The best Apps to keep up with the English Premier League

The best Apps to keep up with the English Premier League

The best Apps to keep up with the English Premier League

The best Apps to keep up with the English Premier League

People often lead busy lives today. They have jobs, families, friends, and many other calls on their time; they have to eat, sleep and exercise – just as they have to travel, work from home, be social, and relax. With all that is going on it can be tough to keep up with what exactly is happening in the English Premier League. Beyond the matches themselves there is information on transfers, injuries and all sorts of other details flying around that you don’t want to miss, so here are a few of the best apps to help you keep up.

The Official Premier League App

Starting at the top, there is surely no better choice than the English Premier League’s own app for keeping abreast of the latest updates. You can specialise your app to reflect your favourite team, pick your fantasy football team and receive alerts when you have to make a transfer, or the newest stats are available. You should never miss a minute with this app.


Goal Live Scores

If you are mostly looking to keep up to date with the current score at any given time of a game being played, then Goal Live Scores app will almost instantly let you know what is happening in any match. You can also check in on current statistics and news as it comes in.

Sky Sports Mobile TV App

Perfect for Sky customers with a sports package, this app allows you to watch and keep up with everything going on while on the go. You can enjoy games on the train, find out what is happening with the transfer market on your lunch break and watch the highlights as you walk home (just watch where you’re going!). The downside is that if you are not a Sky customer, to get the app can set you back, and there are free options available to use instead.

Fantasy Football Apps

There are several different apps and websites available for you to build and manage your own dream team this year. They will come with a set budget, rules on how you score and lose points, and opportunities to make transfers at different times to improve your team. This is a great way to stay up-to-date with your players and scores, English Premier League betting odds, and everything else you’ll need to know to remain ahead of the curve.

Buaksib – Live Football Scores, Results & News

Buaksib is a thriving ecosystem where thousands of football fans can gather for news, games, transfers, and in-depth articles on the various comings and goings in the English Premier League. The UI is seamless and provides an intuitive experience for fans to enjoy. Not only that, but the design is appealing and provides the perfect blend of convenience and aesthetics.

What really stands out about this particular app is the fact that you can follow multiple teams and remain updated without being inundated by notifications. That, and for the real super fans the app offers exceptionally detailed statistics.

BB Sport for News & Live Scores

The official BBC App does a great job of keeping fans updated with news. You can receive timely notifications, updates, scores, and everything else you need to remain informed during the season. That said, this app is notorious for having a few user experience bugs and interface issues.


FotMob not only provides excellent coverage of the EPL, but provides insights for pretty much every professional football league in the world. You can use a handy filter function to zero in on your favourite teams and leagues and control the extent of the notifications that you receive for each. If you are a massive football fan and you’re interested in other leagues in addition to the EPL, this is the app for you!

Forza Football

If the FotMob app is a little too extensive for you, the Forza Football app might be preferred. This app is much more focused on individual and specific games, rather than trying to serve as an all-encompassing football app. You can receive updates on injuries, team selections, and real-time stats as the games progress. That said, news and other extras are quite limited and tend to be pushed back so if it’s in-depth articles you are after, you may want to try something else.

However you prefer to keep up with the English Premier League this season, check out the different apps available and you are sure to find the right ones that will give you all the information and updates that you need on the go. While you may be busy, you can still find time to enjoy your favourite sport whenever you want to and technology is helping to make it easier every day today.

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