Internet trends in India

Internet trends in India
Internet trends in India

Internet trends in India

One of the most fundamental concepts about the internet is trends. When a subject starts trending, most of the world, or at least the internet surfers (netizens) will know about it, will talk about it and even partake in the topic. Nevertheless, some trends do not go beyond the country of origin which will result in the subject to be only trending in that specific country. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the most popular internet trends in India.

Mobile gaming

With the introduction of low-cost high speed 4G internet connection and convenient access, Mobile gaming in India is rapidly increasing in popularity, with games such as Pubg (Player unknown’s Battleground) and even Garena Free Fire which combined, they will add a total of 150 million Indian players. Studies have shown that in 2022 around 150million more players started following the trend to add up with the already 250 million players in 2018

During the pandemic which crawled its way in April 2019, many people were ordered to stay at home. Due to this matter, a statistic was released and it shows that Google Play Store and the IOS saw an astounding increase in mobile application development based on the Indian’s immense love for online gaming.

Alas, although these numbers are exciting, the Indian government has made amendments to start regulating these games due to addiction, violence and also the lack of concentration when it comes to exams and other daily activities. These ‘amendments’ mostly resulted in completely banning the games in some states.

Online Casinos and Sportsbooks entertainment

If one is familiar with some Indian history they should know that gambling has been part of India’s history and culture for as long as we can remember. Some of the most anticipated games amongst the lot, have to be card games (such as Blackjack) and sport betting. Just like mobile gaming, the pandemic really ‘assisted’ the casino online market to grow in the past few years, especially the market.

One of the biggest reasons for this is due to the convenience of the comfort of staying at home and gamble in peace and also the use of bonuses when depositing money, which will help the user to make extra money.

If one lives in a country as busy as India, the use of online casinos, at least for gamblers, is a go to experience and a must if one wants to enhance his gameplay and also.. entertainment.

Online fashion designers and influencers

Fashion has been around forever, with some of these trends making it worldwide but some might even be controversial for example the Flared Corduroy Pants or some heels with really high platforms. Whichever the fashion was, there were always suiter willing to wear them.

With the large number of Online fashion design courses in India being on the rise, multiple influencers are starting to design top tier clothing for their followers to get inspired from.

One of the most grossing and trending Indian fashion designers would be Pankaj and Nidhi who have taken the network in India by a storm. In an interview with The Hindu, Pankaj and Nidhi stated that their take on this year would be ‘The Wild’ where it is neither bold nor bright.

Pankaj and Nidhi are more usually focused on Indian attire with a fashionable twist such as the use of traditional colours.

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