Bluehost Website Hosting Service – Honest Review 2022

Bluehost Website Hosting Service
Bluehost Website Hosting Service

Bluehost website hosting service – Honest Review 2022

Before looking for any hosting provider for your website or application, it is crucial to check the advantage of that particular web hosting provider over others. To give you full insight into Bluehost web hosting service, we have compiled a comprehensive review of the pros and cons of it.

Advantages of having a Bluehost web hosting

  1. The most popular web hosting provider

Bluehost has been in the market for a good period. It was started in 1996 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. As you can see, this is not a new and un-trusted company that can run away with your money and your website.

Bluehost is the hosting platform used by more than 3 million websites around the world. Therefore, it doesn't matter from where you come. Millions of people from every part of the world have shown trust in their services. It's not likely that they are all wrong. Popular products are easy to use and very reliable. That is why people take online reviews seriously when buying kinds of stuff.

Don't always run to the hosting providers who are providing the service at a cheap price. Some of their major struggles will become yours and you are likely to tolerate the cost of your unawareness.

  1. Greatest uptime possible

Machines cannot give you 100% efficiency and Bluehost has an uptime of around 99.9 in the last 3 years. This means that the servers are always up and running all of the time all year.

Being a website owner, your visitor will not get any annoying messages like "Sorry your website is down!"  The website will always be in operation all the time, day and night. This is the best reason to choose Bluehost.

Bluehost Website Hosting Service
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  1. Server loading speed

Bluehost thrashes all other big web hosting companies to emerge the 5th best in speed. In this fast-moving world, people are becoming more and more impatient with slow things. The loading speed of your website is also a ranking factor that is dependent on your hosting provider. A website that loads faster will give an amazing experience to your users.

  1. Best hosting at a low price

The introduction price of Bluehost is very tempting and who won't want a web host in less than $4 per month? Everyone is always on a lookout for the cheapest web hosting services in the world and you can also use coupons to make it cheaper.

  1. Great security process four your website

One thing that Bluehost firmly stands for is security measures to make sure that your site is not hacked. Every Bluehost plan today comes with an SSL certificate because cyberattacks are increasing as we humans are getting more dependent on technology. It is up to you to also make your website more secure by implementing the best web development practices and Bluehost server will help you to achieve it.

Bluehost Website Hosting Service
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  1. Easily integrates with other tools

It is easy to integrate other online solutions easily with the help of Bluehost from the main dashboard. You can just do anything you want with your website with a few clicks. For example, if someone wants to create a reseller website then WHMS is there to help you or if you want to create a website using Joomla, WordPress or Drupal then they are available as well.

Bluehost also integrates with many third party applications like Google Apps, Cloudflare, MOJO Marketplace and many more to make it simpler for a website owner to work on it.

  1. WordPress recommends Bluehost

World's biggest and most used blogging tool, CMS – WordPress that offers self-hosted WordPress websites recommends Bluehost for a WordPress website. They must be having valid reasons for this. Well, they also recommend Siteground and Dreamhost.

  1. Super simple to use

It doesn't matter how much of a novice you are but Bluehost is very easy to use. It is even easy for those who don't have any experience in programming or coding. Just by watching a few videos about Bluehost and WordPress you can easily set up your website within a few hours

Bluehost Website Hosting Service
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  1. Free trial on all plans

Bluehost allows you to take a 30 day free trial on all of its plans. This means that you can try their service for 30 days and get your money back if you don't like it. These claims can be made by only those hosting providers who offer top quality services.

  1. Greatest customer support and study material

Best part of any hosting service can be their customer support and Bluehost has the best customer service and they also have outsourced many technical persons who can help you to get rid of any technical or non-technical problems. They are available to help you via live chat and email. Furthermore, there are thousands of resources online that can help you solve your problems.

Bluehost Website Hosting Service
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Cons of Bluehost Web Hosting

  1. Bluehost has a cloaked pricing plan

Although it looks cheap, just like other web hosting services, the service is very cheap when you purchase the 3-year plan. Even after you have purchased a plan for 3 years, the renewal fee is more expensive. So make sure you consider this before purchasing the Bluehost hosting.

  1. No monthly web hosting services

There is no allowance for people who like paying for Web Hosting every month. Bluehost appreciates when someone purchases their hosting for more than a year, two years or three years. Don't you think those who don't have much money will find it difficult?

  1. There is the cost of all Migrations to Bluehost

Where some of the web hosts allow you to migrate for free to their platform, Bluehost believes it is important to charge you for it.

  1. No windows hosting over here

Every Bluehost service is based on Linux therefore it is not possible to provide windows hosting.

Bluehost Website Hosting Service
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Despite all these cons, we still recommend you to go for Bluehost web hosting as their pros are far better than their cons.

Everything you need to know about Bluehost Pricing, Hosting Plans

It offers three shared hosting options to choose from with different pricing plans. As noted above, the advertised prices are introductory prices for three years after which normal rates apply. In case you sign up for shorter periods, you will pay more.

Try Bluehost, 30 Days for Free

Bluehost Basic Hosting Plan

  • Price: $2.75 per month

  • Number of websites: 1

  • Website space: 50GB storage

  • Bandwidth:  'unlimited' bandwidth.

  • Performance: Standard

  • SSL Certificate: Free

  • Included free domain: 1

  • Parked domains: 5

  • Subdomains: 25

  • Email accounts: 5

  • Email storage: 100 MB per account

  • Marketing offers: No marketing offers

Bluehost Plus Hosting Plan

  • Price: $4.95 per month

  • Number of websites: unlimited

  • Website space: unmetered

  • Bandwidth:  unmetered

  • Performance: Standard

  • SSL Certificate: Free

  • Included free domain: 1

  • Parked domains: unlimited

  • Subdomains: unlimited

  • Email accounts: unlimited

  • Email storage: unlimited

  • Marketing offers: $200 included

  • Over $24/year extras included

  • One spam expert

Choice plus Bluehost Plan

  • Price: $5.95 per month

  • It includes everything that is offered in the Plus Plan together with:

  • Marketing offers worth $200 included

  • Over $80/year in extras

  • 1 SpamExpert

  • 1 Domain Privacy

  • CodeGuard Basic

Bluehost Go Pro Hosting Plan

This plan is the best in terms of value. You get all in the Choice Plus package collectively with an elevated performing server and more such as dedicated IP, SSL certificate, domain privacy, and site backup.

You need to pay for three years at once to enjoy the advertised price for their shared hosting plans. It will cost much more if you choose a shorter duration. Please note that the minimum duration you can pay for is 12 months.

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