Make Five-Figures Dollars Revenue With Sarvesh Shrivastava’s Digital Marketing Tips

Make Five-Figures Dollars Revenue With Sarvesh Shrivastava’s Digital Marketing Tips

As we rely more and more on the Internet, for our work, and in our daily lives, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still seems as being able to point the way to the future and be a very good source of income for individuals across the world. The Internet is now available globally, but there are only a few people who can fully understand and leverage its power to their advantage. 

One such person is Sarvesh Shrivastava. Sarvesh started as a boy from a small town in India and is now considered to be one of the pioneers of the local SEO industry, making more than five figures per month. 

Humble Beginnings

Sarvesh says that he was very lucky to get a computer from his parents at a very young age. It took him some 2-3 years to realize how he can use it to make money. He started his SEO business when he was just 16.

Even though his parents were supportive, they, like anyone else in their small town of Motihari, didn't know it was possible to make money from the Internet. Sarvesh convinced them of that when he made his first $124 from the first website he created. This was an amazingly important moment for all of them, and the proudest moment for Sarvesh: he used a part of the money to buy small gifts for his mom, dad, and sister.

Since then, Sarvesh has launched many other blogs. In fact, he built hundreds of blogs and used affiliate marketing and display advertising to make a five-figure monthly income. One of the websites was recently sold for 45x of its monthly revenue!

In Sarvesh's Words: The Importance of Quality

Sarvesh always emphasizes the importance of providing a quality product for consumers:

"Gone are the days when subpar content used to rank in Google. Now the ultimate aim of a blogger should be to identify who their readers are, what problems they face, and how they can help them solve those problems with their content", said Sarvesh.

And his advice for beginners is in tune with this:

"If you are someone just starting with SEO, focus on producing the highest quality of content possible." He states this is what Google strives for these days.

"One of the main issues I see with new bloggers is their focus is on money rather than providing value to their readers. I strongly believe that if you focus on learning and executing, earnings will follow."

So, it is obvious that for Sarvesh value means putting yourself into the readers' shoes and writing content your readers will need and will keep their attention. He follows the strategies of the best marketers out there. 

One very good example of affiliate marketing people like Sarvesh can grab the ideas from is the Amazon affiliate website Everyday Carry, that reviews survival kit. Their idea is to help beginners and passionate campers answer questions they come across on their journey. Another example comes from the websites in the distant iGaming niche. Websites like Asiabet are dedicated to providing quality content for the online casino aficionados all across Asia and India, covering all sorts of content from reviewing casino websites to providing successful gambling strategies. Their philosophy is centered around the idea that the key to success is always being able to provide the answers readers seek. And the same goes for the practice Shirvastava follows:

"Write what you would have wanted to read if you were the one searching for that topic. Put yourself in the reader's shoes, and you will have all the answers you need!"

Goals for the Future

Sarvesh would very much like to help and further develop the SEO industry in India. For this purpose, he is conducting free online seminars, which are very popular. Thousands of people tune in from all over the world. In the future, he plans to organize free seminars across India.

He started alone, but Sarvesh today has a dedicated team of 15 people who work with him. At this point, this team works for him remotely, but his goal is to set up an office: "I would love to have a team locally present with me. But the COVID situation has delayed the plans a bit!".

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