75th Indian Independence Day Golden Jubilee Celebrations


75th Indian Independence Day Golden Jubilee Celebrations

75th Indian Independence Day Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Every year, on 15th August, India celebrates its independence from British Rule. However, even though the colonisation ended decades ago, Indians still had several battles to fight.This Independence Day, we are celebrating Indians who fought their battles against their expectations, parents, society, and situation and they managed to rose above them all to shine.

While being a British colony, Indians have suffered a lot and have sacrificed their lives. In the journey, many people who appeared to be simple stepped into some form of leadership to guide the rest and find freedom. These freedom fighters are the new “heroes” of Independent India and are honoured by proud Indians who are fortunate to be born in an independent India.

The aftermath of Independence had both positive and negative effects on India. We got our constitution and fundamental rights but partition also followed and the right to enforce the law and protect our freedom at the borders with a new neighbour country continues decades after the Independence.

Born in the land of Independent India, are many people who took the road less travelled and become the face of new India. Some, were literally, the face of this India as they represented our country in games. And one such important game was Olympics wherein, in 1948 hockey final where India won the gon by beating Great Britain. The goals were made by Jaspal Singh, who was inspired by the generation before inclusive of Dhyan Chand.

Celebrating the warriors of modern India on Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Independence Day 2021

Their journey, their battle, and their sacrifice deserved to be appreciated. At the same time, today, India celebrates the new heroes from the world of glamour, sports, leadership, technology, etc.

From Virat Kohli to Mirabai Chanu to Indra Nooyi and Priyanka Chopra, everyone that a millennial is inspired by today has crafted their journey from humble beginnings to become global brands.

This Independence Day, we are celebrating Indians who fought their battles against their expectations, parents, society, and situation and they managed to rise above them all to shine.

Every warrior of the modern world who inspires millennials has crafted their journey from humble beginnings to become global brands.


From Virat Kohli


to Mirabai Chanu


to Priyanka Chopra, we weave you a tale of finding freedom from their lens.


Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, one of the most celebrated athletes in the country after winning India’s first medal in the Tokyo Olympics 2020, travelled 20 km every day for training.

Her father’s monthly income was not enough to fulfil her protein needs, but she managed to become India’s golden girl in the 2018 commonwealth games and world champion. And this is just the beginning of reaping the fruits after the fight.


The global icon we know today, Priyanka Chopra, was once bullied in school in America.

But she refused to be defined by that and won the Miss World crown soon after. Want to know her secret? “Confidence is your best accessory.


Olympic 2020 was a tale record-breaking performance including the Indian Women’s Hockey team’s performance led by captain Rani Rampal. Coming from humble backgrounds, wanted an escape from the life of electricity shortages, mosquitoes buzzing in-ear, flooded home when it rained.

From not being able to afford a hockey stick to realising her dreams, Rani’s journey is aspirational on many accounts, as an athlete, as a woman, and as a person who achieves what she dreams of.


Once a chubby Punjabi boy from the lanes of New Delhi dreamt of playing for India, well, he was living his father’s dream.

But just before a crucial match of the under 19 world cup, his mother called him to break the news of his father passing away. He went to the ground and scored 90+ runs. His fight was against the situation and he won!


Bajrang Punia has been making it to the news for his apologies to India after winning a bronze medal at Olympics 2020 after he aimed for gold. While India shares the feeling, we cannot be prouder of the winner who represented and won a medal for India.

We know this is just a trailer before his potential is unleashed for the world to see.


P V Sindhu’s journey to becoming India’s first women athlete with two Olympic medals wasn’t an easy one too.

The 24-year-old hailing from Hyderabad, amidst her two Olympic medals of Rio and Tokyo, was able to become the first Indian to win a Badminton World Championships gold in 2019.


Speaking of millennials favourite who took the internet and India by storm with his gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Neeraj Chopra’s journey needs to be heard.

A young boy suffering from overweight joined a sports academy who didn’t know what javelin won several golds for India at various events. He missed Rio Olympics because of an elbow injury but he, of course, came back stronger.

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