Sanjay Jaswani: Young CEO & Trader
Sanjay Jaswani

Sanjay Jaswani: Young CEO & Trader

Sanjay Jaswani: Young CEO & Trader

Options Trading is a tricky field and Sanjay Jaswani seems to have mastered it over the years. Born in a family of businessmen and stock market experts, Sanjay uses fundamental and technical analysis and options knowledge to consistently make money from the market.

An Economics Major, founder & CEO of online and offline institute, Sanjay has also established four other firms. He is a calculative trader and does not risk his capital, as he hedges in options, while trading in options derivatives. He learnt investing from his family and then by reading a lot about Warren Buffet and started investing at the young age of 17 in the demat account of a friend’s father.

Sanjay had to invest all time and dedication to his work, despite facing losses initially. It was then that he finally discovered the hedging strategy which he uses every Thursday expiry and event days and trade 2,4 times a week and post discusses his trades, wins and losses with much fervor.

He started earning from the age of 14, his first source of income was teaching to his juniors and his classmates and taking some fees for the teaching services he used to provide. After that, Sanjay never stopped teaching at all. He taught students of 11th and 12th standard and CA pursuing students. Fast forward to today, he teaches trading and investment strategies and his understanding of the Stock Market.

He says that stock market has always been mistaken as a game of Luck and risk. This lack of financial literacy and awareness blocks a great income source to many people. He also spilled his share market knowledge and some investing strategies in his Bestseller book ‘How To Avoid Loss And Make Money While Sleeping In The Stock Market’.

At the age of 27, he has accumulated nearly a decade of experience over the years in the stock market. On asking about the inspiration behind the quirky book title, Sanjay says that the was inspired by Warren Buffet’s quote, “If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Sanjay has taught more than 6,000 students about Stock Market; he is the Chief trainer in his institute Target Accounts. Target Accounts teach every student the trading strategies that grow their budding curiosity about stock markets into blooming profits. Some of his students call him ‘Hedging King’ or ‘Thursday King’.

In addition to these online programs, they also conduct offline sessions at schools and colleges in order to raise awareness about financial literacy. Target Accounts also aims to help these individuals develop a mindset of investing, wealth creation and management through proper hedging and risk and reward-based strategies.

According to Sanjay, people lose money in stock market because of these reasons – Trading without knowledge, copying other Traders and investing all money in Stock Market. He says, “After that the emotions of fear and greed plays the game. Individuals in stock market must enter with 1-10% of their savings or capitals only initially and never try to beat the market. Rather, one must trade with the trend and success will be yours”.

India, being a growing economy and a developing country, has plenty of investing and trading opportunities that one can make use of. So, let learning about earning be your guide in your quest for financial freedom. Invest in yourself by investing in yourself.

Sanjay says that apart from other holidays, individuals and families must also celebrate Happy Financial Literacy and Happy Financial Freedom days, weeks and months! His insights are available on his Instagram handle @targetaccounts as well.

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Sanjay Jaswani
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Sanjay Jaswani
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