Honest Review: Is Kinsta the Best WordPress Hosting?

Honest Review: Is Kinsta the BestWordPerss Hosting?

Honest Review: Is Kinsta the BestWordPerss Hosting?

Honest Review: Is Kinsta the Best WordPress Hosting?

Hosting is a vital part of a website but people rarely pay their attention it deserves. No matter how well-designed your site or how it is choked full of contents, having an unreliable host can affect your site.

Since your WordPress hosting provides a foundation on which your business can flourish online, it could shape the overall user experience of your site.

Performance, features, and reliability are major factors where Kinsta leaves other hosting service providers behind.

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What is the Fastest Web Hosting for WordPress?

Kinsta- Introduction

Kinsta is a popular WordPress hosting company for those who focus on taking high-performance businesses of any size. They offer cloud-based hosting solutions on Google Cloud platform that provides high-performance businesses of any size. 

Kinsta is a relatively new player in the managed WordPress hosting market. An experienced developer, Mark Gevalda founded this in the year 2013 and has its headquarters in the UK.

This is among the best WordPress hosting provider that has come into the industry with features that promise to resolve the common issues website owners face like high load time, downtime because of peak traffic and many others.

Since its inception, Kinsta has been making efforts to become a preferred hosting provider who is prepared to look beyond marketing campaigns and low costs to find a fast and secure home for their website.

The cost of Kinsta's entry-level plan is $30-per-month. What you get from your investment with Kinsta WordPress hosting is managed to host. It means the service provider does not only take care of some aspects of managing a WordPress website for you, but they also host your site in an environment that is optimized for the site.

Thanks to this, major tasks like securing, caching and backing up your site are taken off your hands. It saves your time and also reduces the risk of something going wrong if you are not familiar with the way WordPress works.

If you go for Kinsta managed WordPress hosting, you can expect faster website loading times and less downtime and fewer performance issues compared with generic web hosting. Moreover, Kinsta only offers to host for WordPress websites, all of their support staff are highly experienced at supporting users and also have expertise at resolving issues related to this software. Many of the support staff is even a contributor to the WordPress software.

What do You Get with Kinsta?

If the idea of fast loading times, fewer website management tasks to take care of, and less downtime to worry about sounds great, then Kinsta could be the right web host for you. Let's go through the different aspects of Kinsta:

Free Site Migration

If you are thinking of moving your existing WordPress site from any host to Kinsta, you don't have to worry about migrating your website.

Just sign up for an account, use the migration from your Kinsta dashboard and their migration team will schedule a time and migrate your website for you.

Support and Customer Service

Kinsta offers a free site migration with every plan, with a temporary URL so customers can monitor the progress of the migration.

There is a migration team at Kinsta that handles everything from start to finish, with little or zero downtime. To provide better support to their customers, Kinsta employs WordPress experts on their support team.


 What makes Kinsta the best WordPress hosting is because it checks the uptime performance of your site in every 2 minutes meaning approximately 720 times daily? This is great so if your site goes down, the situation can be resolved quickly.


 Present-day, most pages weigh 2mb or even 20 mb because of the presence of multiple elements such as images and videos. It is a lot of stressful for most of the traditional managed WordPress hosting. You could have a page loading in 7 seconds or 10 or more. When your page load time increases, it affects your conversions badly. Kinsta makes your site run as fast as possible making it run faster than 90% of websites online no matter how heavy your site is.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Honest Review: Is Kinsta the BestWordPerss Hosting?</p></div>
How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?

Cons of Kinsta

  • Cost: While Kinsta's price is competitive for a managed WordPress host, this is expensive mainly for small business.

  • No Email: This is really surprising that Kinsta does not provide an email service of any kind. They say this is to focus only on the hosting. You can integrate G suite but this is some extra work for you.

  • Banned Plugins: Kinsta has a list of banned plugins, many of which are popular. Since Kinsta maintains and optimizes their servers, some plugins could interfere with their setup. 


Overall, Kinsta offers fast, reliable managed WordPress hosting based on the Google Cloud Platform. You will love the unlimited features on each pricing tier and the advanced development features that make it attractive to different clients mainly those with customizing WordPress sites.

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