Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani

CEO & Chairman at SRAM & MRAM Group
Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani

Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani

Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, CEO & Chairman - SRAM & MRAM Group

A brief about your company

The SRAM & MRAM Group was founded in 1995 by Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani. In the Initial years following the appointment of our chairman, the company entered the market of agricultural commodities trading and forex management.

He holds a Ph.D. in Financial Management from the UK and has extensive experience in Financial and Risk Management gained with exposures across various Hedge Funds and FX trading funds, he started as a commodity trader in India and Cambodia, he gradually became involved in FX hedging and rollovers from Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Having considerable experience in fund management and forex trading, he ventured into the financial and information technology markets. With the help of a team of IT and Forex professionals, he established what has become a global conglomerate after two decades, encompassing eight international alliances, ten companies, five continents, 35+ locations, 300+ employees, and a revenue turnaround of USD 300 million (FY 2020-2021).

In addition to its headquarters in the United Kingdom, SRAM has branches in Cambodia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Georgia, India, and Bangladesh.

The Group’s core strengths are commodities trading, including metals, agro-products, renewable and non-renewable energy resources, and information technology, with footprints spanning numerous services, verticals, and operations in Semiconductor research,design and fab development, Embedded Systems, Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Hedge Fund Management, FOREX Management, Hospitality Services & Solutions, Information Technology, Media & Publishing, and Infrastructure.

The SRAM & MRAM Group’s mission is to serve farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers around the world in processing plants, ports, and packaging facilities. This is done on the trading floor and on the move.

What do you think your firm’s mission and vision are?

Vision: To Achieve, Deliver & Sustain as a Premier Global Business Corporation across various industries and business verticals.

Mission: Creation of Human, Financial, Material, and Intellectual Resources and produce Wealth for the Enterprise with a synergized & symbiotic relationship with its peers amidst healthy competition.

Key Executive and a brief background on the person

Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Founder, Group Chairman and mentor with an astounding career in Fund Management, Forex Trading and Management, Venture Capitalist, Incubator, and a visionary with humble beginnings as a Commodity Trader in India and Cambodia.

A Financial visionary with Ph.D. in Finance & Financial Management Services with hands-on experience in Secondary Market Risk Analysis, Hedge Funds Management & FOREX management.

Breathes a staunch penchant for new technologies, knowledge, and growth across Semiconductor research, design and fab manufacturing, Information Technology, Agriculture & Agro-Products, Hospitality Services & Solutions, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Media & Publishing, Embedded Systems, and Infrastructure.

Today with over 40 years of experience is heading SRAM & MRAM Group with 8 international alliances, 10 companies, 5 continents, 35+ locations, and 300+ employees with a sales turnaround of USD 300 Million (FY 2021-2022).

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Intellisense Technology: PCB and Embedded Hardware

Tell us about the key services/products which add value to the target clientele.

SRAM & MRAM Group’s core strengths are commodities trading including metals, minerals, Agro-products, energy both renewable and non-renewable, Information Technology more specifically semiconductor design and fab development, healthcare products and solutions with footprints spread across multifarious services, verticals, and operations viz., Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Hedge Fund Management, FOREX Management, Hospitality Services & Solutions, Information Technology, Media & Publishing, Embedded Systems, and Infrastructure.

What is the business problem your company hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

SRAM hopes to build world-class products and solutions for the fulfillment of the “five pillar economy”, encompassing manufacturing, agriculture, services, education and mining.

Briefly tell us about your Clientele

Our clientele encompasses healthcare sector, infrastructure,

information technology, semiconductor design and fabrica-tion, blockchain, commodities, education and commodities.

Employee count

At the last count, SRAM employees are around 300 people both directly and indirectly across the globe and counting..

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Pristine E Tele Services PVT. LTD.


We are a self-made company without any debt… We are a cash rich company with most of the financial requirements met with internal cash accruals and the rest as and when required being funded by our chairman who is the single largest shareholder.

Revenue Model

Contract farming in agro – products with the concept of farm to table being the main defacto standard being followed by our company since its inception Products and solutions are being delivered either through ourselves or through our array of franchisees, agents and liaising agents.


We have offices in the United Kingdom with branch offices in Malaysia, Cambodia, South Africa, Indonesia, Bahrain, Georgia, India & Bangladesh.


The company was founded in 1995.

Your Company’s Differentiating Factors

Our core competency is our employee-centric approach to finding solutions. We have never sacked an employee in the past 30 years of our existence. We let our agents and franchisees define our growth parameters and our profit matrix is mostly reliant on the grassroots-level feedback of our employees, agents, and our franchisees.

In this journey, what were the failures and challenges, you and your team rebounded and learned from?

Every time there has been a downward spiral in the world economy we have adapted and moved ahead. Our employee-centric approach has helped us tide over multiple crises including the great sub-prime crisis of 2007. We did not lay off a single employee either then or during the pandemic and the employees helped us grow to unprecedented heights by reposing our faith on them and vice-versa.

What has been the impact of the pandemic on your industry and your business? How did you manage to overcome it?

Some of our business verticals did suffer drastically which included information technology as our products and solutions were mostly tailor made for the hospitality sector. But since we were in the healthcare sector we could do a lot of business in healthcare products and services.

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Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company

How has the pandemic changed the present scenarios in your industry and your role as a leader?

We have moved comprehensively into startup funding new technologies in the fields of semiconductor fabrication and design, stem cells, healthcare products and solutions, and having the first-mover advantage has helped us stabilize ourselves in the respective fields…

What are the upcoming trends in your industry?

A lot of exciting developments are taking place in the semiconductor fabrication and design and the blockchain industry. We are ensuring that all of our products and solutions are blockchain-ready.

As a venture capitalist and an incubator, we have begun investing in unicorns with unique business models and businesses with high-end research and development in semiconductor design and fab, stem cell research, oncology-related therapies and solutions, and semiconductor technology.

What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

Stem cell therapy, blockchain incorporation in all our products, semiconductor research, design, and development

Future Plans? Where do you see your company five years down the line?

We would want to be a pioneer in stem cell technologies and therapies, semiconductor research, design, and development.

Enlighten us on a piece of advice you would like to offer to young entrepreneurs.

Failure is the only way to success, and the more failures you have, the sweeter the success will be. There is no such thing as an easy or free lunch. The path to success lies in working smart and striving for excellence.

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