22by7 Solutions

Creating Future-ready IT Solutions To Solve Real Businesses Concerns
22by7 Solutions : Creating Future-ready IT Solutions To Solve Real Businesses Concerns

22by7 Solutions : Creating Future-ready IT Solutions To Solve Real Businesses Concerns

Venkat Murthy, CEO & Prime Mover - 22by7 Solutions

With a sole focus of being a ‘partner in progress’ by providing business continuity solutions, Mr Venkat Murthy incepted 22by7 Solutions in March 2006. The team of 22by7 Solutions is constantly building on their capabilities to deliver tailor-made solutions that solve REAL business concerns.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry and a plethora of happy customers, 22by7 Solutions are forerunners in Cyber Security, Information Lifecycle Management, Cloud & Virtualization, and Network Infrastructure & Computing Solutions.

22by7 Solutions Vision: To become the “most trustworthy and reliable IT company”, providing expert business continuity solutions that ensure clients’ peace of mind.

22by7 Solutions Mission: To provide cost-effective IT solutions to enterprises, thus enabling them to achieve business efficiency, continuity & rapid recovery capabilities.

Venkat Murthy, Founder & CEO, 22by7 Solutions

The prime mover of 22by7 Solutions, Venkat Murthy’s vision and guiding hand have been invaluable towards building 22by7 Solutions into the expertise-driven, innovative and nimble ‘partner in progress for its customers that it is today.

He drives 22by7’s organisation strategy, efforts, and investments into creating and growing an engaging and fulfilling work environment and community for 22by7 team members.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>22by7 Solutions :&nbsp;Creating Future-ready IT Solutions To Solve Real Businesses Concerns</p></div>
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22by7 Solutions Key Services Key Solutions

CYBER SECURITY: Protection of digital assets and users with multi-disciplined information security solutions.

ILM & CLOUD: Manage and store data efficiently and responsibly in a scalable and easily recoverable manner.

VIRTUALISATION: virtualisation of data centre.

NETWORKING: Networking solutions based on Cloud-delivered security, Analytics and Automation.

COMPUTE: High-performance computing, seamless data centre upgrades, and design and delivery of new cloud-based services.

Key Services

  • Deployment Services: Implementing and integrating solutions in existing IT infra.

  • Support Services: Augmentation of expert engineers with existing IT team.

  • Managed Services: End-to-end management of IT solutions

  • Cybersecurity Services: ROBUST CYBERSECURITY FRAMEWORK for detection, prevention, and protection from threats.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>22by7 Solutions :&nbsp;Creating Future-ready IT Solutions To Solve Real Businesses Concerns</p></div>
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22by7 Solutions: Journey So Far

22by7 Solutions, a well-known name in the B2B IT Solutions & Services industry, is committed to delivering tailor-made solutions. Delivering a functional environment for your IT infrastructure to ensure BUSINESS CONTINUITY is the ‘raison d’etre’ of 22by7 Solutions. Their diverse portfolio of solutions ensures future readiness & business continuity for enterprises.

22by7 Solutions help businesses achieve their maximum potential by strengthening their IT backbone. Their expertise team and reliable platform’ 22by7 ASSIST’ support clients every step of the way, from designing and deploying to managing their IT needs.

22by7 Solutions have offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, with an employee count of 100+. Since its inception, 22by7 Solutions has served 500+ Customers across several industries, including IT/ITES, Retail, Automobile, Manufacturing, and Healthcare. Some of their imminent clientele includes:

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Some of their imminent clientele includes</p></div>

Some of their imminent clientele includes

Differentiating Factors

The core team of 22by7 Solutions had the vision to provide data solutions to enterprise customers to secure and store data. With a belief in the growth of technology, instead of future-proof solutions, 22by7 Solutions’ core competency is in creating future-ready solutions.

“The Pandemic was a game-changer. There is a greater need for cost-effective IT solutions that enable enterprises with business efficiency, continuity and rapid recovery capabilities.”

Mr Venkat

Success For 22by7 Solutions

At 22by7 Solutions, success is defined by three parameters - Customers, revenue, and people. Their growth in a ₹2 Billion+ Revenue for FY22 is a testament to their success.

A happy workforce, people-first policies, recognition and a proactive approach by the customers are the milestones in their growth journey.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>22by7 Solutions :&nbsp;Creating Future-ready IT Solutions To Solve Real Businesses Concerns</p></div>
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22by7 Academy Facilitating Holistic Growth

Being a people-first organisation is the one thing that remained constant for 22by7 Solutions. With the belief that for a beautiful tomorrow, seeds must be sown today, 22by7 Academy envisions creating consistent professional growth for each team member.

With an aim to build a value-based organisational culture of continuous enhancement of self-learning and team productivity through different in-house pieces of training and other customised interventions.

Learning Curve

“Looking back at our growth journey, one opportunity we missed out on that could have accelerated our growth even further was the cloud data centre revolution. We were slightly on the latter side in adopting cloud-first policies. However, we were able to rapidly pivot based on the market changes by expanding our cloud portfolio and are proud to have a vast range of offerings today in cloud solutions.”

Mr Venkat

Post-Pandemic Scenarios

With the onset of the pandemic, 22by7 Solutions followed a 2-phase approach to the paradigm shift and to continue their growth. Phase I ensured that the workforce had access to the required workloads in the new WFH norm. Phase II was more about increasing the productivity of the remote and hybrid workforce.

Mr Venkat says, “There was indeed pressure to maintain cash flows. But our priority was ensuring our people were ok. We built a covid task force and held vaccination drives at our offices.” The team of 22by7 Solutions upskilled themselves and completed over 3000 hours of training post covid.

Talking about the post-pandemic scenario, Mr Venkat says, “The consumption models followed by enterprises and the role of a systems integrator in the industry has changed. A solution provider needs to focus on the business challenges that the customer is facing, not just the IT challenges.”

Forthcoming Plans

In recent years digitisation has become a business imperative, with organisations starting their digitisation journey. With digitisation, the cloud has become the new normal in IT.

Another critical part of the business is cybersecurity. 22by7 Solutions are working on incorporating cloud data security and data protection to offer future-ready IT solutions. Their 22by7 academy ensures their engineers and solutions stay ahead of the curve.

In the coming decade, the Indian Market will thrive, making now the right time to start.

“Begin your entrepreneurial journey with a simple question - “How do I solve a problem?”. In the journey, be true to yourself and your customers and be in there for the long haul. Don’t expect results overnight; for that, immediate and quick success is rarely sustainable.”

Mr Venkat

<div class="paragraphs"><p>22by7 Solutions :&nbsp;Creating Future-ready IT Solutions To Solve Real Businesses Concerns</p></div>
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