Maintaining a work-life while runnning a startup
Maintaining a work-life while runnning a startup

Maintaining a work-life while running a startup

Pritika Singh, Founder, Mohh

Maintaining a work-life while running a startup

Today, work-life balance is a trending topic and is much spoken about in the corporate world. The pursuit of success in a startup initiates with its work culture. As entrepreneurs, many of us strive to develop a workplace that gets the best contribution of every employee. However, ensuring their well-being first is instrumental in turning around any organization's business.

While many startups are known to have a culture-first atmosphere, there are times when the environment gets taxing and demanding.

With the stress of making a startup- "The place to be at," entrepreneurs often miss out on putting their ideas to action in their own lives. Work-life balance is an essential factor in an entrepreneur's well-being just as much as it is of an employee.

It's every entrepreneur's dream and passion to curate something exceptional, and this ends up taking a lot of time to streamline and build a team that could think alike. In this process, one tends to miss balancing their work with their personal life.

One of the critical aspects I've learned over the years is that it is ideal not to bring work home and home to work, but it is nearly impossible for an entrepreneur to follow that. As an entrepreneur, everything you do to achieve your vision is healthy for that moment, but, at a later stage, this might harm your health.

Healthy entrepreneurs can stay motivated because they're not constantly thinking about their work and burning out. It's a mantra I try to follow in my daily life. Exercise and eating the right foods can help keep the creative juices flowing and prevent stress.

While motivation is crucial in the long term, once the initial passion has subsided, many entrepreneurs have trouble attacking their problems with the same energy. Therefore, it's equally crucial as an entrepreneur to set your boundaries right from the start and learn to switch off.

It is unfathomable how important it is for one to detach themselves from work daily to keep up their mental and physical well-being, not to mention the clarity it can provide when you take a step back from the problem at hand.

At Mohh, we believe in the holistic well-being of every individual, myself included. Our Wellbeing Collection is a testimonial that balance is extremely crucial and imminent in one's life.

The collection promotes sustainability and well-being that isn't just about the planet's well-being but is about the people too. Sustainability can improve the quality of human life, whereas wellness is the active pursuit of choice and lifestyle that lead to a state of holistic health.

Physical and mental well-being is crucial for every entrepreneur to maintain a work-life balance to be more effective and more productive in their businesses. And as an entrepreneur, it is something that I strive to accomplish a little more every day.

Maintaining a work-life while runnning a startup
Work-Life Balance
Maintaining a work-life while runnning a startup
Maintaining a work-life while runnning a startup
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