Top 4 Reasons to read the Lost Girl by Sana Shetty

Top 4 Reasons to read the Lost Girl by Sana Shetty
Top 4 Reasons to read the Lost Girl by Sana Shetty

Top 4 Reasons to read the Lost Girl by Sana Shetty

There are several books with different stories available in the market. Some book highlights the truth of life, some books present the previous experience of life, some books create awareness among the people to save nature and some books are based on social circles. By reading the books, you get the knowledge in different fields. But nowadays, everyone lacks time because they have busy schedules. This article will tell you the information on one book, Lost Girl, written by Sana Shetty. Here we want to tell you about the product, its reviews, and the announcement of the publication of the book. If you also want to get more information, read the complete article.

Overview of the product, Lost Girl

This book is based on the determination to learn the truth of previous life and take steps toward the present and future. The book will going to be published in India. The book comes in the market with 324 pages and 230g. This book is written by Sana Shetty and is only available in English.

Brief detail of the book story

The book Lost Girl represents a small unremarkable hamlet on the hillocks of the Himachal. Vanessa, an ex-policeman and her husband, Aiden, are coasting cheerfully through the post-retirement life.

One day, as their usual morning hike in the mountains, they observe something in the shrubs. Something it appears shouldn’t have been there. At the end of the hidden path, a young girl aged twenty was badly hurt and hardly alive.

Two years after, the lost girl, now known as Shanaya. She is still fighting to remember her past and struggles in the nightmares. She is working in a cafe with her encouraging parents. But she is triggered by the nightmares as she wants to remember her past but fails to discover it. She observes herself on the dangerous way of finding and scared to determine her past's deadly secrets and put her life at risk than she ever loved. Even any of the residents of the Fagu do not know about her past.

Announcement of the publication of the book, Lost Girl

It was recently announced that the book Lost Girl will be soon published in May 2022. It discloses the young girl's secrets, Shanaya from the puzzling past. Sana Shetty writes the book. This book resembles the small unremarkable hamlet at the hillock of Himachal; Vanessa, an ex-policeman, and her husband Aiden are coasting by their dreamy post-retirement life.

As per the publishers and media reports it is reported that the book Lost Girl will be going to published on 5 May 2022. After the publication of the book by Sana Shetty, you will be able to access it if you want to read Lost Girl.


As we tell you, the book Lost Girl is not published yet. It is declared to be published in May 2022. So there were no reviews available at the time because after publishing the book, people will access it and read it. Only then they can review this book. For now, there are no reviews present on this book.


In this article, we tell you the book "Lost Girl " details. It is the story of a girl named Shanaya. It shows how she helps her parents in the cafe. Every Fagu resident is aware of the puzzle behind the Shanaya's past. Even she herself remembers nothing about her past. The girl knows nothing about her future and attends like the lost girl. That's why the book is named as per the story of the book, which is represented as a lost girl.

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