Independence Day 2023- Celebrating India’s Freedom

Independence Day is a national holiday celebrated every year across India on the 15th of August.
Independence Day 2023- Celebrating India’s Freedom

Independence Day 2023- Celebrating India’s Freedom

The Independence of India is religiously celebrated across the country on the 15th of August every year. It is one of the important days for Indians because it marks the new beginnings for the Indian people after the end of the British era in India. On 15th August 1947, India was free from British colonialism, and the control was handed to the leaders of India. For more than 200 years, India was under British rule, and the struggle for freedom was long, where many freedom fighters had to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of India.

Why Independence Day Is Celebrated?

Independence Day is declared a national holiday in India and is annually celebrated on the 15th of August. The day marks the end of Indian slavery under British rule for more than 200 years. On this day in 1947, India was established as an independent Indian nation. On the other hand, this day is also celebrated as the anniversary of partitioning the subcontinent into two countries, India and Pakistan. The partition took place at midnight of August 14-15; that's why Pakistan celebrates Independence Day every year on August 14.

How Independence Day Is Celebrated?

Independence Day is one of India's most glorious and honourable days, and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. Throughout India, the day is marked with flag-hosting ceremonies, drills, cultural programmes, singing of the Indian national anthem and among many others. Every year on this day, the Prime Minister of India hoists the flag at the Red Fort in Delhi, followed by a parade of the armed forces and police. After this, the Prime Minister also delivers a speech addressing the nation where he talks about India's major achievements, present and future challenges and goals etc. In some places, the kite-flying ceremony also takes place, and Government offices are illuminated with tricolour lights throughout the day. Special contests, programs and articles are presented by the media. Movies related to the nation or the freedom fighter of India are also shown on television on this day.


The Independence Day of India is celebrated every year on August 15th. The day commemorates India’s freedom from British rule for more than 200 years in the year 1947. The day also marks the partition of India and Pakistan. In India, the 15th of August is observed as a national holiday where every national, state and local office and educational institution remains closed for the day, and even shops are partially closed for the day. Every year the day is celebrated enthusiastically across India with flag hoisting, parades, cultural programs and much more. 

This is all about Independence Day. We wish you a very happy Independence Day. If you have any queries or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We appreciate our reader's valuable comments. 

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