What is Office-in-Box and its Features?

What is Office-in-Box and its Features?
What is Office-in-Box and its Features?

What is Office-in-Box and its Features?

India is rapidly becoming a startup hub. Each year, approximately 60,000 new businesses get registered. They can support India's progress to a $5 trillion economy in the coming three years. But setting up a new business isn't a cakewalk.


There are many challenges, like managing numerous tech vendors, ensuring security, and setting up different devices. This initial setup cost can turn out to be draining for small businesses.

But the concept of 'smart offices' or office-in-a-box is fast changing the workspace design. A smart office is a unique single-box solution that provides businesses access to Storage, Data, Voice, and Apps.

Now, enterprises don't need to invest in numerous devices to set up a branch operation or a new office. This reasonable price and an easy-to-deploy solution is the perfect choice for companies that want to make an intelligent choice.

What is the Office-in-a-Box Approach?

It is a new approach to solve all your office technology requirements as your company adjusts to hybrid working. The approach is designed for greater control, simplicity, and lowered cost.

Smart offices use IoT and similar technologies to build connected ecosystems. These ecosystems fit well with the employee's needs. Employees can connect devices and interpret data in real-time, while remote workers can access employee resources.

Smart offices thus integrate voice, data, storage, and application functionalities and meet the unique requirements of startups. Therefore, they are a robust solution for all the communication and application requirements of a business enterprise.

For some modern enterprises, smart offices can mean offering assorted connectivity and making desks smarter. It results in better space usage and occupancy understanding.

For other modern enterprises, these offices encompass the whole gamut of network connectivity and allow remote workers to communicate and collaborate effectively. They get tools for remote conferencing and cloud project management.

In some cases, workspace designs are overhauled with IoT and voice-enabling functionalities. It facilitates workers to multi-task and use shared services. Thus, smart offices are completely altering the future of work.

They are also developing a comfortable environment and providing features that make employees happier and more productive.

Features of Office-in-a-Box Solutions

Office-in-box solutions are designed keeping in mind the difficulty that arises in beginning a new business. The initial setup costs often come to be greater than what an individual predicted.

A smart office solution has features like in-built Wi-Fi, Router, Firewall, and DHCP server, and integrated connectivity for PSTN voice and internet bandwidth. It allows businesses to save up on expenditures like CAPEX and associated AMC charges.

For small businesses, the significant challenges are that of scalability and agility to serve the dynamic market demands. Smart offices help them to tackle these challenges effectively.

Their plug-and-play functionality changes the abilities of small-to-medium enterprises in a matter of just a few minutes. They can rapidly scale and fulfill the increased demands. Smart offices share the following features.

● An advanced device that is completely free.

● A good speed of internet according to the bandwidth of choice.

● Document management system.

● Zero rental audio conferencing services that give you 500 free minutes each month.

● Unlimited voice calling. The voice is crystal clear and is delivered on a Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) trunk.

● SLA-backed toll-free numbers. These can be set up in under 60 minutes.

Smart offices are all about using technology to amplify workspaces. Through these solutions, offices are becoming more efficient and employee-friendly. This solution is perfect for an expanding enterprise or startup.

It entirely prevents the requirement to invest in various devices or consult multiple service providers. All these, in turn, facilitate a better ROI.

What is Office-in-Box and its Features?
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What is Office-in-Box and its Features?
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What is Office-in-Box and its Features?
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