Acer: Expect the best

Acer: Expect the best

Watching the footsteps of the great

Acer: Expect the best

There's always something influential to yield from the idolized journey of a brand that has nourished itself as a household word. Acer- name that goes in sync with best-in-class and one of the most successful and pioneered technology titans across the globe has always focused on revamping the technology space in India by introducing 'customer-centric' product and futuristic innovations. Hoisting a global expertise of 42 years, Acer has been victorious in pushing boundaries and delivering superior solutions and unique products by leveraging the latest technology. The brand's mettle has been acknowledged globally for unfolding itself into a technology-first business early on. Acer's bedrock was laid back in the year 1976. Since then, there has been no turning back for the brand. Acer is now one of the world's top ICT companies and has a with market leadership in over 25 countries across the globe. From the initial stage, Acer's mission has always been to make computer technology easy to use and more accessible to all. Currently anchored as one of the world's fastest growing technology companies, Acer stands among the top brands globally as a hardware + software + services company dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of innovative products that enhance people's lives.

Marching ahead of the curve to move beyond just being a computing-only brand, Acer's brand philosophy 'Breaking barriers between people and technology' resonates with consumer behavior and is best positioned to capture the market India fostered by its products that compliment the modern lifestyle perfectly and is designed to make a difference in its consumer's lives.

Leaving an indelible mark: dexterity of the leader

Acclaimed for its zest to develop new technologies and solutions, the company serves as the foundation for meaningful innovations that enable enterprises to succeed. Acer has added more values to its offerings- PCs, Displays, Projectors, Servers, Tablets, and Wearable(s) by multiple folds and has paved a way for the brand to reach into the hearts of the consumers.  The brand is also developing cloud solutions to bring together the Internet of Things. Acer is home to technology expertise with a team of world-class technology wizards possessing a diverse pool of talent and skills. Leading up to the day of publishing this article, Acer- the technology leader has successfully established itself as a pioneer that has evolved beyond a computing-only-brand and traversed into numerous, diverse horizons. Today, Acer's clients and customers span across the segments ranging from consumers, enterprises, start-ups, SMEs, government, education and more. Developing machines that have withstood the test of time and set the benchmark of excellence in the industry, Acer today is trusted upon by the leading enterprises in the government, education, banking and finance and SME sectors.

What has driven the growth of this innovator in India?

We reached out to a dynamic leader who has played an instrumental role in driving the growth chart of Acer India. He carries a sparkling aura and a smile that holds the power to enliven the whole conversation with him! Honesty, modesty, integrity and a universal mind add more stars to this fine gentleman's ambience. He is none other than Mr Harish K Kohli – President & Managing Director, Acer India. His journey started with Fedders Lloyd in 1982, followed by a stint at Cadila Labs and then PCL in 1987. Ambulating ahead, he worked with Tata Elxsi till June' 99 and has been associated with Acer India since, as an instrumental part. He currently heads the country-wise responsibility for the brand's revenues and profitability and ensures the brand meets its long-term vision. A hands-on business leader armed with the standards of excellence, Mr Harish K Kohli is a home to result oriented, enthusiastic and decisive management persona who holds proven success in effectively strategizing and implementing projects to become successful businesses. Since September 2016, he has also been heading the Acer 'Pan Asia Pacific (PAP) Regional Commercial Task Team' which handles commercial strategy planning and implementation for the PAP region.

His journey with Acer is dear to his heart which he elaborates as, "It was like sowing a seed and then seeing the plant coming out of it. Seeing Acer grow at such a high pace has been my career's high point.  It always gives you a good feeling that you have also contributed to watering and providing manure to a plant, which has now grown to a massive technology giant. We have achieved this milestone by taking problems as opportunities and working towards them with dedication. Our passion for innovation has taken Acer to unprecedented levels."

Mr Kohli isn't one for talking much about himself. He takes off his professional suit to eloquently share his thoughts with The CEO Magazine on the journey and future plans of Acer India, with a note for the budding entrepreneurs.

Let's hear from the leader himself.

Mr. Kohli, thanks for joining us. You had an amazing journey so far. Many people look up to you as a veteran and a role model. I am a personal admirer too!! Safely taking the floor, how you've approached change?

Anticipating market movement, understanding consumer behavior and embracing change and ensuring the organization is aligned right from resource to mindset is the key to harness change. As a leader the change starts with me, it is important that a leader walk the talk. Adaptability, agility and change management are all vital part of strategies we implement as a brand.

What are the big achievements?

It's been over 6 years chairing as the MD of Acer India and in this time, Acer India has won numerous awards, including India's Most Trusted Computer Brand, Brand Excellence, Best Customer Service Initiative Award, Product Innovation Award and more. Acer has become a market leader across multiple segments. When I walk around the office and see my colleagues, I see passion and commitment to our cause and customers and loyalty to the company. This has been one achievement I hold dear.

Brief us over the benchmarks of the brand.

Acer has been always been a technology player that has introduced the world to newer technology and continuing on the same, we unveiled Acer Predator 21 X last year, a stunning curved screen 21" gaming laptop in India, this year we also brought one of the most powerful gaming desktops Predator Orion 9000 to the market. Recently at IFA Berlin, we witnessed some groundbreaking products from Acer like the Thronos Gaming Chair, Convertible gaming laptop, World's Thinnest 15 inch Notebook, Swift 5 etc.

Future; what's next for the brand?

Diversifying from a PC-only brand to a technology powerhouse with a wide array of products ranging from Laptops to Supercomputers, IoT to Virtual Reality, Projectors and Monitors to Large Format Displays, Smart Classroom Solutions and Cloud devices, Acer in India has become one of the few companies which offer such a wide portfolio of products. Acer will continue to invest in the growing market segments, supporting to truly push India as a digital economy while making more of our products locally with a key focus on the sustainable model and responsible to the society we operate in. Beside this, IoT and VR will be under focus globally for Acer and we will be seeing these products coming soon to India. Our IoT products range from helping children learn computer coding right from an early age to devices which help to care for the elderly. We believe our IoT products cater to a segment which would harness benefit from our expertise and not just limited to fancy or expensive solutions.

Acer has become synonymous with making bold and unconventional bets, often charting the course of the broader technology ecosystem. Acer's passion for innovation and customer-centricity has taken the company to unprecedented levels, and the company is well poised to change growth orbits and venture into new horizons in the coming years.

A piece of advice for the young leaders…

The technology industry is massive and the players have been a part of the vertical since long. For new players, it is extremely necessary to study the market thoroughly, because in order to create a niche space, you have to come out with your own strong offerings and club it with innovation to make a difference. Innovation is the only way forward and every player is required to bring out the best of him/her to carve a space in the industry for the long run.

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