Intellisense Technology links techniques with ideas and supports companies to flourish and forge in the right direction.

Technology must offer something beyond supporting your business. As a leading global IT service provider, Intellisense Technology is adding value to businesses by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and supports customers adapts to the digital world. Intellisense takes people's vision, to map their idea and present it to the audience where they together attain heights that are unmatched and are never seen before.

 Intellisense Technology is not just a company but rather a camaraderie where the client and the officials together cherish the bond and sustain relationships for years to come. With over 50+ experts working in the company, Intellisense has made a name for itself. The Intellisense team has that adroitness to bring the best out of everything with easy, affordable, and transparent solutions.

Meet the Guiding Force

Harjit Singh Gambhir is the man behind the Intellisense Technology. He is a business leader, empowering the IT industry with breakthrough solutions.  He comes from the law background and holds years of expertise in different industry verticals.

The Inspiration behind the Initiation

When life gives you lemons make lemonade and that's what exactly Harjit Singh did! He was in a point of time in life when there was stability but no excitement. The world of internet excites him and the different parameters trigger his thought process.

"My only reason for initiating the company was to provide IT solutions under one room with 100% results and today Intellisense Technology has become a brand which I am extremely proud of and is one of the best decisions of my life," asserts Harjit Singh.

Service Portfolio and Differentiating Factors 

Intellisense Technology provides all kinds of IT Solutions, Cloud Computing, building websites to mobile applications, working on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) model to developing embedded systems, GPS tracking software to Automated Software.

"The smartness, credibility, honesty and working style which is transparent and quick where our motto always stands as "value for money" is what makes us different from others in the field", Harjit proudly shares.

Business Model

Intellisense Technology is working to hit the International Market with a bang. The company has an office in India and now they are rooting towards other countries to flourish and prosper giving nothing but the best!


From businessmen to authors and poets, Intellisense holds a large clientele in USA, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, China, Kenya, Africa, UAE, Korea and the entire Europe.

Intellisense Technology in 2019‐20

For the year 2019‐20, the company is focusing on creating software and hardware that are built on superior languages to sell worldwide. And, they are converting their strategies from home-based selling to international marketing.

The Ethos of Corporate Culture

Intellisense family is growing each day and Harjit Singh gives the entire credit to his team. He makes sure that everyone gets a comfortable atmosphere to work. For breaks and to kick in new ideas, the office has gaming rooms that are built to relax employees and help them in starting projects with positive energy. Regular meetings, seminars, outdoor activities and much more Harjit tries to incorporate every month to keep the spirits pumped up.

Big milestones in 2019 and beyond

There is no end to achieving bigger! This year Intellisense Technology is planning to beat their global competitors. Statistics show that in the last few, the company has progressed at a good rate and now they are in a position to give tough competition to competitors and make them sweat! 

Way of Learning and Biggest Dream

Harjit shares, "I learn from my mistakes and there is nothing to hide from it. My life is an open book where anyone can come and fill its pages with their ink of goodness and reliability. Over the years I have learned that there is no point in hurrying things to achieve success. The more you brew the coffee the better it tastes! Similarly, the more the patient is one in their lives, the better the outcome will be."

Harjit's biggest dream is to be at rest at heart and touch new horizons by building a great empire with "Intellisense Technology".

Scripted Success Story by Overcoming Problems

A few years ago, Harjit hits a big bump. It was a difficult and tedious situation. The company sales were dropping and the clients were diminishing. During the time India was hitting a big leap due to demonetization and Intellisense Technology, unfortunately, also got engulfed in its fire. The tax was heavy and with a ban on currency, things became far more difficult to deal with and they were close to closing their offices but thankfully the Universe had some other plans for them.

"When India was undergoing trouble, we saw a ray of sunshine by making the best use of whatever we can work with and at that time we invested more of our resources on outsourcing and selling our services in an online market to foreign clients. It worked wonderfully and to our surprise today we have clients everywhere. We have established contacts and clientele at prominent places in the world which is why we have the best services to offer our clients from anywhere around the world", Harjit further adds. 

A Roller Coaster Ride

A roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs where there was excitement and also anxiety and stress at some levels. It was hard initially but as the time passed by and they progressed and overcome the hardships, the journey became comfortable. It has never been easy to keep steady feet on the ground in the industry that Intellisense team deals in but they are at their best and today they have proudly have established themselves as a renowned name.

Hurdles and Learning

When one decides to be an entrepreneur, life is full of lessons. As an entrepreneur, ways to survive and not lose dedication and faith is the hardest lesson Harjit has learned in life. The key to surviving as an entrepreneur lies in your will power and it takes an ample amount of courage to stay motivated and not lose faith.

He had his moments of break down where he wanted to quit. But, his will power somehow managed to keep him going and today he is the CEO of one of the fastest growing IT Company of India.


Intellisense Company will establish itself so well that all around the world it shines bright on the map as the top 100 Web Solution Company and gets a place for itself in reputed publications. Furthermore, they are planning to establish their offices in Canada, Australia and the United States of America within the next couple of years.

Words of Wisdom

This domain is not for the ordinary! It takes courage to take risks. Believe in your idea and know when to expand and take risks. Do not limit yourself or else it is going to hinder your growth.

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