seeing several thoughtful patients in treating the condition they are struggling within a real life time, with a great will power and determination to help people of all ages, regain and maintain vibrant health had led me to become a dedicated acupuncturist.

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