Know The Essential Benefits and Right Age of Pre Schooling In India

Know The Essential Benefits and Right Age of Pre Schooling In India

Early childhood learning has known to shown crucial impacts on children that last a lifetime. According to research, being it infusing good habits or encouraging a passion for learning motivates them for later schooling and reduces drop-out rates. Early education increases academic achievements in a later period. It builds a desire to learn and ensures better emotional and social development among children which helps them evolve in the long run.

What is the first thought that you get thinking about preschool? Are you afraid if your kid is too small to be sent to a preschool? Such thoughts are very common for parents with small kids, making it difficult for them to decide whether they should send their kids to preschool. Here is your essential guide to know the benefits and correct age of pre schooling in India

Benefits of Pre Schooling in India

Pre schooling helps your child to grow. They gain a lot when they are exposed to letters, numbers, shapes, etc. Their social and emotional skills are highly developed by interacting, sharing, and contributing with other kids. As some researches suggests, kids who attend preschools grow better with reading skills, vocabularies, maths skills, etc., than kids who did not participate in pre school. Pre schools must not be avoided as it only helps your kids to grow confident and passionate about learning.

The most common and the right age to send your kids to preschool is 3 years old. 3 to 6 years old kids are similar to a sponge that can take in a lot. This is the right age to give your child exposure of learning. Using this time wisely, parents must enrol their kids into preschool to equip their little ones with the best skills they need to learn. Homeschooling kids are not a bad idea, but it fails to develop children's social and emotional skills, which is very important. These skills only develop when children get to interact with other kids of the same age.

Provides a Foundation for Learning

Kids are naturally very observant and curious about the things that they see around them. They are eager to learn everything that their family members already know, such as reading the words or assembling their favourite toys at once. Pre schooling is a platform for them to learn these small skills to deal with their later academics with confidence. It develops necessary social and academic skills. 

Introduces Them to a Structured Setting

Pre schooling provides children with an excellent opportunity to be in a structured setting to learn how to respond and behave socially. They know how to share their views with other people and follow instructions like raising hands when asking a question. Such an experience with a group of children builds confidence in kids to face other academics.

Develops Social and Emotional Skills

While attending a preschool, kids get to face various kinds of situations that teach them to solve their problems alone, compromise, and help others in need. This makes them empathetic and well-mannered towards society. From discovering their capabilities to handling small tasks all by themselves without any support builds confidence. From small things like refilling their water bottle to deciding what to do in their free time, kids learn wonders at pre school, making it a great step for them.

Prepare Them for Elementary School

Preschools add early literacy and maths skills to enrich the curiosity and excitement of kids to learn them. With activities that are meaningful to children they get to know early maths and literacy. They develop a rich vocabulary and learn to read complex sentences better. These skills eventually help them in succeeding their elementary school. 

Promotes Motor Skills

Exploring physical activities and taking up challenges can improve their coordination. Preschools arrange activities that challenges kids, like running, climbing, and other active games. They develop motor skills of children that are very crucial for personal development.

Knowing these benefits must help you in deciding whether to send your kids to preschool is the right decision or not. But not to forget kids' preschool age is about having fun and socializing to grow academically. This tender age should not be forced to achieve any milestones. It is the age for them to explore their imaginations and creativity up to the best level. Usually, first friendships are established during their preschool, where they learn sharing and other habits. These simple things promote confidence and help them make decisions on their own. It will only make them self dependent, which is a great thing to have before entering elementary school. Enrolling your kids into a preschool can be the first step towards nurturing them for a bright future in academics later in their life.

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